International Jobs for Americans

International Jobs for Americans

Making the decision to relocate abroad as an American can be difficult. You’re probably concerned about what you’ll do, who will hire you, where you’ll live, and how you’ll adjust. If you are in a similar situation, we are here to assist you.

You should be less afraid of moving abroad by the end of this article. We also believe you will be able to find international jobs that are appropriate for Americans.

Americans Abroad  

According to CNBC, over 9 million US citizens are living abroad. Many of these Americans are leaving the country for the first time to find work. To put this in context, one-third of American expats are moving abroad for the first time. Furthermore, approximately 51% of these expats are female.

According to The Internations, there are 8,313 American ex-pats working in 175 countries. According to their findings, 36% of these ex-pats moved abroad for work-related reasons, and 14% found work on their own. This demonstrates that, as an American, adjusting to life abroad may be simpler than you think. 

Now that we’ve established that settling abroad as an American is not very hard. Next up, we would be discussing how to find international jobs for Americans.

How to Find International Jobs for Americans

There are different stages of finding international jobs whether as Americans or other nationalities. They are:

  1. Decision Phase
  2. Application phase
  3. Visa Process Phase

Decision Phase

This phase is where the major work is done. It is at this phase that you decide the country to work in, the industry, and then carry out the job search. Let’s look at this one by one.

  1. Country of Choice: getting a job in the right country is as important as the job itself. You should choose a country where it would be easy for you to adapt to their culture. This is unless you are willing to adapt to a different way of life. For example, if you are an American citizen of Indian descent, applying for jobs in countries like India, the United Kingdom or Saudi Arabia might be your best option. In general, the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, and Australia are usually great choices for Americans regardless of their descent.
  1. Industry: getting the industry where you want to work right is a stepping stone to career success. There are specific industries that are popular amongst Americans abroad. Industries such as Tourism and Hospitality, Advertising, Web Design, and Health Care. While these industries are more popular amongst Americans abroad, it is advisable that you choose an industry that you are more comfortable in. This will help you achieve career success.
  1. Job Search: at this point, I believe you have decided on the country of your choice and the industry you would function effectively. It is now time to job hunt with these parameters in mind. 

There are various ways to do this. Networking is one such method. Networking is vital in the job search process of today and you can tap into its successes. Sites such as LinkedIn can help you do this. You can find groups of people with similar interests and skills and that way, you can get your first overseas job.

Other methods include attending Overseas Job Fairs that might be held in one of the cities near you. An innovative way to find international jobs is to apply to companies in your country that have international offices. Your willingness to move abroad will be an added advantage. The only disadvantage is, that you may not get to move immediately as you might have hoped.

Finally, you can apply through international websites and recruiters, study or intern abroad, and international job boards.

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Application Phase

To have progressed to this stage means that you have successfully found a job that checks all your boxes. So, the next to do is to apply for the job. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind.

  1. The application process may or may not be the same as that of your country.
  2. While your country may require a CV, the chosen country may require a resumé.
  3. Other details that are required must be written in line with the country’s method.

In other words, find out what the application process for your country of choice is like. Then, apply for your chosen job in line with the process.

Visa Process Phase

Most countries require that before immigrating, you need to have gotten a job in the country. This means that this phase is for those who have successfully gotten the applied job and are now ready to move.

Visas and work permits may take a while to get. It can also be financially draining especially if the employer is not assisting. Your employer, however, will initiate the process on their end while you initiate your part on your end. Personal records such as medical reports, police records, and so on can be requested. There would also be interviews but these aren’t difficult.

In conclusion, once you get a job abroad, start working on your visa and permits immediately.

Best Countries to Work as an American

In no particular order, here are some of the best countries to work in as an American.

New Zealand

As a young adult American, New Zealand is a great place to work and also enjoy some very exhilarating adventures. New Zealand does not have a language barrier for English speakers, it has a growing tourism industry, and the Kiwis, as they are called, are known to be friendly people. You can check out the New Zealand Immigration Web Portal for information on how to secure a visa to work here.

