Strategies Used for LinkedIn Optimization
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In this article, you’ll learn about the strategies used in LinkedIn optimization.

LinkedIn Optimization strategies include the use of search engine optimization methods to increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile and content and create awareness for your brand. Using good LinkedIn strategies can increase visibility for your profile, content, and the number of quality backlinks to your website.

Strategies Used for LinkedIn Optimization

1. Use Keywords in Your Headlines

The first step in your LinkedIn strategies should be adding keywords to your headline. Optimizing the headline section of your LinkedIn profile is important because it helps your profile show up in LinkedIn’s search results when people are looking for specific information that you are related to. For example, if you type in “CV writers” in the search bar, a good number of LinkedIn profiles will show up at the top of the results page because they have that keyword phrase in their headline.

2. Create an Outstanding Bio

Your Bio is your “About” section in your LinkedIn account. Creating an outstanding Bio will also help your profile rank higher in LinkedIn’s search engine. LinkedIn provides you with 2000 characters to talk about who you are, what you do, and how you can bring value to other LinkedIn members on the platform. Also while doing this, do not forget to add important keywords in this section.

3. Optimize Your Experience Section

Here’s another important strategy you should follow for your LinkedIn optimization strategy. Optimizing your experience section can help give your profile an edge in the LinkedIn search engine. However, most people have no idea how this works. All you need to do is add your target keywords into the following places for each job you’ve held – Job Title, Industry, and Description. You should also know that the more jobs you have in your work history, the more opportunities you have to optimize the Experience section for relevant search queries.

4. Customize Your LinkedIn URL

You can add more SEO value to your LinkedIn profile by customizing the URL to include your most important keyword. When you optimize the URL for your LinkedIn profile, it will look like this: keyword).

5. Create Backlinks to Your LinkedIn Profile

An easy way to get backlinks to your profile page is to link to it from your website, blog, and social media link building. But if you don’t have a website, you can skip this.

6. Add Optimized Media to Your Profile

If you have any media that showcase what you do, you can show it off while optimizing it on LinkedIn. First, you’ll want to add a new section to your profile for this optimized media. Go to your profile page, then click on the “Add Profile Section” button that appears under your introduction. Next, choose “Featured” or “Projects” to add that section to the profile. Also, make sure to optimize the titles and descriptions for your target keywords.

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7. Optimize Posts for SEO Keywords

Each time you add a new LinkedIn post on the platform, you have the opportunity to include specific keywords you wish to rank for. And if you want to show up in LinkedIn’s search engine for those phrases, then you need to create multiple posts that are optimized for those terms. It’s as simple as that!

8. Use Relevant Hashtags

One of the strategies used for LinkedIn optimization is including relevant hashtags. This will also help your content get more views because many people actively search for posts on LinkedIn with hashtags. Therefore, always include at least 3-5 hashtags that repeat your target keywords.

9. Optimize Your Image ALT Text

Adding keywords in the ALT text field after you upload your images is one of the simple ways to rank on LinkedIn. The ALT text field is primarily for screen readers that help people with disabilities understand the context of the image.

10. Add More Skills

If the keywords you want to rank for on LinkedIn can also apply to work-related topics, then adding more skills to your profile can help you further optimize for those terms. So add as many skills you have as possible.

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11. Give and Receive Endorsements

LinkedIn endorsements are often overlooked but it is a very important section of your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn endorsements give the validation that you have the skills you claim to have in your profile. Therefore, you should try to get other LinkedIn members to endorse you in the areas you want for your business. In return, also give out endorsements to other people you know on the platform. This makes it easier for others to reciprocate when you make the request.

13. Publish Relevant Content

In addition to helping you engage with your audience, uploading and sharing relevant content regularly allows it to be ranked by Google. Which in turn, improves your search engine rankings and helps your LinkedIn Page climb up the ladder of search results.


LinkedIn offers unique opportunities to connect you and your brand with the right decision-makers, influencers, and companies. That is why it has grown into a powerful marketing tool that can help you build brand awareness, get job offers, and sell your products or services. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, or you are yet to optimize your page, do not hesitate to do so.

LinkedIn Optimization Service
If you need assistance optimizing your LinkedIn, contact us

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