How To Get A Job In Abuja

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Getting a job in Abuja can be as challenging as any other commercial center in the country. This is why you should invest more time into learning more about how to get a job in Abuja. Also, you should know that securing a job in Abuja can be hectic, especially if you do not reside in the country’s capital.

Undoubtedly, Abuja and Lagos are the two of the most industrialized states in Nigeria. Hence, there are several job opportunities available for individuals who are looking to secure a job in this state. 

However, competition for jobs over there is intense in both states. 

Therefore, in this article, we will provide a guide on how to get a job in Abuja (regardless of your residency), accompanied by other helpful tips. 

How To Get A Job In Abuja

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get a job in Abuja:

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1. Create Your Resume

When hunting for a job in Abuja, one of the first things to prepare is your resume/CV. Most employers expect job applicants to have a resume/CV even if they currently don’t have any experience with the job. If you have any work experience, consider including it in your resume/CV. Employers are most concerned about you having skills or experience in the job.

Things to include in your resume/CV are:

  • Resume contact with correct information 
  • Your profound skills (if you have any)
  • A professional summary 
  • Education 
  • Additional section, which includes certification, achievement, foreign language, volunteer work, awards, and more. 

2. Qualifications

Some professional jobs in Abuja require solid qualifications before you can apply to work there. That is why, you have to check if you are qualified for the position or not. Also, you must prove that your educational credentials are valid and equal to what is required for the job

3. Network

Networking is the best way to get a job anywhere in the world. Because your networking will be useful when you are looking for a job in Abuja. 

While networking, it is crucial to reach out to friends or relatives, including friends of friends who have great connections in Abuja

However, if you do not have a network of friends or relatives in Abuja, it is crucial to consider making one. Abuja has a lot of potential and influential people who are willing to help others with their needs, that is why you should network. 

Undoubtedly, Abuja has a lot of networking opportunities. All you need to do is invest your time and effort in other to take a bold step to get acquainted with potential people to create your network. Most times, the people who recommend the employment of candidates are people you are familiar with. 

4. Do Your Job Research

Putting lots of effort into your job search is the best way for you to get a job in Abuja. There are different means to look for jobs in Abuja, both online and offline.

The majority of this platform specializes in job search in Nigeria. Even if you have a good network in Abuja, you still have a significant role to play to guarantee you in getting a job in Abuja. Simply because most employers in Abuja advertise their job openings on online platforms. It is vital to look for job opportunities online before going to Abuja. Online research will help you save the cost of traveling except you are going there for an interview. 

Offline job search refers to looking for jobs through other means, instead of the Internet. Offline job search includes; newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. 

5. Consider Volunteering

Volunteering is another way of searching for jobs in Abuja. Nigeria has organized innovative projects in various fields globally, and Abuja is one of the centers of focus for most international humanitarian organizations. 

These organizations help the government to provide humanitarian assistance to people in poor communities. While the majority of these organizations have their headquarters located in Abuja. 

Hence, they create volunteering opportunities in every sector of the economy. Abuja is one of the best places to consider volunteering. Some job seekers who considered volunteering have gotten a permanent job through this process.

Looking for top organizations to volunteer in can be challenging in other states but not in Abuja. Because most candidates choose to volunteer. Also, most of them are always privileged to meet someone who helped them get a job elsewhere. So when volunteering the payment that might be offered to you may be too small, but you should not focus on that aspect.

6. Make Visitation To Sports Clubs

If you want to get a job in Abuja, you should also consider visiting sports clubs, stadiums, and sports bars. One of the most equipped stadiums in Nigeria is the Eagle Square Stadium in Abuja.

Also, golf clubs are becoming more popular in Nigeria nowadays. Job seekers and business owners consider joining golf clubs for networking opportunities. This is another unique opportunity to get a job in Abuja because the person you play with might be your next employer. Visiting social gatherings or sports clubs are networking and recreational opportunities. 

Therefore, you should try visiting sports clubs for networking opportunities

7. Attend Government Intervention Programs

Government jobs are now available to help people who are struggling with unemployment in the country. The level of unemployment increasing dramatically. Most of these available government jobs are low-paying jobs, but you can take the opportunity of the program to secure a job in Abuja. 

The Nigerian government makes different decisions to create temporary jobs, most of which pay minimum wage jobs. Aside from the minimum wage salary, candidates get to gain some work experience in the workplace while they are working. 

There are also some skills that you will learn in those establishments, and they will be helpful for you in the long run of looking for jobs in Abuja. So these are the benefits you get while working in this government organization. 

8. Participate In Your Alumni Or Professional Associations

Most professional associations have branches in literally every state and the majority of these associations have their headquarters in Abuja. Some of these popular associations include the Nigerian Institute of Technology, the Nigerian Academy of Engineers, the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers, and others. 

Most of these associations have candidates who are employees in big companies. While some are employers who are currently hiring for positions that require employees. 

The best part of being an alumnus is that there are also people who are hunting for jobs like you. So if you are an alumnus of a school, it is vital to reach out to others and ask them about meetings. 

Also, do the same for professional associations. Being active in an alumni meeting or professional association helps a lot because it helps you get noticed whether you currently have a job or not. 

Being an active member gives you the privilege to meet potential members who might be interested in helping you out with getting you a job in their company or elsewhere. Whether meetings are being held online or offline be active and participate in whatever activities they have going on.

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9. Attend High Social Gatherings

Abuja has the nicest places for relaxation and fun, as well as social gatherings and high-class events. These are gatherings you should pay attention to if you are looking forward to getting a job in Abuja. 

This is because most influential people are always looking forward to having a good time after a long day or week. It is beneficial if you are social or you usually attend events in Abuja. People always feel free when they are in social gatherings so this will give you confidence to approach them because they want to try as much as possible to have fun. So this is the right opportunity to express that you are seeking a job.

Also, if you are being invited to high-class social gatherings, ensure you participate in these events. You could be lucky enough to get a job there. 

Abuja has a lot of fun spots, especially during weekends, like cinemas, bars, suites, and more. Additionally, many deals have been signed during social events and many contracts have been made in social gatherings.

10. Join Gymnasium

Joining a gymnasium is another way of getting to meet potential people, who can assist you in getting a job in Abuja. 

Recently, fitness is becoming more popular among Nigerians, especially among influential and popular individuals. 

To keep fit, people go to the gymnasium in Abuja. You should do your research on the gymnasium where you would likely meet potential people who can help you. Just as beneficial as sports clubs and social gatherings are best to network, so is joining a gymnasium.

However, before considering joining a gymnasium, make sure you are interested in fitness training also so that you will not seem like a stalker. As you never can tell, participating in fitness training can make you lucky enough to get anyone who can assist you get a job in Abuja or even employ you. As soon as you enroll in the program and become a gym member, you may connected to people.


Abuja, being one of the most industrious states with some of the biggest companies in Nigeria, is a civilized place where you will enjoy its living environment. Also, there are several government jobs in Abuja with high salaries. Nonetheless, this article should be able to guide you through if you’re looking for helpful information that can guide you on how to get a job in Abuja.



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