Medical Data Entry Certifications

medical data entry certifications

Data entry is one of the popular work-from-home jobs. It is one of those job types that do not require a lot of degrees or certification to do. Hence, the increase in the number of individuals who are data entry specialists. 

The high influx of people into the profession, however, has created a need for individuals to go the extra mile of acquiring certifications. Employers, when faced with choosing between two individuals, can use certifications to pick one against another. 

This article looks at what medical data entry is, the skills required, and other pieces of information relevant to the topic. Let’s look at what medical data entry is.

What is Medical Data Entry?

Medical data entry is a subset of the set, Data Entry. To understand medical data entry, we have to first understand data entry.

Data entry means inputting information, called data, into a software, format, or updating an existing platform. In simple terms, it means adding information to an already provided format or copying from one source to another.

Medical data entry, on the other hand, simply means inputting medical-related information into a database. Jobs like this are often seen in the hospital, labs, etc. Anywhere that health-related information is handled, there exists a need for a data entry specialist.

Being that the medical field deals with sensitive information, it raises the question addressed in the next segment.

Does Medical Data Entry Jobs Require Certifications?

Medical data entry jobs deal with health information that requires a high level of understanding of medical facts and accuracy, e.g. in places like hospitals. The sensitivity of the information/data involved requires mastery and if possible certifications.

Generally, data entry doesn’t have any specified certifications required. However, employers look for individuals with a basic certificate like a high school diploma. In the same way, medical data entry jobs require a basic certificate but this time, employers may specifically require certificates in medical fields like medical coding. 

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Medical Data Entry Certifications

Some of the certifications that you need to work as a medical data entry specialist are;

  • Registered Medical Assistant
  • Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS)
  • Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT)
  • Microsoft Word Certification
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Medical Administrative Specialist

Registered Medical Assistant

This certification is obtained by medical assistants. Medical assistants are individuals who assist physicians in the execution of their duties in patient care. They perform a wide range of duties for the physician like answering calls, scheduling appointments, prepping the patient for surgeries, etc. Becoming a registered medical assistant opens up a career path in medical data entry.

Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS)

Billing and Coding Specialists are medical coders. They code information that helps hospitals or clinics they work for get their payments, especially when in partnership with insurance companies. The codes they prepare make the disbursement of funds and issuing of receipts between the two health organizations involved easy. Obtaining a certificate as a billing and coding specialist makes you more credible. You can read up for more information on the certificates under billing and coding.

Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT)

A Health Information Technician can be employed in every health-related organization where data is handled. They can be found in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. Becoming a registered health information technician makes you more employable and credible. This certification creates a path for you in the field of medical data entry. This is because their job description is virtually the same. 

Microsoft Word Certification

One of the software used for data entry is Microsoft Word and it has different versions. Different online platforms offer certification on it. Obtaining a certification in Microsoft word gives your prospective employer the assurance that you know the tool you use to work and that you are reliable to deliver.  Mastery of each latest version also shows that you are brushing up your skills and are serious with your career as a data entry specialist.

Patient Care Technician (PCT)

A PCT is an individual who works under the supervision of a registered nurse and assists in caring for patients. They perform the little day-to-day activities that assist the care and wholesome recovery of patients. Their duties include updating the records of patients. Becoming a PCT can open a career for you in the field of medical data entry. You can check out this article for more information on PCT.

Medical Administrative Specialist

A medical administrative specialist performs the duty of a secretary or front desk officer. A certification in this area boosts your ability to secure a job as a data entry specialist. You can take the course at McFatter Technical College, Cape Coral College, etc.

These are some of the certifications that you can get that will boost your career as a medical data entry specialist. While it is not compulsory to have a certification, having one increases your chances of securing one.

Websites for Medical Data Entry Jobs

  1. Indeed
  2. ZipRecruiter
  3. Jooble
  4. Glassdoor
  5. Linkedin
  6. Seek
  7. Career Builder

Skills Required for Medical Data Entry

  1. Good knowledge of your working tool
  2. Basic knowledge of health terminologies
  3. At least 45WPM typing speed
  4. Attention to details
  5. Communication skills

Colleges and Online Websites For Medical Data Entry Certifications

The following colleges and websites give you access to courses that trains you on a variety of skills needed to succeed in the field of medical data entry.

  1. Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)
  2. Coursera
  3. Udemy
  4. Alison
  5. CEDP Skill Institute
  6. E-Mage Transcriptions
  7. Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC)
  8. Ahima
  9. HACC
  10. Sydney
  11. Cape Coral College

These colleges and websites offer a variety of courses. For each particular training and certification that you wish to acquire, look for a site or college that offers it. Register and pay for the certificate and then devote time to the training. You can also find out about other colleges here.


Medical data entry is a worthy career to pursue. Working as a data entry clerk or specialist doesn’t necessarily require a certificate. However, it is important to obtain certifications as most employers would rather choose an individual with certifications than one who doesn’t.

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