Best Nursing Specialties in the UK (Revised)

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Are you an aspiring Nurse? If yes, this artilce is for you. Here, we have discussed extensively on all you need to know about the best nursing specialties in the UK. Continue reading to find out.

A nurse is a person trained to give love and care to sick and injured people called patients. They work with doctors and other medical practitioners in making sure patients are kept fit and healthy. This makes the patient their priority.

Nursing as a profession is described as noble because it requires commitment and tolerance. Nevertheless, it is a very important profession as no hospital can run effectively without nurses. Nurses are the backbones of healthcare systems.

Advantages Of Being A Nurse In the UK

Finding a nursing job in the UK is easier than you think. There is a consistent demand for nurses as NHS is said to be facing a nursing shortage. And this demand increased by a third after the pandemic as the vacancy at NHS still needs filling. With this, if you have the right certification you would be employed straight away.

The UK has some of the world’s leading hospitals that offer professional opportunities and ultra-modern facilities to their employees which would make your nursing career easy and smooth,

All nurses in the UK have a standard working week of 37.5 hours per week making your career a flexible one. You can choose to work full-time or part-time. You can also decide to work extra shifts for extra pay as per your preferences, thus enjoying a healthy work-life balance.

When you get employed as a nurse in the UK you are given a three-year contract. This gives you the confidence to live in the UK as you have job security. And if you work properly with good results, the contract would be renewed.

NHS offers the best pension scheme in the UK for its workers and when you get employed as a nurse in the UK you automatically qualify for pension benefits.

The salary of a nurse in the UK usually starts from £24,556. This is just the starting salary but as you gain experience, your paycheck increases significantly.

Starting a new job can get one very nervous adding to the anxieties of moving into a new country. But NHS provides each new employee with a comprehensive induction program that will help you gain confidence in your new job.

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Requirements To Be A Nurse In The UK

The following are the basic requirements for becoming a nurse in the UK for foreigners and locals likewise

  1. Completed years of education i.e. a degree in nursing.
  2. Must pass Computer Based Test (CBT).
  3. Candidate must have completed the overseas nursing program (for foreigners only)
  4. Must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council(NMC) which is the body that regulates nursing professionals in the UK.
  5. Candidates must acquire a work permit (for foreigners).
  6. Candidates must be able to communicate in English.
  7. Health declaration.
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Best Nursing Specialties In The UK

Below are the best nursing specialties in the UK

  1. Neonatal nurse
  2. Nurse midwife
  3. Infection control nurse
  4. School nurse
  5. Dialysis nurse
  6. Nurse practitioner
  7. Informatics nurse
  8. Anaesthetist nurse
  9. Nurse educator
  10. Advocate nurse
  11. Researcher nurse
  12. Psychiatric nurse
  13. Trauma nurse
  14. Travel nurse
  15. Paediatric nurse
  16.  Geriatric nurse
  17. Oncology nurse
  18. Cardiac nurse
  19. District nurse
  20. Theatre nurse
  21. Orthopaedic nurse
  22. Lactation nurse
  23. Tele health nurse
  24. Case management nurse
  25. Home nurse
  26. Administrative nurse

Nursing Specialties With The Least Stress In The UK

Having a job with no stress is a myth and there’s no such thing as a stress-free nursing job. However, some options may involve less of high-pressure situations that some nurses encounter.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a nursing specialty that would let you spend more time with your family, still make you a reasonable salary, and give you the satisfaction of being fulfilled as a nurse then search no more. The list below involves nursing specialties in the UK with less high-risk situations, well-defined schedules, and reasonable salaries.

1. Nurse Educator

Nurse educators dedicate their careers to teaching aspiring nurses. They teach, inspire,e and offer guidance to them. Without them, aspiring nurses would be ill-equipped to face the healthcare system. Universities are their main employers, but you can also find them in hospitals where they teach IT nurses. The average annual salary for a nurse educator in the UK is £37,291 and you can earn more depending on the location you find yourself.

2. School Nurse

School nurses work in elementary, middle, and high school. They treat and give first aid to ill and injured students. They provide acute care, collect student’s health data for the school, and administer health screenings for the school. This job comes with frequent and sometimes lengthy vacations. It also comes with stable working hours. The annual average salary of a school nurse is £31,488.

