20 Top Entry Level English Speaking Jobs In Berlin

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It is not as difficult as it appears to find an English-speaking job in Berlin. Foreigners in Berlin who work in tech companies or the software development department use English.

You can also become an English teacher or teach English online. However, if you want an English-speaking job in Berlin, you must be able to speak German (even if only a little) so that you are not underpaid. There are numerous jobs in Berlin that require English language skills. In this article, you will gain an insight into the top 20 Entry Level English-Speaking Jobs in Berlin.

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 How To Find a Job As An English Speaker In Berlin

Finding an English-speaking job in Berlin can be difficult if you lack work experience and skills, as the majority of English-speaking jobs in Berlin are in IT, large corporations, and engineering. However, some international businesses in Berlin work and communicate in English. You can also look for English-speaking jobs on job boards. However, in order to enjoy your stay in the country and not feel isolated at work, you must learn German.

Best Entry-Level Jobs for English Speakers in Berlin

Here is a list that shows the top 20 entry level English-speaking jobs in Berlin

1. Accounts payable Clerk (Entry level)

If you can process accounts, prepare bills, perform daily financial transactions, and process all the invoices for a company, then you should work as an account payable clerk.

  • Category: Finance and Accounting
  • Language: English 

 2. Sales Manager English 

The majority of business owners in Berlin are searching for an English-speaking sales manager who can help grow sales and brand awareness for their company.

  • Language: English 

 3. Delivery driver

You can drive a company’s packages and other products to a customer or business address while working as a personal delivery driver for them.

  • Requirement – Valid Driver’s license
  • Language – English 

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 4. Quality Assurance manager – Fraud claims

Working in an accounting firm is a good option if you have experience addressing fraud claims and putting in place effective fraud controls.

  • Category: finance & Accounting
  • Language: English

 5. Social Media Marketing Specialist (English speaking)

The majority of IT firms are on the lookout for native English speakers who can assess the user experience of online shopping and offer comments on social media content.

  • Category: IT & Technology
  • Location: Berlin

 6. Customer service Representative 

Those who speak English and certain other languages fluently are typically in demand for customer service positions (not necessarily German, like French). Your responsibility will be to offer assistance and details about goods and services.

  • Category: Customer service 
  • Requirement: Excellent communication skills 

 7. Data Analyst

You will be responsible for reviewing data to identify and solve problems. A data analyst can work in different industries, including business, Science, and finance.

  • Category: IT & Technology 
  • Language: English 

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8. Receptionist

You can become a receptionist in a hotel and create first impressions for guests. Such as greeting visitors. You will be responsible for answering and forwarding calls and scheduling appointments. 

  • Category: Hotel & Resorts
  • Requirements: Customer service skills, written, and verbal communication skills.

 9. Marketing Development Representative 

You will be in charge of developing and managing incoming leads, offering original content suggestions for your company website, and controlling a number of social media profiles.

  • Requirements: Great Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Language: English and German 

 10. Cleaning/Housekeeping Staff.

English and other languages are frequently used in cleaning and housekeeping services in Berlin. Cleaning and rubbish removal will be your responsibility.

  • Category: Individual homes/Hotels/residential facilities 

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 11. Experienced Event Catering.

Your role will be to prepare food in advance that will be served at grand events, like weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and birthday parties.

  • Category: Event planners 
  • Language: English (and a little German)
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 12. Tourism 

You can work for the tourism industry or travel service. Your role will be to provide service to visitors and offer them great opportunities for spending time away from home in pursuit of pleasure, rest, and enjoyment. Berlin is famous for tourism. 

  • Language: English 
  • Category: Tourism industry 

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13. Food delivery services 

Some food companies in Berlin only employ English speakers to deliver their food. Your role will be to make instant food delivery to customers.

  • Category: Restaurants
  • Language: English 

 14. Teacher

If you have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license, you can choose to teach English in Berlin. You can also teach English online.

  • Category: Schools 

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15. Freelancer 

Berlin is a fantastic city for independent work. You can decide to work for yourself and get paid for each activity or project that you complete. To work as a freelancer, you don’t need a degree. Writing and communication skills are all that are required.

  • Category: Self-employment/Companies 
  • Language: English 

 16. Private English tutor 

The majority of families in Berlin engage private tutors to help their children learn English and develop their speaking, listening, and writing abilities.

  • Category: Tutoring Agencies/Self-employed
  • Language: English 

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17. Brand marketing manager 

Some Brand owners in Berlin hire English speakers to manage all the marketing aspects of a brand or a product and develop new advertising strategies to increase brand awareness.

  • Language: English
  • Category: Marketing firms 

 18. Software Engineer

You will be in charge of troubleshooting web applications. As a Software Engineer, you will be responsible for developing desktop programmes and software applications for users.

  • Language: English 
  • Requirement: Bachelor’s degree 

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 19. Gastronomy.

The Gastronomy job hires English speakers. This job is about, Culture, discovering, preparing, serving, and enjoying rich food.

Language: English and any other language you understand

 20. Analytics Engineer

You should work in this field if you have an analytical mindset and are passionate about dealing with and moving data. You will be in charge of modelling data in order to provide users with accurate datasets.

  • Language: English 
  • Requirements: Knowledge of operating systems and critical thinking skills

Best Recruiting Industries for English Speakers in Berlin

1. Ecosia –

(Working Student: English Speaking user support Assistant) (All gender)

  • Contact Ecosia via email: hello@ecosia.org
  • Official site: https://info.ecosia.org/

2. Appen –

(Data Collection For English Speakers)

  • Official site: https://appen.com/
  • Contact: https://appen.com/#Crowd

3. Gallup –

(Business Development Associate – English & German speaking)

  • Official site: https://www.gallup.com/home.aspx
  • Contact: https://www.gallup.com/contact.aspx

4. KinFitz & Co –

(Sales Manager – English Speaking)

  • Official page: https://kinfitz.com/
  • Email: info@kinfitz.com

5. BIT – Bean Institute of Technology

(English Speaking Teacher Web Development Online Course) (All genders)

  • Official site: https://beaminstitute.org/

Top Websites to Find the Latest Entry Level English Speaking Jobs in Berlin 

  1. thefasthire
  2. indeed
  3. simply hired
  4. Linkedin
  5. Glassdoor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to find English Jobs in Berlin?

Vacancies for English speakers are plentiful in Berlin. However, it would necessitate patience. Foreigners looking for work in the tech industry or software companies have a good chance of finding work in Berlin even if they do not speak German. Not to mention that foreigners can easily find work in the teaching profession. You could become an English teacher. 

Can I find English-speaking jobs in Berlin?

Yes! There are several jobs available in Berlin for English speakers.


There are thousands of businesses in Berlin. Nevertheless you might need to speak German fluently for most jobs. You will, nevertheless, have access to a number of career prospects in Berlin as an English speaker. We hope that our list of the top English-speaking entry-level jobs in Berlin will be useful to you in your quest. 



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