How to Write Application Letter for Canada Teaching Job

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Teaching jobs in Canada is a respectable one. Whether you are a first-time teacher or you already have experience, you need an awesome cover letter that will capture the heart of the hiring manager. Application letters are essential for literally all types of jobs, including teaching jobs. 

Writing a unique application letter is like sending a direct message to the HR about why you are the best fit for the position. Your resume would not be able to capture all of the important detail and that is why you need an application letter. This overview will help you understand How to Write Application Letter for Canada Teaching Job.

Why an application letter important for a Canadian teaching job?

Generally, application letters are meant to send a direct message to the hiring manager. Application letters are important for several reasons. with application letters, the hiring manager can read some of your accomplishments, experiences, skills, and other details your resume may not be able to project. 

While writing an application letter for a teaching job, you should also keep in mind that this is an opportunity for you to make the hiring manager see most of your potential.

Tips on writing unique application letters for a Canada teaching job

When writing a unique application letter, you are improving your chances of getting that dream job. Application letters are ways in which we advertise our skills, experience, background, and qualifications to the hiring managers. This letter tends to do more good if only we put in the effort to write it properly. 

1. Make your introduction catchy:

Your introductory paragraph is very important to take note of. while writing an application letter, you should make your introduction simple and understandable. A good introduction will make hiring managers get interested in knowing more about you.

2. Write the letter to suit the basic requirements of the job:

The mistake most individuals make is that they think they can make use of one application letter for all of the jobs they apply for. However, this is wrong. When you are writing a cover letter for a teaching job in a school, endeavor to meet their requirements through your letter. Do not make the mistake of using a previous application letter for a new job, avoid being lazy.

3. List your qualifications:

If you have more qualifications, this is your opportunity to make them known to the hiring manager. 

4. Make your interests known:

Your interest in teaching is most likely what the HR will look out for when going through your application letter. If you are passionate about teaching, make this known through your previous experience (if you have any). even if this is your first attempt at teaching, still make your interest known through your previous activities and hobbies.

5. Explain and list your valuable skill:

Your set of skills matters to the hiring manager. In case your previous experience is not teaching, you can list some of your transferable skills that will be useful to the students.

6. Keep the letter short but well detailed:

Easy-to-read letters are the best. Make your letter short but well-detailed. Keeping it short means you will have to filter irrelevant details out and use the ones that are essential for the job position.

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Things to avoid when writing an application letter for a Canada teaching job

Every piece of information indeed matters when writing an application letter, but you must avoid making some of these mistakes

1. Do not make the letter appear unprofessional:

the main idea of writing an application letter is for hr managers to assess your interest, qualifications, background, and others. Even when this letter may appear like a personalized letter, you still have to keep the format professional.

2. Do not try to get too familiar with the hiring manager:

This is not an informal letter, so it is ethical you remain professional while writing.

3. Avoid using abbreviations/slang:

Do not make the mistake of writing incomplete words with the hope that the hiring manager will understand it. Applying for a teaching job position means you can tutor students in the correct languages. Make the best impression with your application letter.

Editor’s Pick:

Sample 1: Application letter for Canada teaching job

(your name)


(your phone number)

(email address)


(name of recipient)

(his/her title)

(the school address)

(the school city, state zip code)

Dear (name of recipient/Sir/Ma),

I am writing to express my genuine interest in this (position) at (name of school). I see myself as a person who derives happiness from teaching others. With my communication skills and patients, I believe I can tutor any students till they can fully comprehend even the tough subjects. My experience from (my previous school) will also be an advantage to the student of this great school. I will be glad if given the avenue to help these students achieve academic excellence.

Teaching comes naturally to me as I have been an academic tutor for the past 7 years in (my previous school). I have also taught students preparing for college, and my students can attest to passing their exams. From the 3 schools, I have been a teacher, I have received some dignifying awards such as (list your awards/accomplishments).

My specialization lies in training and teaching students to become better people in their society. However, I am not limited to the classroom activities as I enjoy contributing to the growth of where ever I am and I always consider myself as part of the growth.

Thank you for your patience and time, and I believe that my resume will highlight some of my skills and abilities to you. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person as this will give you a better means to assess my teaching techniques. 


(your full name)

Sample 2: Application letter for teaching vacancy

(your name)


(your phone number)

(email address)


(name of recipient)

(his/her title)

(the school address)

(the school City, State Zip Code)

Dear (name of recipient/Sir/Ma),

Application for Teaching Job at (Name of School)

I am glad to be privileged to be able to apply for this position. I got to find this job opening on (source), I believe with my skills, qualifications, and abilities I am suitable for this job position. My academic background has helped me gain more understanding. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in (education) and I have undergone a series of teacher training. 

I am confident and believe that with my experience as a recent graduate, I can impact students with recent knowledge. Thank you for your patience and time, and I believe that my resume will highlight some of my skills and abilities to you. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in person as this will give you a better means to assess my teaching techniques. 


( your full name)

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Do I need to follow up on an application letter?

  • Yes. You can follow up on your application letter.

Do I need professional help with my application letter?

  • Not necessarily.

Can I use transferable skills as a teacher?

  • Yes. You can.

Can I write my application letter for myself?

  • Yes. You can.

Are application letters important?

  • Yes. They are important.


Application letters are one of the tools that will get you that teaching job. As a teacher, you can make use of your unique writing skills to write an application letter for a new job. Be sure to add your accomplishments and other details that are not included in your resume. 


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