3. Researcher Nurse

Researcher nurses work at universities and research facilities. They identify research questions and conduct scientific studies.  Their main aim is to improve the healthcare system by studying diseases, healthy lifestyles, and the aftermath of medical treatments on individuals. They often depend on grants to sponsor their research. Their average annual salary of a research nurse is £35,667 although it increases as you gain more experience.

4. Administrative Nurse

These nurses develop policies and procedures that coordinate the nurses and other departments. They are in charge of the hospital finances. They run the administrative side of the hospital whereby maintaining schedules, analyzing performance reviews, and budget planning. The average annual salary for an administrative nurse is £35,652.

5. Lactation Nurse

A lactation nurse is a nurse that assists mothers with common issues that arise after child delivery. Issues like latching (breastfeeding), sore nipples, and weight loss for infants and mothers. You can find lactation nurses in birthing centres or hospitals. Their average annual salary in the UK is £43,672.

6. Tele Health Nurse

Tele health nurse is a nurse who offers health advice to patients through technology. It is done via phone or the internet. It can be an online stream, audio stream, or blogging. Although most of these nurses are employed by hospitals, this specialty of nursing can be done from any location in the world as far as there is technology available at the location. And their average annual salary in the UK is £48,122.

7. Home Nurse

Home nurses are professionals who provide care for their patients at home. These patients can be critically ill, elderly and unable to help themselves, pregnant and need support, or disabled. They can also be recovering from an illness, surgery, or injury. This specialty is flexible as you can choose to work under a hospital or personally. The average annual salary of a home nurse in the UK is £33,563.

8. Case Management Nurse

These nurses work with patients for a long time whilst overseeing their long-term treatment. They manage patients with chronic conditions that require on-going medical attention. Conditions like diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cancer, or heart diseases. These nurses receive an average annual salary of £34,100 in the UK.

Nursing Specialties
Nursing Specialties

High Demand Nursing Specialties in the UK

The following nursing specialties are in high demand in the UK

1. Neonatal Nurse

These nurses work with premature babies that are either incubated or in the new-born intensive unit (NICU). They ensure the babies are healthy and strong whilst under their care until they are mature enough to go home to their parents. The average annual salary for a neonatal nurse in the UK is £35,652.

2. Dialysis Nurse

These nurses are professionals trained to support patients who need dialysis, administer medications and educate patients and their families on how to manage kidney diseases. Dialysis is for patients who have kidney failure and rely on dialysis to filter and excrete waste products from the body. The average annual salary of a dialysis nurse in the UK is £39,931.

3. Midwife

Midwives are professionals who give gynaecological care to expecting mothers. They help deliver babies and assist with caesarean sections. They educate them on family planning, prenatal and post natal care, nutrition, and disease preventive measures. Their average annual salary in the UK is £37,074.

4. Advocate Nurse

An advocate nurse is a nurse trained to defend the rights of patients who are their clients. they maintain the quality of care given to their clients and sort out any issues that may arise due to poor care treatment towards their clients. Their average annual salary in the UK is £24,489.

High Demand Nursing Specialties in the UK
High Demand Nursing Specialties in the UK

Highest Paid Nursing Specialties in the UK

The outline below contains information on the highest paid nursing specialties in the UK whereas the amounts stated below are the average annual salaries which might either be lesser or higher depending on your experience and location.

1. Anaesthetic Nurse

An anaesthetic nurse is one of the highest paid nursing specialties in the UK. They monitor the vital signs of a patient during surgery and detect unfavourable events during surgery and intervene immediately and adequately. These nurses provide pre-surgical assessment and post-surgical care for patients. Their average annual salary in the UK is £86,900.

2. Paediatric Nurse

A paediatric nurse is a professional who deals with the care of infants, children, and adolescents. They provide expert care to not only the children but also their parents as they help them understand the medical concern of their child/children. They are one of the highest paid nursing specialties in the UK and their average annual salary is £64,598.

3. Cardiac Nurse

Cardiac nursing is a nursing specialty that deals with patients who suffer from various conditions of the heart and cardiovascular diseases. They provide expert care to these patients as they educate patients on these diseases, the preventive measures, and post treatment measures. Their average annual salary in the UK is £35,402.

