How to Get a Job a Job as a Student in Finland in 2024

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Finland is one of the best countries for international students to pursue their academic careers. In Finland, international students can study and work as long as they can maintain a work-life balance that allows them to excel in school and work.

In addition, Finland has a plethora of work opportunities and advantageous labour laws applying to all exchange and degree students from overseas. Overseas students are allowed to work 30 hours per week.

There is no minimum universal wage in Finland, however, most of the employees are protected by a collective agreement which specifies the minimum pay rate for different sectors.

This article covers how to get a job as a student in Finland; the application process, where and how to find jobs as a student, the top 10 jobs for international students, procedures on how to find a job after study and lots more. So without further ado, let us dive in!

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Application Process

These are application processes to get you to study in Finland as a student.

1. Choose a Program

The first step is to choose a program that is right for you. Log in to Studyinfofi to apply online. Finland is renowned for a variety of programs in science, engineering and innovation.

2. Prepare the Paperwork

The basic commonly required paperwork by all universities are:

  • Copies of completed or soon-to-be-completed qualifications documents.
  • Official translations for all documents to Finnish, Swedish or English.
  • Original diplomas or original official translators.

As usual, the university will provide a comprehensive list of all the required documents once you start your application. If English is not your native tongue, you might be asked to take an English proficiency test and also all your documents should be in one of Finland’s official languages or English.

3. Check Specific Admission Requirements

Always consult the university website for specific admission requirements and contact the Admissions Services of the university if you need to ask questions. Deadlines are very necessary, always check the date in the university you applied at because deadline dates vary between universities.

4. Submit Your Application:

Submit your application at the official website for Finnish applications. There are two types of applications. 

1. Joint Application: In a Joint application, you can apply to six study applications with one application. 

2. Separate Application: Separate applications are filled separately for each study program or institution and there’s no limit to how many study programs you can apply to.

5. Apply For a Student Resident Permit

Once you have received an official acceptance letter from the institution, you can apply for a student’s R1 residence permit. You can apply at the embassy, online or at any representative office in your country. Nonetheless,  you will still need to visit a Finnish diplomatic mission R2 to verify your identity and submit copies of the documents you might need during the application process, as well as have your fingerprint taken.

6. Travel: 

After you have met all the requirements and your documents are ready you should prepare for travel. The cost of living in Finland should be considered and, make a budget for your accommodation and transportation and you are set to go.

Important Tips Before Working Part-Time in Finland

To work in Finland as an international student you should know that;

1. Your grades must be up to mark as per the university’s requirement.

2. While doing part-time jobs, your attendance to lectures must not be compromised. Your working hours must be adjusted after the university’s lecture period.

3. During semester breaks, there is no restriction on work hours.

4. International students are allowed to work part-time only if it is related to their study course.

5. If you are working in Finland, you will have to pay your taxes from your income. The tax amount often depends on your job type and average salary.

6. Finding a study-related job outside the university may be difficult as it will require you to have language skills in Finnish.

7. International students working part-time in Finland can not rely entirely on the earnings from their jobs to cover their study expenses.

8. EU/EEA nationals have fewer restrictions on job type than non-EU and third-country nationals.

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Top 10 Jobs Suitable for International Students In Finland.

Finding a job in Finland can sometimes be challenging. Job applicants may also be required to have Finnish or Swedish Language skills. But, there are several things are having a part-time job can help you achieve. It can be a way of gaining valuable work experience and networks alongside your studies, and to an extent assist you in the payment of bills.

Below, we have explained the top 10 jobs to work as a student. These steps will land you on your dream job, also your job search will be made easier.

1. Library Assistant

This role involves students assisting in library operations such as checking in and out of books, shelving materials, and helping patrons with their inquiries. This job enhances organisational and customer service skills while providing an opportunity to work in a quiet and scholarly environment. 

Also, library assistant jobs are usually flexible and not labour-intensive.

students having lectures in a classroom
students having lectures in a classroom

2. Freelance

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest and most popular ways of making money in any part of the world not only Finland, is online. Freelancing jobs include graphic design, telecommunications, programming and content writing. 

In general, a freelancer can earn about €15 per hour, but it also depends on the individual and the type of freelancing job involved.

Furthermore, a freelancer can earn high amounts of money from working remotely. It saves time and resources. This is a very good job for international students.

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3. Private Language Tutors

The most popular foreign languages among Finnish residents are English, German, and French. This is a great opportunity for International students to work as private language tutors to teach their proficient language to Finnish kids, university students or adults. 

Private language tutors can earn €15 to €30 on average in Finland. An international student can earn a reasonable amount of pocket money if they teach regularly for a month.

 Yoopies is an online job advert website for finding online tutoring positions.

