Best Personal Statement Writers for UK Universities

Best Personal Statement Writers for UK Universities
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For most students looking to study outside their country of residence, the UK is one of the top countries to consider. This is because of the high standard of education in the United Kingdom as well as its stable economy and high standard of living.

While it is a European country, it also has a large number of students from various cultures. Africans, Asians, Caribbean and South, and Northern Americans can be sure to find communities of their local cultures. This helps these foreign students transition properly into life in the         UK and it also gives them a sense of home away from home.

So, good education, stable economy and political system, high standard of living and multicultural society. Sounds like a dream destination for students looking to migrate. If you choose the United Kingdom though, what are the things you’d need to apply and get admission into a school in the UK?

How to Apply to Schools in the UK

Before you start the process, it is necessary to get some things in place. The following are steps to take and situations you need to consider before you apply;

  1. Tuition Fees: This is an important factor when picking an institution as there are certain regulations here to note. For instance, students from countries outside the EU and EEA countries are expected to pay full tuition fees. They are also not eligible for loans and grants. Students from within the EU and EEA countries pay the same fees as British Citizens and since 2020, now have access to student loans as well.
  2. Scholarship Requirements: Especially for students staying outside the EU/EEA countries, it is important to consider the scholarship requirements for UK universities. It is another option since they do not have access to student loans and grants.
  3. Additional Requirements: Some schools in the UK demand certain language tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. So, be sure to confirm if the school you are applying to requires one of these.

To apply, you would need to;

  1. Register and create your application
  2. Apply for up to five programs in various or the same university
  3. Provide the documents required.

For documents, here are the common ones that you would need;

  1. Previous educational qualifications
  2. Financial information
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Additional tests such as UCAT or BMAT for Medical students
  5. Academic/Regular CV
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. Research Proposals (for graduate applicants)
  8. Evidence of language proficiency
  9. Reference letters

We would focus a bit on Personal Statements.

What is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is an essay that shows the admissions committee who you are and why you deserve to be admitted to their school. It is usually the most stressful part of the application process because it is very open-ended.

Universities ask for personal statements to get an insight into your personality, confirm your writing skills, your future goals, and also understand your reason for applying to their school.

How to Write a Personal Statement?

  1. Write in a precise, enthusiastic, and natural style
  2. Try to stand out the best way you can
  3. Projects your strengths to fit the skills and qualities the school wants
  4. Always make sure to note the word and line limit to not exceed both of them
  5. Proofread when you are done, and if you can, get professionals to take a look at it.
Personal Statement Writing Service
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Best Personal Statement Writers for UK Universities

If you are not sure of your writing skills, you can get some professional statement writing help. The Personal Statement Writers on this list are competent enough to get you Personal statements that would pique the interest of the admission committee.

1. Fasthire

Price: $35

Fasthire is a career and education brand best known for personal statement writing. We offer a range of services from CV & Cover letter writing, letter of recommendation writing, personal statement writing, etc. Our focus is on helping professionals at all levels put their best foot forward towards their life goals and dreams as it pertains to their career.

Advantages of using Fasthire:

  1. Custom tailored Personal Statement that suits your academic and professional background.
  2. No delays on delivery period given.
  3. Years of experience writing Personal Statements
  4. Positive response from previous clients

How to contact Fasthire:

2. Paper Help

Price: $14

Paper help has writers who are dedicated to helping students with not just their Statements, but their essays and academic papers. They have writers that are skilled and their prices are affordable. It is worth noting that the more complex your request is, the higher the prices. They have established themselves as one of the best personal statement writers. They combine Professional service and a friendly team to make sure their clients are happy.

How to contact Paper Help:

3. 1Essay

Price: $9

One of their unique qualities is that they let you set the deadlines for your requests. They have experienced writers and editors to ensure that they meet your requests for a quality personal statement always. Their writers are usually Masters and Ph.D. holders who can assure you of the best possible results. You can also communicate with them at any time to check on the progress of your personal statement.

How to contact 1Essay:

4. Essay Box

Price: $12

Essay Box carefully selects their writers as they hope to provide various services to their clients. They guarantee deliveries of your Personal statement no later than the set deadline and you can expect the work to be of very high quality. Their prices are relatively high sometimes, depending on the kind of service you require or the complexity of the personal statement. However, this should not be an issue if you can afford their charges as they deliver top-quality writing services.

How to contact Essay Box:

5. 99Papers

Price: $9.95+

99Papers have amassed a team of professional US and UK native writers who are veterans in their various writing fields. Their attention to detail and speed of delivery does not tamper with the quality of works they put out. They are very highly rated with a lot of satisfied customers. They also make sure that their works are plagiarism-free.

How to contact 99Papers:

6. Personal Statement Service

Price: $108 – $230

Personal statement service understands how difficult it is to curate a proper Personal statement. Not just the difficulty, they also understand the pressures and stress that come with it, and they are there to provide professional help. Their proficient writers do their best to produce very unique and original Personal Statements. They also try to ensure that their writers are up-to-date with all the relevant information needed to stay ahead of the curve.

How to contact Personal Statement Service:

7. EduBirdie

Price: $16

Edubirdie believes that a Personal Statement is a crucial milestone in your journey of applying to a university. They have a team of specialists that enables them to deliver unique personal statements to their clients. With these personal statements, they help students get into their choice schools. Their writers are also open to having specific requests from their clients and are willing to deliver regardless.

How to contact EduBirdie:

8. Oxbridge Personal Statements

Price: $162

Oxbridge Personal Statements are a leading undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional personal statement writing service in the UK. They were founded in 2005, so there is a vast amount of experience and with a network of writers and academics who are Masters and Ph.D. holders, they aim to make sure clients are satisfied.

How to contact Oxbridge Personal Statements:

9. Writix


With over 720 writers to pick from, Writix allows you to pick your writer to give you a plagiarism-free, unique Personal statement to help you get to the university of your choice. They make sure to deliver before deadlines and have a fully functional refund, all these while also providing 24/7 assistance for their customers.

How to contact Writix:

10. Ivory Research

Price: $162

At Ivory Research, they offer specialist writers who know exactly what admission committees look for in personal statements. They do this without their works looking generic or cliché as they tailor their personal statements to suit their clients. They also aim to make your personal statements shine and stand out amongst the others to give you that needed advantage.

How to contact Ivory Research: +44 800 520 0055


The prices for most of these companies vary greatly. Do not be surprised if you try to employ their service and the price slated for your order is a little more than you expected.

Regardless, feel free to contact more than one of these companies to see which is best suited to deliver exactly what you need.

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