Top Australian Nursing Jobs for Foreigners: Websites and Agencies

Top Australian Nursing Jobs for Foreigners Websites and Agencies
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If you are wondering if there are Australian nursing jobs for foreigners, then stop wondering because there certainly are nursing jobs for foreigners in Australia. Why? Because the statistics say so.

According to a survey done by Indeed Hiring Lab, nursing makes up 30% of healthcare postings in Australia, but the country is facing a shortage of nurses. This creates an opportunity for foreign nurses and nursing students. 

To help you maximize this opportunity, we will explain how you can work as a nurse in Australia, and the requirements, procedures, and qualifications that you would need. We will also list websites where you can find Australian nursing jobs for foreigners. Let’s get to it.

How to Work as a Nurse in Australia

The following are the steps foreigners will take when securing any Australian nursing jobs;

Step 1: Registration

To work as a nurse in Australia, you must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). The NMBA is under the control of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Once you complete the process with the NMBA, your registration will be granted by the AHPRA. 

You can find these requirements, the application form, and all the relevant information on the NMBA’s website. You would be required to provide proof of English proficiency, undergo a criminal record check, and submit evidence of your qualifications as part of the registration process.

Step 2: Visa Requirements for Nurses 

As a foreigner, you would still need to fulfill all the Visa and Immigration requirements even after you have completed your registration. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control. You can visit their website to find out the requirements and other relevant immigration processes.

Step 3: Skill Assessment 

You would be required to undergo a skill assessment test as part of the immigration process. This assessment will be conducted by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC). 

ANMAC is an independent organization that works in tandem with the Australian Government’s General Skilled Migration Programme. This assessment takes about 8 weeks to be done and attracts an application fee. The ANMAC website has all the details of the skill assessment process. Note that the ANMAC skill assessment is different from the NMBA registration. This will be detailed next in the article.

Nurses in Australia have more opportunities now than in times past. This is because, in recent times, a wide range of employment options that go beyond traditional hospitals or designated medical centers have emerged. These opportunities can have Nurses working in the field. They can also switch to health-based businesses.


Difference Between ANMAC and NMBA Assessments

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) is generally responsible for the regulation of nurses and midwives. Meanwhile, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) is the accreditation authority responsible for the program of study for the nursing and midwifery profession in Australia.

The ANMAC protects the standard of education and practice of nursing, midwifery, and other relevant professions. They are under the National Accreditation Guidelines to supervise the educational programs of those looking to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board. Any Nurse or Midwife would have their skills evaluated by the ANMAC if they have plans to practice their profession in Australia.

The Nursing and Midwifery Board’s roles include:

  1. Registering nurses and midwives as well as nursing and midwifery students
  2. Developing standards, codes, and guidelines for the nursing and midwifery profession
  3. Handling notifications, complaints, investigations, and disciplinary hearings
  4. Assessing overseas trained practitioners who wish to practice in Australia

Top In-Demand Nurses in Australia

The nursing roles in this list were picked based on the rate of demand and salary, and are in no particular order.

Pediatric Nurse:

Pediatric nurses take care of children, and adolescent patients who need special attention or are suffering from a disease or illness. They earn up to $86,710 annually on average.

Geriatric/Aged Care Nurses:

These coordinate and plan the processes involved in taking care of the elderly. The average Geriatric nurse earns $77,000 annually in Australia. Their demand has increased lately with the increase in the population of older citizens in Australia.

Registered Mental Health Nurse:

Their roles include diagnosing mental illnesses, assisting in the treatment of these illnesses, as well as prescribing medication. Sometimes, they help educate the general public on mental health-related issues. The average Mental Health Nurse earns about $81,000 annually

Gynecology Nurses:

These are registered nurses who work closely with Gynecology Physicians to provide prenatal, postpartum, and reproductive healthcare to female patients from puberty, during and after pregnancy, through menopause, and beyond. They usually earn $106,000 annually on an average in Australia.

Director of Nurses:

They provide leadership to all nursing staff of the medical facility they work in. They are there to ensure safe practices and deliver effective care to patients. Nursing Directors can also take up administrative roles which can include budgeting, health service planning, and workforce planning. They earn around $132,000 yearly.

Websites to Find Australian Nursing Jobs for Foreigners.

These websites list out Australian Nursing Jobs for Foreigners. You can click on them and check them out.