4. Psychiatric Nurse

Psychiatric nurses are nurses with special training that help assess, address and monitor patients mental and physical health, their behavioural pattern, and how they react to stimuli. They assist in making a treatment plan for the patient. Their average annual salary in the UK is £42,623.  

5. Practitioner Nurse

A nurse practitioner is an independent clinician who focuses on managing patients health conditions by treating injuries, illnesses and administering drugs to them. They are responsible for providing urgent, primary, and specialty care to the patients. Their average annual salary in the UK is £44,004.

6. Orthopaedic Nurse

These nurses are also known as “ortho nurses”. This nursing specialty prevents and treats musculoskeletal issues. Various musculoskeletal issues include acute fractions, arthritis, hip fracture, knee pain, ankle and foot sprains, and many more. The average annual salary of an orthopaedic nurse in the UK is £35,176.

7. Theatre Nurse

A theatre nurse also known as a scrub nurse is responsible for the maintenance and organisation of staff and materials in the sterilisation room, operating theatre, and recovery room. The theatre nurse also organises all surgical instruments and ensures the needed equipment is available for surgery. Their average annual salary in the UK is £34,086.

8. Oncology Nurse

Oncology nurse is a branch under the case management nurse but this nursing specialty focuses on coordinating cancer care for a patient. They are specially trained to administer chemotherapy and radiation treatments. They have an average annual salary of £36,125.

9. Geriatric Nurse

Geriatric nursing is a nursing specialty trained to care for elderly patients and understand their complex mental and physical health needs. They help them cope with their environment and the reactions of their bodies due to age. Their average annual salary in the UK is 58,150.

Best Nursing Specialties In The UK For Foreigners

As a foreigner planning to work as a nurse in the UK, below are some of the best nursing specialties in the UK that are best suitable for you. These nursing specialties are not very tasking and they come with good salaries and benefits.

1. Trauma Nurse

These are nurses who work in emergency wards. They specialize in the care of patients who suffer from life-threatening issues whether accidental or intentional. They give first aid, CPR, and other emergency treatments needed by the patients. Their average annual salary in the UK is £42,948.

2. Travel Nurse

These nurses travel to and fro different healthcare facilities temporarily filling short-term nursing employment gaps. They are also assigned to travel alongside various patients and provide them with medical care whilst on their trip. Their average annual salary in the UK is £33,666.

3. Infection Control Nurse

The infection control nurses are nurses who implement ways to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria. They provide expert care to patients who have contracted infectious diseases and educate them on preventive measures to stop the spread. Their average annual salary is £47,368.

4. Informatics Nurse

Informatics nursing is a nursing specialty that involves gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying of recorded scientific data for medical purposes. Nursing informatics blends the medical knowledge of nursing with the communication and technology of the IT world. They merge nursing science, computer science, and information science to support nursing practice and expansion of its knowledge. Their average annual salary in the UK is £35,652.

5. District Nurse

In the UK, a district nurse is a nurse who goes to the house of the patients to give them medical treatments and advice. Their average annual salary is £38,021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Standard Working Hour For Turses in the UK

Nurses in the UK work a standard 37.5 hours per week.

2. What Type of Nurse Gets Paid the Most UK?

This has been answered in the article above.

3. Which Nursing Speciality is the Best?

It all depends on an individual but generally, there is no specialty better than the other as all specialties are vital.

4. Highest Paid Nursing Specialty in the World

The highest paid nursing specialty in the world is the anaesthetic nurse with a salary of $189,000.

5. Where Can A Nurse Work Apart From The Hospital?

Nurses are not assigned to hospitals only. Educator nurses are found in schools, research nurses are found at research centres, military nurses are found in the barracks, and many more.

6. Which Nurses Are The Happiest?

Nurse educators reported the highest satisfaction rates.

7. Why Do Nurses Prefer To Work In The UK?

Nurses prefer to work in the UK because there is a wide range of nursing specialties.


Foreigner or not these nursing specialties outlined in this article is the best for you and is attached with great salaries and amazing benefits.

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