International Jobs for English Speaker: 8 Top Websites

International Jobs For English Speakers

As the world becomes more interconnected, more people now seek to work outside of their home country. While some venture into getting a skilled job based on their qualification, others look for jobs that require no skill. But amongst these, there is a need to research the country that fits your desired career. 

Deciding which country to work in can be a bit confusing, especially if you feel you don’t have the most popular skills required by many foreign countries. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because your dream of working abroad is very much realistic with or without skill. 

While there are many countries in need of unskilled and skilled workers, being able to speak fluently in English is another top international skill required. There are a lot of opportunities open for foreigners who speak English with high proficiency. Are you an English speaker? This article reveals how you can find many international jobs for English speakers.

Advantages of Working Abroad

Many benefits come with working abroad, especially as an English speaker. Some of which have been listed below.

  • It expands your professional skills and connection.
  • Builds your knowledge and lets you gain insight into diverse cultures.
  • Improves your ability to deal with the situation and work in another environment.
  • Improved life quality and experience.
  • Opportunity to earn a higher salary rate.

Are you considering working abroad as an English speaker? Here are some of the top abroad jobs for English speakers that you can apply for.

Top Abroad Jobs for English Speakers

1. Digital Marketing

Because of how social the world has become with the use of technology; businesses now see the need to have an online presence. More companies are springing up every day, and more than half of the internet pages are in English. For countries that are non-English speaking, they require English speakers to handle their online presence. So, if you are skilled in digital marketing this is a good job you should consider. In addition, international digital marketers are well paid.  

Average Salary: $85,676

2. Content Writing

Content writing is a good way to work abroad, just like digital marketing, there are several companies in need of writers for their blogs, publications, and media in various fields. Some of these content writing jobs can be found on websites like Upwork and However, writing jobs are normally completely remote and flexible. It is one of the most interesting jobs you can do and earn a living.

Average Salary: $58,700

3. Tour Guide

Another international job for English speakers is being a tour guide. It requires one to assist with information on cultural, historical, and contemporary heritage to people and individual clients who visit historical sites such as museums, and other tourist attraction resorts. This job does not only give you high pay, but you can interact with people from different places and of course, expand your connection.

Average Salary: $33,187

4. Flight Attendant

A flight attendant job is one of the sought-after jobs for English speakers. The main responsibility of a flight attendant is to make sure passengers who board and travel by plane are comfortable and safe during their flight. Flight attendants work for airline companies and so, they travel around the world. This job is one of the most exciting jobs to do as an English speaker.

Average Salary: $64,109

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5. Bartender

Bartenders are good at blending alcoholic drinks for adult individuals in a bar. They also serve other drinks including meals. Along with these duties, they are to also ensure the maintenance of the bar. One of the many benefits a Bartender can enjoy is the leverage to get more opportunities just by meeting and attending to people.

Average Salary: $42,310

6. Nanny

Nannies are babysitters. They have the responsibility of taking care of people’s kids by watching, feeding, and caring for them. Also, they help the children with their homework, run errands, and perform little chores. This job is very common and available for English speakers in many countries.

Average Salary: $58,475

7. English Teacher

There are plenty of countries around the world looking for native or fluent English speakers to work as teachers in their schools. The responsibility of an English teacher abroad is to help non-English speakers learn the English language. Sometimes, an international English teaching job comes with free accommodation included in a salary package. 

Average Salary: $34,410

8. Nurse

Nursing being one of the most demanded international jobs is a good choice for skilled foreigners. The responsibility of a nurse is to care for and assist patients in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities. Also, there are a lot of opportunities for nurses abroad because of the high level of demand over the years.

Average Salary: $71,590

9. Liaison 

Liaisons are professionals who support and assist two businesses or organizations in the coordination and communication of their business activities. They can help organizations achieve the best use of their resources or services. Also, they provide subject matter and technical expertise. Their job sometimes requires them to travel overseas frequently to perform their jobs.

Average Salary: $76,426

10. Translator

A translator’s job focuses on translating written text between languages. Usually, the translator translates from one language to their native language. Also, there is a translation job available for almost all languages. The English translator is well needed in countries that are non-English speaking.

