How to Get a Job With an International NGO in 2024

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There is more to be done in the process of embarking on a career with an International Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). It is not a mere job; it involves deciding on global development and positive change. If you want to make a difference and are looking for a rewarding career opportunity, this article provides insights into international NGO jobs.

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Tips On How To Get A Job With An International NGO

Imagine that you are at the crossroads of love and purpose. You could not wait to plunge yourself right into that lively world of global NGOs. Your first move will then involve laying the foundation early enough. To come up with such a list, begin by making a detailed list of organizations that align with your values and vision for global development. Check their objectives, projects, and how much impact they have made.

Create Your Story 

Stories always add depth to any expedition – likewise NGOs. Compose a compelling narrative that shows off your expertise but also underscores your commitment to growth in great ways. The organization needs people who are not only workers but also pacesetters in transformation or change efforts. Concentrate on experiences that resonate with the goals as well as the principles of the NGO, explaining your loyalty to their good cause.

Build your Network

Networking involves using social connections to get ahead in one’s career. One must know that most international NGOs are interested in cooperation more than anything else; hence, networking might pull you out of the darkness toward opportunities. To extend your network, try to use online tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Navigate Internships

Internships provide a doorway into the heart of an NGO. If possible, you can try internships with reputable NGOs as a measure of gaining practical knowledge on how they function and how one can prove oneself. Most people who currently work in these organizations started in intern positions where, apart from being trained, they also made important contacts. This will indicate the application skills that have been developed by each candidate starting from the first day he was employed.

By doing this, it shows a potential employer that not only do you have relevant qualifications for the position but also understand some of the issues affecting global development today, thereby making yourself an ideal candidate for them. 

Also, non-governmental organizations are looking for candidates who can come up with innovative solutions; hence, show your creative talent by stepping out beyond the norm. 

Specifically, recount instances where your capabilities have led you in your former positions, emphasizing versatility, international communication, and management capabilities.

Seek Continuous Growth 

The development sector is always changing, with new challenges and opportunities coming up frequently. Show that you are dedicated to staying informed by registering for relevant courses, workshops, or certifications. This will not only improve your skills but also make you a candidate who is equipped to handle the complexities of global issues. 

Therefore, write your CV to reflect an individual who is committed to continuous learning by including other certificates or training concerning the NGO sector.

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Have a Driving-Force

International NGOs look for individuals propelled by passion and genuine aspiration to make a difference. While being interviewed, let it be crystal clear that you have an interest in the mission of this organization. They want people who, in addition to being competent, can demonstrate their commitment from deep within their hearts towards positive change. 

Also, discuss personal experiences that display your passion for global development, explaining how they match up with the objectives of the NGO.

Develop a Versatile Skill Set

To get a job with an International NGO is amazing because they seek individuals with diverse skill sets.

In addition to technical skills, highlight your soft skills, which include communication, teamwork, and leadership.

The environments in which NGOs operate are often complex and require the ability to work with various teams. Show how you have managed to collaborate well with other people of different cultural backgrounds to realize common goals.

In addition, working for an international NGO may entail interacting with diverse cultures as well as communities. Emphasize your cultural competence and ability to effectively work in cross-cultural settings.


It is not just job security but a chance to contribute towards something bigger that counts when it comes to working with international NGOs. By comprehending the sector, building an inspiring story, networking strategically, securing internship placement, providing evidence of relevant skills, demonstrating a commitment to the continuous learning process, infusing passion into your journey, having a diverse range of skills, and displaying cultural understanding, you will ease your way into a career of global development.

Remember that every step counts as you embark on this journey that will see you make a positive impact globally.

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