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Use this corporate lawyer CV sample if; you’re applying for a job that has been advertised, and you have some paid work experience in corporate law.

Goodluck with writing your CV!


LL. B. (Hons); BL.

Lagos State, Nigeria.

Phone· +234xxx Email:

Registered lawyer (Nigerian Bar Association) with a good track record of working for a variety of organizations; have successfully handled the portfolio of several corporate bodies and individuals, and worked on several transactions in various sectors ranging from real estate, corporate and commercial, civil litigation, criminal litigation, finance and secretarial services. I am resourceful, hardworking, with strong interpersonal skills to build bonds with clients.


Associate counsel – Niji oni & co., Lagos state.     Sept 2018 – Date

Responsibilities/ Achievement(s):

  • Advising Agro Park Development Company Limited on schemes, finances and corporate structure.
  • Played an active role in the establishment of Morza Capital Limited; a N100million Naira private equity firm.
  • Facilitated the documentation for the sale of several multimillion-naira properties.
  • Conducted numerous due diligence on companies, for the restructuring of the companies.
  • Drafted subscription documents offered to the general public, for Agro Park Development Company Limited.
  • Prepared documentation for the board and general meetings of Companies, including issuing and circulating notices of the meetings, agenda, procedural guide and previous minutes of meetings.
  • Drafting resolutions, preparing and filing statutory returns at the Corporate Affairs Commission.

 Associate Counsel- Sheila Solicitors May 2018 –Aug. 2018

Responsibilities/ Achievement(s):

  • Represented clients in court on various civil matters.
  • Attended meetings with and on behalf of clients.
  • Negotiated contractual agreements on behalf of fifteen (15) different clients.
  • Drafted court processes and agreements.

Extern- Solomon Marega & Co. 2016

Responsibilities/ Achievement(s):

  • Received mentorship from a Senior Counsel.
  • Attended court sessions daily.
  • Read and critically analyzed case files to Senior Counsel.
  • Drafted legal documents and conducted legal researches.


Barrister of Law– Nigeria Law School Abuja, Federal Capital Territory–2017

Bachelor of Laws– Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo State – 2015


  • Advocacy.
  • Negotiation.
  • Research, literacy and professional writing skills.
  • An intricate understanding of business law at both the state and national level.
  • ·Attentive listener with exemplary communication skills, in written and spoken form.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) tools.


  • Nigerian Bar Association- Member (2017)


  • General Data Protection Regulation- Its Effect on Non-EU Member States (Nigeria) – October 2018.
  • The role of the Prosecution in the Criminal Justice System of Nigeria – October 2015.

Sections to Include in Your Corporate Lawyer CV

Your professional CV should contain, but not be limited to the following sections;

  • Profile/Executive Summary

Contrary to using an “Objective Statement“; your profile/Executive Summary is your pitch. It is a brief introduction that will tell an employer who you are, what you are about, and what strengths you can bring to the organization. For that reason, it’s not something that should be written in a haste.

 Take your time to think through what your “Unique Proposition” is.

  • Contact(s)

This section should always occupy the top part of your CV. It should be the first thing an employer sees when they pick up your document.

Your Contact section should contain;

  1. Your Full name (the way it is written on your credentials).
  2. Contact details (address, phone number and email).        
  • Biodata

For this section, you’d want to stick to only the basic details. Including details like your religion, height and state of origin, is not necessary, unless required. If you have to include a Bio section, restrict it to just your;

  1. Gender
  2. Date of birth

The bio section is not as necessary as it used to be 10 years ago, because many employers, with the exception of most government agencies; are not interested in your gender, DOB, and state of origin. Hence most modern CVs omit the bio section.

However, some jobs will be specific about the type of employee they want; for instance, they can specify the gender, age range, state of origin etc. that they want for a position. In that case, you have to show in your CV that you meet those requirements by including a bio section for it.

  • Education

This is where you indicate your academic journey, and certificates acquired with dates. Ensure you include the dates you started and ended each academic period. Also, you can include notable achievements made during the course of your study.

Your educational background can follow this format;

Certificate acquired- course of study -the name of the institution- start date and end-date –Grade acquired/notable achievements made.

Note: If you have a running program, include all the details and the year of possible graduation in view.

Consider this example;

Bachelor of Engineering-Petroleum Engineering, Covenant University, Ogun State (2020 in view).

  • Skills

This section can contain both soft and hard skills, also known as interpersonal and technical skills. You need to include technical skills, because that might just be the distinguishing factor between you and other applicants.

Therefore, list the technical skills you have, software/tools you can operate/handle; you can go forward to mention things you’ve done using those skills. Hard skills are very helpful when you want to differentiate yourself from the other applicants.

  • Professional Certificates/Membership

Are you a member of any professional body? Do you have certifications in any professional course? List them in your CV.

Use this format to list your professional certificates/membership on your CV;

Certificate- Name of the body that certified you- Year of certification.


Position/Membership status- the name of a professional body – registration number (if applicable)- Year of induction

  • Employment

When including your employment details in your CV, don’t forget to give a brief description of the businesses/companies, and what your assigned tasks were/is.

Other things to specify in your employment section include;

  1. Name of businesses/companies worked for
  2. Position/Portfolio
  3. Date of resumption and departure
  4. City/State the business is situated
  5. Achievements/Duties
  • Referees

Though most employers won’t call your referees to ask them questions about you as they used to, it’s still important to include a referee section. This is because your references will serve as a testimonial, that you can be trusted to be of good behaviour. 

Your referees don’t necessarily have to be your relatives.

Example of people you can use as referees;

  1. Past/current employer
  2. Cleric
  3. Landlord
  4. Lectures/Teachers
  5. A colleague at work or school
  6. Prominent persons in the society, etc.
  • Other Sections You Can Include in Your CV
  1. Leadership Experience
  2. Papers Published/Projects Executed
  3. Selected Achievements/Awards
  4. Hobbies/Interests

Hope you found this corporate lawyer CV Sample helpful? If you need professional assistance with your CV, contact our CV Experts to work on your corporate lawyer CV TODAY!

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