Top Agriculture Jobs Recruitment Agencies in Norway 2024

Agriculture Jobs Recruitment Agencies in Norway
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Norway is a beautiful country, blessed with a happy populace, rich art history, and natural resources. Officially known as the Kingdom of Norway, the country is part of the Scandinavia region. Despite her cold climate, thin soils, and mountainous terrain, Norway is known to be a fishing country and self-sufficient when it comes to some agricultural products. 

Are you interested in or looking for agriculture jobs in Norway? This article would reveal Agriculture Jobs Recruitment Agencies in Norway as well as Best Agriculture Jobs Websites in Norway.

Agriculture Industry in Norway: What you should know

Indeed, Norway is a prosperous country with a solid economy, one of the best in the European continent. The unemployment rate in Norway is also one of the lowest globally. Norwegians love for their country is seen in their engagement in meaningful work, community service, and payment of taxes. Norway’s economy is diverse. Even though oil and gas is a major contributor to her GDP, other sectors such as agriculture are also thriving.

Also, the average climatic condition in Norway is cold and her soil is thin, making the region unfit for certain agricultural products. Norway grows grains in the south while livestock farming takes place in the western part of the country. As a result of these agricultural activities, job opportunities exist in the agriculture industry for citizens and foreigners alike.

According to a report by Trading Economics, agriculture accounted for about 2% of Norway’s GDP in 2020. In terms of specific numbers, the GDP from Agriculture in Norway reportedly reduced to 5887 NOK Million in the third quarter of 2021 from 5892 NOK Million in the second quarter of 2021 and is expected to further reduce to 5683.00 NOK Million by the end of this year.

Not to worry, there is good news. According to a forecast, Norway’s GDP from its Agriculture industry is expected to drift around 5893.00 NOK Million sometime in 2022 and further rise to about 6046.00 NOK Million in 2023, judging from econometric models and other indicators. 

For this to happen, the Norwegian government and private employers in the agriculture sector of Norway would be looking to expand operations, innovate and do so much more. They would need workers to make this happen, this could be your chance to live and work in Norway.

Getting an Agriculture Job in Norway

To do any type of job in Norway, you are required to meet certain eligibility requirements for working in Norway. These requirements lay out the specific criteria you must meet to live and work in Norway.

Depending on your country of origin or residence, you would need a visa to get into the country. To get a visa, you would need to meet set income criteria which vary according to industry and job level. You are also required to have a residence permit before applying for a visa. To be recognized as a skilled worker by the Norwegian authorities, you must meet a certain level of education with verifiable proof.

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Also, as with every other job application process, you need to get your job application documents ready. To increase your chances of landing a skilled agriculture job in Norway, tweak your CV to meet the Norwegian standard. Your CV must be tailored to match the job role you are applying for. 

In your CV, ensure that your personal information is easy to grab at a glance. Next, highlight your most relevant and recent job experiences, followed by your educational qualifications and relevant certifications (if any).

To land certain jobs as a foreigner, you may be required to perform recognition of your educational qualifications. To carry out this task, you would need to contact the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in education (NOKUT). NOKUT only accepts applications for recognition from citizens of Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland at the moment. There are plans to make room for foreigners from more countries.

We live in a digital age, hence finding available agriculture jobs in Norway is easy. You can visit online job portals or search online for job adverts showing agriculture jobs. However, as a result of the peculiarities associated with the Norwegian society and job market, we highly recommend engaging the services of a recruitment agency. 

Why You Need an Agriculture Recruitment Agency in Norway

Why use a recruitment agency when you can check online for available agriculture jobs in Norway? One may ask. You see, using a recruitment agency is like engaging the internet of job search – it makes the job search process a lot easier, convenient, and delivers reliable results.

The main purpose of a recruitment agency is to help companies find the right candidate for their open job roles while helping job seekers find suitable jobs that match their desires and skill set. 

Using a recruitment agency can make you get hired faster. A good recruitment agency is aware of job vacancies that exist in the specific sector and locations it covers. An agriculture recruitment agency in Norway already understands the recruitment climate in Norway and is best suited to make your dream of landing an agriculture job in Norway come through faster.

Their expertise also places them in a position to offer invaluable advice on the entire recruitment process, best practices, and interview tips. Using a recruitment agency would save you time, energy and cost.

Agriculture Jobs Recruitment Agencies in Norway

The agriculture industry in Norway is ripe with job opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers, residents, and foreigners alike. If you are looking to land an agriculture job in Norway, below is a list of recruitment agencies and websites to aid your quest.

1. Jora

Jora is a Norwegian online job portal that plays host to tons of job adverts. The platform allows job seekers to search for suitable jobs easily using different filters such as salary estimate, distance, job type, category, and region. Employers can upload vacancies on the website as well.

2. Glassdoor

Glassdoor allows you to create an account, upload your CV and get access to job opportunities in the agriculture sector as well as other sectors. Check the glassdoor website for the finest and choicest agriculture jobs.

3. Indeed

One of Norway’s most recognized job websites. Indeed allows job seekers to upload their CVs, create an account and send mail alerts for job vacancies. Indeed has a presence in other countries including the United States of America.

4. Hudson Nordic

Hudson Nordic is one of the most reputable recruitment agencies in Norway. The agency operates as a global consulting house that helps managers and specialists further their careers while assisting job seekers and employers to find, coach, and develop strong leaders.

More so, Hudson Nordic has a selection process that includes four (4) steps. The company’s scope of operation is wide with offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Oslo.

Conclusion: Agriculture Jobs Recruitment Agencies in Norway

Are you a foreigner looking to move and work in Norway? We have put together the Top Recruitment Agencies in Norway Recruiting Foreigners. Norway is one of the best places to live and work in Europe and globally, Additionally, her thriving economy means there are opportunities for young professionals like you. For more information on working in Norway and other top destinations in the world, visit our career resources page. Cheers to your career growth!

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