1. Fasthire

Fasthire is a career brand that helps you to secure a job at any level that you may be. We offer services like CV and cover letter writing, personal statement writing, job listing, letter of recommendation writing, etc. Everything you need to succeed in your job search and career can be found on the website.

2. Healthcare Australia 

They have a dedicated healthcare team that offers assistance in helping you find a healthcare job. It is also worth mentioning that this assistance is particularly for international candidates. They offer advice and tips to help you adapt to life in Australia, offer to support your visa process, and also connect you with other nurses.

Telephone: 1300-422-247

3. Indeed

Indeed is a very popular Recruitment website that helps job seekers worldwide find their dream roles and jobs. In Australia, it is also a trusted website for foreigners in the Nursing and Midwifery profession to find roles after they have completed their registration and assessments.

4. Seek

Another trusted recruitment website, where foreign nursing professionals and professionals from other fields can come to find jobs in Australia

Telephone: 1300-658-700

5. Ramsey Healthcare

They are the largest private hospital operator in Australia with over 70 hospitals. More importantly, they encourage foreign nurses looking to work in Australia to come work with them.

6. Australian Nursing Agency Network

The Australian Nursing Agency has decided to capitalize on the demand for nurses by encouraging the employment of foreign nurses. They are determined to fill every nursing vacancy available and are also very trusted.

Telephone: +61 (03) 9481 7222

7. Health Times 

Health Times is an ideal website for not just finding nursing jobs as a foreigner in Australia, but it is also helpful in helping you adapt. Regardless of where you are from, the services of Health Times can help you overcome various challenges as a nurse.

8. Opal Healthcare 

With their educational and training partnerships, they offer help and developments activities to foreign healthcare professionals. With Opal Healthcare you can fast-track a career in healthcare.

Telephone: 1300-362-481

9. Nursing Jobs

This website offers foreign nursing professionals various types of nursing jobs, ranging from long-term jobs to temporal jobs. They have been operating since 1999, providing workers to medical centers in need.

10. CPL Healthcare 

CPL has a partnership with hospitals in Australia looking for nursing professionals.

Telephone: +353-1-6146000

11. Nursing Jobs Australia 

Nursing Jobs Australia is owned and operated by Skilled Medical Pty Ltd, an international Health and medical recruitment, placement, and services firm that delivers quality professionals wherever they are needed in Australia.

Telephone: 1300-444-100

Trusted Agencies that Recruit Foreign Nurses in Australia

1. Access Nursing Agency 

Access Nursing aims to be recognized as a leading recruiter and provider of nursing staff to public and private hospitals across Sydney. They provide Nursing jobs to foreigners and indigenous nurses across Australia.

Telephone: (02) 9415 9313

2. Australian Nursing Agency Network

The Australian Nursing Agency Network provides nurses with plenty of opportunities for foreign nurses to work in private and public clinics across major cities in Australia.

Telephone: +61 (03) 9481 7222

3. RNS Nursing 

They are part of Health Solutions Group Australia (HSGA) which is one of the leading recruitment agencies for international nurses in Australia. As long as you are registered and licensed to work, you can register with RNS to find a Nursing Job.

Telephone: 1300-761-351

4. Swing Shift Nurses

Swing Shift is dedicated to helping foreign nurses move to Australia as well as find work. They help you navigate the Nursing work environment in Australia, providing short-term, long-term, and various types of Nursing Jobs.

5. Bower Healthcare

Their industry experience, expertise, and contacts ensure that they are very suitable for nurses and support staff. These qualities are what make them good for foreigners looking to work in Australia

Telephone:(02) 9222 9638

6. Health Staff Recruitment 

A leader in the recruitment of medical professionals, both local and foreign. They have a fast-growing database of permanent and part-time roles in Australia.

7. Health Solutions Group Australia

One of the leading international nursing recruitment agencies in Australia. They have a collective experience of about 130 years in recruiting some of the best nurses in Australia.

Telephone: 1300-034-494

Conclusion: Top Australian Nursing Jobs for Foreigners: Websites and Agencies

With all of this, we hope Nursing Professionals can see Australia as a place of opportunity where they can put their Nursing skills to good use and get compensated properly. This opportunity is not just for professionals, nursing students looking for where to study and work abroad can also see Australia as a good option.

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