Junior English Teacher CV Sample

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English instructors are skilled professionals who instruct students in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They want to prepare the students for appropriate and effective communication in daily living.

Your main objective as a junior English teacher is to establish a supportive learning environment that will assist your students in achieving their academic objectives. Your target audience is junior students. You’ll impart to them the fundamentals of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English using engaging and fascinating techniques. Additionally, you’ll keep tabs on their development by monitoring their homework and test results.

Junior English Teacher CV Sample

Junior English Teacher CV Sample
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Junior English Teacher CV Sample (Text Format)


Address | City – Country | Phone | E-mail

A dedicated English teacher with a bachelor’s degree in English and a teaching certification. Possesses excellent language proficiency and communication skills, is passionate about creating a positive learning environment for students, and is skilled in lesson planning, grading, and record-keeping.


  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal
  • Organizational
  • Time Management
  • Lesson Planning
  • Record-keeping


From Oct 2019 – Nov 2022

English Teacher | NAME OF THE COMPANY | City – Country

  • Assisted within the improvement and implementation of lesson plans and study room sports.
  • Developed and implemented lesson plans for high school students with varying levels of proficiency in English.
  • Provided individualized instruction and support to students to help them improve their language skills.
  • Focused on building students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through a variety of engaging activities

From Sept 2018 – July 2019

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English Teacher | NAME OF THE COMPANY | City – Country

  • Provided one-on-one tutoring to students with varying levels of proficiency in English.
  • Assisted students with writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills.
  • Monitored progress and provided feedback to parents or guardians.
  • Developed individualized study plans and strategies to help students achieve their goals.

From April 2017 – Sept 2018

Teacher Trainee | NAME OF THE COMPANY | City – Country

  • Assisted in the development and implementation of lesson plans and classroom activities.
  • Provided individualized instruction and support to students with varying levels of proficiency in English.
  • Observed and evaluated student progress and provided feedback to lead teacher.
  • Participated in professional development activities and meetings.

English: Bilingual
Spanish: Fluently
Xxxxxxx: xxxxx


Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature – XYZ University | [Year of Graduation]


XYZ Certification – [Certifying Body] | [Year of Certification]

Frequently Asked Questions

What Skills Should be Included in a Junior English Teacher CV?

Strong Work Ethic

This is an attitude of determination and dedication towards your job and your students. A poor work ethic displays one’s lack of ambition and professionalism in the workplace.

Strong Communication Skills

It is the ability to send and receive information with ease. English teachers who excel at communication can easily deliver their ideas in a  clear, concise, and understandable manner. Additionally, they respond to the responses of their audience. Moreover, becoming a good speaker is a learnable skill.

Organizational Skills

These are abilities that enable you to maintain focus while managing multiple duties at once and producing top-notch outcomes. Furthermore, it is achieving order and structure, increasing productivity, prioritizing tasks, and juggling your time, energy, and mental capability. However, without this skill as a Junior English teacher, it can be difficult to manage junior students.


This is the willingness to continue working toward your objectives despite obstacles. This ability is crucial because a self-motivated teacher can inspire her students to exhibit similar qualities.

Critical Thinking

This is the ability to carefully consider concepts, details, or facts before responding. When working with younger students, who frequently behave erratically and say unpredictable things, this ability is necessary.


This is the capacity to remain composed despite trying or distressing scenarios. Teaching young children can be frustrating for a junior English teacher, but losing your temper in tense situations wouldn’t be pleasant. You must always maintain your composure when interacting with your pupils.

Leadership Skills

These are abilities used to inspire and influence a group of subordinates to work toward a common objective. A leader must constantly make decisions, inspire their followers, assign tasks, plan strategically, and be optimistic. As a teacher, you don’t want to have a leadership crisis.

Time Management Skills

This is the capacity to utilize your time effectively. What lessons can you offer your students during a lesson as an English teacher?


This is the capacity to act swiftly and rationally in dealing with unforeseen issues or circumstances. What tactics can you employ when your teaching methods don’t seem to be working or your pupils are struggling to keep up with the pace of your lesson? Children are naturally unpredictable, so it’s common for a carefully planned class to veer off course.

Classroom Management

This refers to the set of strategies that teachers employ to maintain discipline, order, and productivity among their students throughout a lesson. Teachers can reduce disruptive behaviors that might obstruct effective learning by using classroom control techniques.

Other skills include;

Teamwork, interpersonal skills, record-keeping, lesson planning, e-learning, research skills, good handwriting.

What Should Be Included in Your Junior English Teacher CV?

  • Your contact information.
  • A summary that will properly highlight your teaching experience.
  • Your work experience.
  • Skills you possess that suit the job description.
  • Your educational background.
  • Certifications you’ve attained.

What are the Most Common Mistakes Found on the English Teacher’s CV?

  • Uncertainty in your area of expertise.
  • Spelling mistakes.
  • Poor grammar.
  • Improper formatting.
  • Lying.
  • Lengthy CV.
  • Information not relevant to the job description.
  • Wrong contact information.
  • Unexplained gaps in work history.

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