Average Salary: $60,118

11. Customer Service

No matter where you are in the world there is always a need for customer service. Many companies like hotels, businesses, offices, and tour operators in non-English countries require English-speaking customer service agents to assist them with their foreign guests. 

Average Salary: $27,000

Website to Find International Jobs for English Speakers


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Indeed is one of the top job sites in the world with over 250M unique visitors every month. They strive to put job seekers first by giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. They connect millions of people to new opportunities. At Indeed, they foster a collaborative workplace that strives to create the best experience for job seekers.

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Europe Language Jobs

Europe Language Jobs is an online job board that specializes in multilingual jobs and internships abroad. Their service acts as a meeting point between candidates and companies located in Europe, offering opportunities in over 48 countries and 50 languages. Through Europe Language Jobs you can find a job abroad and gain international experience by working in your English or native language.  They look for proactive candidates, willing to relocate with an open mind and who speak more than one language. Feel free to get in touch with them with any questions or ideas that you may have.

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Jooble is an international job search website used daily by millions of people in the countries. The company has been operating in the online recruitment market since 2006. In its years of existence, the company has gone from a startup founded by two students to a global employment platform. Today, Jooble is among the top 10 websites in the world in terms of traffic in the Jobs and Employment segment, according to Similar Web. Also, Jooble is a global partner of LinkedIn and Google, whose technologies help overcome unemployment.

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Go Abroad

Go Abroad started as a way of providing travelers with assistance as they plan their travel to different countries. However, with the growth of digitalization, they have expanded into job listings. You can find international jobs for English speakers on the website.


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LinkedIn is a platform that connects professionals all over 200 countries and territories. In the year 2003, the company was officially launched. The LinkedIn platform provides online education, and training and connects job seekers with job opportunities. Employers also have the opportunity to scout for the kind of employee that they want and post their available jobs. The website opens up a world of possibilities. You can find international jobs for English speakers on the platform.

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Jobs In Network

With over 100 job boards across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the US, the Jobs in Network has grown exponentially over the past 10 years. The company has an easy-to-use online job portal for recruiters looking to fill in positions for which English is the main working language, where skilled professionals are suitably qualified.

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Top Language Jobs

Top Language Jobs is also a good job website to find international jobs for English speakers. They are one of the top language job searches. On their website, you can find abroad remote jobs or onsite jobs using your language skillset. Also, they offer a recruitment service.


How Do I Get Hired Abroad?

Getting hired abroad has to do with your knowledge of how to process your application. Below is a short explanation of how you can get a job abroad.

  • Research the Country – Learn as much as you can about the country where you want to work in. You can consider researching the cost of living, education (especially if you have kids), employment benefits, healthcare, crime rate, politics, taxes, and visa requirements.

Find out Employment Benefits for Foreigners in Canada 

  • Update and Localize Your Resume – Ensure your resume includes relevant information written in the standards of the country you are seeking employment. 
  • Consider Your Network – Ask questions to friends and family who might have worked or lived in different countries or who have connections to businesses located in different countries. Find out how they did theirs and how it’s going for them now.
  • Learn the Local Language – If you don’t speak the local language, consider taking a language learning course or self-practicing to prepare you for the move. You can learn just the basics. 
  • Apply for Jobs on International Job Listing Websites – There are so many websites that list international jobs for foreigners. If you are lucky, you could even get a job with visa sponsorship.

What Are the Top English-Speaking Countries to Work In?

  • New Zealand.
  • Belize.
  • The United Kingdom.
  • Switzerland.
  • China.
  • Hong Kong.
  • India.
  • Ecuador.
  • Thailand.
  • Singapore.
  • USA
  • Canada.
  • Cayman Island.
  • Australia.
  • Ireland.

What Are the Top Non-English-Speaking Countries To Work In?

  • China.
  • South Korea.
  • Spain.
  • Japan.
  • Italy.
  • Sweden.
  • Philippine.
  • Belgium.
  • Croatia.
  • Poland.
  • Hungary.


I hope this article has been helpful. With a global market, being able to speak English proficiently comes in handier than you think. If you speak English excellently, you can now decide to either find a job before you travel abroad or get one after traveling. However, it’s quite easier to get a job abroad if you are already in the country you want to work. Good luck!

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