4. Language Interpreters

While this is quite similar to private language tutors, even so, what a language interpreter does is to bridge the language gap between associations, investors and other foreign bodies to ensure effective communication.

Therefore, you will be asked to translate written content like letters, articles, books, journals etc. It is expected of international students to make good use of their language skills to foster unique cultural exchange experiences.

5. Delivery Person

A delivery person in Finland can earn about €17 per hour (source), which is quite higher than most countries. Delivery positions are one of the best on-demand jobs for international students because they give the student time flexibility, and require little or no experience. 

Also, since there is a minimum level of interaction with the customers, you would only require little or no Finnish, English or Swedish language skills. 

To look for delivery jobs in Finland you can use Wolt and Foodora as well as several other websites.

6. Tour Guide

Working as a tour guide enables students to work with their academic commitments because it offers flexible hours. Here, students lead tourists on guided tours sharing information about local attractions, history, and cultures.

7. Waiter/Bartender

A city in Finland, Joensuu is known for international businesses and as such many restaurants and cafés there have open positions for English-speaking students to work part-time jobs. Bartenders and waiters usually earn an average salary of €10 to €13 in Finland. But this is subject to change; one can earn higher or lower. Popular websites to look for these kinds of jobs are JobMarket and Jobly

8. Research Assistant

As a research assistant, your job is to assist academic or research institutions with various research projects like collecting data, analyzing information, or contributing to ongoing research initiatives. 

Additionally, a student involved in research gains hands-on experience in their field of study. You will enhance your academic skills while earning money. Research assistant jobs are time-flexible.

9. Retail Sales Associate

A retail sales associate simply works in a store by assisting customers in making a purchase, restocking shelves, and handling transactions. They can also fit in as cashiers. You can earn money while studying. 

This is also one of the best part-time jobs for international students in Finland.

10. Barista

This has nothing in common with working in a law firm or being a lawyer. A Barista works in a coffee shop. As common as this job may seem, it can help enhance your customer service skills. 

In addition, it is not labour-intensive and you will have ample amount of time to focus on your study while earning an income that is going to sustain you.

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Procedure How To Get Job Opportunities in Finland After Study 

Many international students desire to stay back and work after their period of study in Finland. Likewise, Finland allows international students to work after study without any restrictions of job type but they have to meet minimum income requirements. 

So with the following tips we will discuss how to get a job as a student who studied in Finland, after your study is over.

1. If the student has found an employment contract or a binding offer from a Finnish-based company or employer, they can apply for a Finnish resident permit for work right away.

Duration: the resident permit for work is usually for one year but can be extended.

2. The student who needs to do a job search in Finland after graduation is required to apply for a student resident permit extension for job search purposes. Note: the resident permit extension must be applied before the student resident permit expires.

Duration: the work permit for job search is granted for one year. Unlike the resident permit for work, it will not be extended. And it is granted only once.

3. For post visa extension the student will submit the same documents as provided for a student resident permit in Finland. Other requirements include; 

a). You must be able to spend 560 Euros per month on your living expenses. 

b), you must have an accommodation for living in Finland. 

c). You must have not committed any crime during your academic years in Finland.

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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.


1. Can you Work in Finland While on a Student Visa?

The answer is YES. You can work in Finland while on a Student Visa, the Finnish Immigration Service allows International Students coming from EU/EEA countries to work up to 30 hours per week if they are enrolled in an exchange or degree program in Finland. In contrast, EU/EEA students have the right to work in the country without any time limitation.

2. Does Finland Give a Post-Study Work Permit?

After your studies, you may apply for a work permit in Finland either to look for work or start a business. You’ll have the option for this two-year post-work permit for five years after graduation, and you can also take the permit in parts depending on what suits your best interest.

3. In Which City Of Finland Is The Best For International Students?


Helsinki is the best city in Finland for international is the home of Finland’s two highest-ranked universities; The University of Helsinki and Aalto University, and several others. 

Aside from these strong universities, Helsinki has a high quality of life which contributes to it being ranked in the world’s top 75 cities for students, according to QS Best Students Cities.

4. Can I Bring My Family While Working?

Yes, you can bring your family while working. Family members who apply for a family visa in Finland have unrestricted access to the workforce. However, if you have a residence permit based on an intimate relationship then you are restricted in your work.

5. Is Permanent Residency in Finland Easy?

Although the process of applying for Permanent Residence (PR) is simple it is not easy. First and foremost, you must be enrolled in an education program at a Finland University.

Conclusion: How To Get A Job As A Student in Finland

Conclusively, Finland is one of the best countries to work and study. In this post, we have extensively discussed all you need to know about how to get a job as a student in Finland. In addition to all we have said, learning how to speak the Finnish language will come in handy when you are looking for a job – it gives you an edge. Now, go get that degree and also earn some money!

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