Best Websites to Apply for USA Jobs 

Best Website to Apply for USA Jobs
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Websites are the channels through which job seekers and employers connect. Through websites, employers in foreign countries can interact and hire local talents. It is a middle ground. This means that websites are very important. 

Technology has made access to websites very easy. Every smartphone can go on the internet and browse for websites that offer job listings. It means that job search and application have become a lot easier in recent times. 

There are different job websites, some cuts across different countries while some focus on local jobs. Each website is unique in what they stand for. Some offer remote jobs, some on-site, and the majority, hybrid. These websites offer email alerts for jobs and once you sign on, you can be receiving job listings in your email. This is a great improvement from mode of job-hunting in the past.

This leaves every job seeker no excuse for not applying for a job. It is advisable to sign up for email alerts on different job websites. It helps you have more chances and more opportunities that come your way daily. The email alerts have filters that bring you job alerts based on your interest. Websites are wonderful and a handy tool in today’s world. 

Focusing on websites in the USA, we have curated a list of websites where you can find USA jobs and also, tender your application. Keep reading to find out best websites to apply for USA jobs.

Best Websites to Apply for USA Jobs

  1. Fasthire
  2. Indeed
  3. LinkedIn
  4. FlexJobs
  5. Jooble
  6. Glassdoor
  7. ZipRecruiter
  8. Career Builder 
  9. Careerjet
  10. Go Overseas
  12. Upwork


Fasthire is a career brand dedicated to seeing the success of professionals in their careers. Our interest in your growth as a professional or job seeker has led us to write articles that expose you to choices. Our articles also guide you in making the right choice. In addition to the career advice section, we offer job listings that cut across different countries, the USA inclusive. We provide different services like CV/Cover letter writing, letter of recommendation, personal statement, LinkedIn optimization, etc. All these are geared towards positioning you better and making you a success in your chosen career path.


Indeed is one of the largest job websites. It was founded in 2004 and has had over 250 million visitors daily. The website offers job listings in more than 25 countries. The website not only offers job listings alone. It also offers career advice to give visitors a holistic experience. You sure can find and apply for USA jobs on indeed.


The sole purpose of creating LinkedIn was to create a place where professionals can meet and interact. This sole purpose has been fulfilled since 2002 when it was founded and also, launched in 2003. The website has given job seekers access to employers. Jobs are also posted on the website and individuals can apply. Through the network you have on LinkedIn, you can get great value and even, find mentors in your area of pursuit. With the vastness of LinkedIn, you are sure to get USA jobs and apply too.


If you love to work remotely, then FlexJobs is the best website to visit. Founded in 2007 by Sara Sutton, it was created with the sole purpose of giving people access to remote jobs. Those who are tired of 9-5 jobs, nursing mothers, people who want to work independently (a.k.a freelancers), and any other person who loves remote work can use this website. The website also offers career advice to help you decide what career you want to pursue. It also helps you determine if you can thrive as a remote worker.


Jooble, founded by 2 students, has been operating in the international online market. Being a website founded by students means that they understand the needs and pains of job-seekers. This they channeled into the creation and building of the website. On the website, you can find jobs from 69 countries, as the website is present in these countries. You are sure to find jobs in the USA and also, apply.


Glassdoor serves the primary purpose of providing transparency in the workplace. It was founded in 2007 and launched in 2008. The ratings of the website are quite astonishing and it shows in the number of unique monthly visitors that they have, approximately 62 million. Placing value on quality of human life in the workspace, they provide information on salary, work culture, and even, the CEO. All are aimed at helping you find a company that you love. You can find jobs in the USA on the website, including reviews about the company (where available).

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ZipRecruiter was founded with aim of helping small businesses find great candidates. That desire backed with action and solution led to the growth of the website. On the website, there is something for everyone, whether you are an employer or a job seeker. They provide the job seeker with the tools needed to find a career path and succeed in that path. They also provide information on the average salary earned by a job position and even, similar job roles to the one searched for. You are sure to find jobs in the USA on ZipRecruiter.

Career Builder

Career Builder, just like the name suggests, focuses on helping job seekers find a career that they love. They don’t just help you identify the career that you love, but also, help you to scale through in your chosen career. With the use of AI technology, they provide tools to both employers and job seekers that help each group to achieve their goals. They have been in this business for over 20 years. You will find jobs in the USA on the Career Builder website.

Career Jet

Career Jet serves as a traffic driver to job sites, recruitment agencies (whether big or small), and organizations’ job sites. The AI technology they use queries the web when a job search is placed and a pool of jobs, gathered in the job base, are searched for that job. Their search engine cut across 90 countries and in about 28 languages.

Go Overseas

This website was founded by 2 season travelers who aim to help individuals travel and live abroad while choosing programs that are best for them. Since it was founded by travelers, the website provides fellow travelers access to programs and job opportunities overseas. They do not offer their programs but give you access to other programs. They also offer scholarships and if you’re lucky, you could be one of the lucky winners. 


This is the official website of the United States Government. They post job listings in Government and it is open to applicants. Interested in government jobs? Then check out this website.


Upwork is a website dedicated to freelancers. Jobs are posted on the website and freelancers can bid for the posted job. Every exchange between the freelancer and the job poster takes place on the website. This is to prevent the scamming of freelancers off their money. Employers can find the best talent on Upwork.

Conclusion: Best Websites to Apply for USA Jobs

Websites are middlemen between employers and job seekers. You can check out these websites to find USA jobs and apply for them.

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