The Netherlands

Holland as it is sometimes called is one of the favorite locations for American expats. Like New Zealand, the Netherlands does not have a language barrier for English speakers although Dutch is the country’s official language. It is a safe country with abundant job opportunities in the research and academic industries. There is also a strong focus on sustainable energy and a clean environment, and while this is beneficial to the environment, it also provides work for foreigners with those particular skills. It is important to note, however, that working in the Netherlands for non-Europeans requires a company sponsor. It is also a very expensive country to live in, this means it is not a good idea for short-term or temporary jobs.


Another country with no language barrier for English speakers. Although the cost of living in Australia is high, this is combatted by the relatively high minimum wage. Australia has excellent quality of life, and standard of living and is generally a happy country. If you move to Australia, and you need to find a job, you can employ the services of companies like WWOOF that will connect you to small jobs. You can also visit the Department of Home Affairs Visa Finder to find out more on how to get Australian Visas to work.


A lot of global corporations have offices in Germany, which means there are lots of opportunities for English speakers there. Germany is also one of the world’s leading economies and is one of the world’s largest exporters of goods. The country is filled with work opportunities but it takes nothing away from its work-life balance. Workers in Germany on average barely clock in 27 hours weekly. This ensures Germany is one of the happiest countries. It also has excellent healthcare, and generous paid leaves and although the cost of living there can be high, these other attributes make Germany a great place to work. To learn more about how to get a German visa, you can visit the Employment in Germany Portal.


The Brazilian Government has been making laws to make its workers more comfortable. This has led to better work-life balance, and better compensation for work done, especially long work weeks and a 41 days vacation. While there are still some concerns about safety in the country, there are a lot of safe places. It also makes for a great location for tourists and volunteers. You can visit the Consulate General of Brazil website for more information about work visas. Then websites like Go Overseas Job Board can help you find jobs for foreigners in Brazil.

Other great countries for American expats include; Canada, South Korea, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Botswana, etc.

Now let’s move on to some websites to find these jobs overseas.

Websites to Find International Jobs for Americans

  1. Fasthire: A website with a reputation for connecting job seekers with their dream jobs all over the world.
  2. Go Abroad: A popular educational and experiential international travel site with over 18,000 verified programs on their website to choose from.
  3. Easy Expat: A website created by expats for expats. This website provides helpful resources for individuals looking to work and live abroad.
  4. Go Overseas: A valuable ally for professionals looking to find jobs abroad. Their jobs section allows you to tailor your search to find the specific type of job in the specific location you want.
  5. Indeed Worldwide: Indeed is arguably the world’s most trusted recruitment website. You can find jobs from different industries and in different countries on this website.
  6. Idealist: A non-profit organization focused on providing job opportunities from various countries to job seekers around the world.
  7. CEO Worldwide: This website helps you find executive-level positions across the world. The website helps companies around the world find executive-level professionals.
  8. Expat Network: They provide jobs for new and veteran ex-pats and also give expert opinions on how to properly apply for these roles.
  9. BUNAC: This website has programs for working, traveling, and volunteering abroad. The duration of these programs can vary depending on what you pick. Some can last for two weeks, others two years.
  10. Transitions Abroad: They have a large database for work, study, travel, or volunteering internationally. They do this to ensure professionals looking to do any can access these opportunities with minimum fuss.

Conclusion: International Jobs for Americans

If you have already relocated to a country abroad, you can also consider remote and freelance jobs in these countries. Americans have been known to work as self-employed freelancers with 21% of them already doing so. Meanwhile, other countries around the world have just 11%.

Asides from that, you can feel free to jump at the opportunity of working abroad. You can experience culture and life from a perspective different from what you are used to. We believe we have equipped you the best way we can to ensure this is a successful endeavor should you choose to try it.

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