How to Get a Job in Cyber Security 

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Technology has become more sophisticated and advanced in recent world history than in the previous era, especially for business operations. Most companies in the world today cannot afford a data breach. 

A data breach can cost millions of dollars from top business organisations because it consists of sensitive information. This has led to a growing demand for cyber security professionals across all industries and sectors. Hence, learning the tricks on how to get a job in cyber security will help you get a job from top companies.

Undoubtedly, there is a growing demand in the cyber security field, with a lucrative career. Therefore, this article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to get a job in cyber security.

How to Get a Job in Cyber Security 

Cyber security is the application of technology’s processes, and controls to protect systems, programs, networks, devices, and data from cyber-attacks. Becoming a professional, cyber security will enable you to gain access to some of the best cyber security jobs. Below is a guide on how to get a job in cyber security:

1.     Get an Education

For you to become a professional cyber security consultant and get a job in the field, it is crucial to get an education. Most of the cyber security job requirements have to do with your knowledge of the role and purpose you play in the organization. 

Cyber security requirements include coding language, digital forensics, and education in risk management. This can be acquired through a degree or boot camp. Most of these programs often focus on practical work to emulate real-world scenarios and provide a better understanding of the underlying issues. 

So, if you are interested in a cyber security career, get a degree in cyber security, computer science, network engineering, network, and security. A degree in forensic computing, mathematics, physics, or other stem subjects, system administration, and security auditing will help you in several ways.

2.     Consider Obtaining Certification

In some organizations, cyber security certifications are necessary for most entry-level position. These credentials can help develop your marketability as a candidate. As you gain more full-time work experience. It is crucial to gain industry certification in your field of work. 

Security certifications are proof that you meet a set of cyber security standards and data protection criteria. Also, some high-paying information security jobs may require you to have a degree, as well as a certificate. This will serve as your primary qualification to work in the field. 

The best certification you can have as a cyber security professional is CompTIA Security. This is the first security certification professionals should earn. It establishes the core knowledge of any cyber security role. It also provides a springboard to intermediate-level cyber security jobs that will help you build a strong network for your organization in the future. 

There are also other certifications that you can earn, such as SANS/GIAC certification, GIAC-certified incident handler, and ITIL certification.

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3.     Gain Internship Experience

One way to get a job in cyber security is by gaining internship experience. Gaining an internship experience as a cyber security analyst will enable you to learn from a well-seasoned cyber security professional and gain more exposure and hands-on skills. 

An internship can help give you more competitive skills over candidates in the industry that has no experience or knowledge about the job at all. In some internships, you may work with a security team performing tasks that are required. While in other internships, you may be assigned to a major security project to work on, either with other interns or on your own. 

Gaining more experience might require you to volunteer your time to a cyber security firm or a security agency. Also, you can find these internship opportunities online through different sites by searching cyber security internship or cyber security intern, on job boards like LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, Betajob, Studentthubng, Usajobs, and other online services. 

4.     Apply For Positions

Generally, gaining more professional work experience is the key to success in a cyber security career. Gaining experience attracts the attention of any employer that comes across your work as an expert in the field. 

You can easily find entry-level cyber security positions on job boards like information security specialists, digital forensic examiners, company websites, or social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Or apply for cyber security jobs with the federal government through USA jobs platforms. 

5.     Build a Portfolio

A cyber security portfolio entails your accreditation as an information security professional, including your skills, ability, and experience. For you to build a portfolio, you need to consider working on open-source software projects, which have to do with you participating in Hackathons and sharing your knowledge and experience on public social platforms. 

You can also host your project in private GitHub grant access and repository to hiring managers from your local community, and the public sector. Therefore, always utilize visuals and info graphics to make your portfolio engaging and entertaining. 

Doing this will most likely create more traffic on your website. Thereby, making it easier for potential recruiters to see what you are working towards.

6.     Search for Jobs in these Locations

There are different ways to hunt for entry-level cyber security positions in several locations. You can apply for jobs through the following way:

Company website:

Most company’s websites often have a page that is personalized, and dedicated to their open positions. So you can research the company website and find out if you can meet up with their requirements for the position before you can apply. Also, make sure you are eligible for the job.

7.     Networking Events

You can participate in networking events. This will enable you to connect with other professional cyber security experts and human resources representatives who have vacant positions and looking forward to recruiting new employees. 

If you are privileged enough to participate in such events, make sure to connect with potential people who are professionals in different fields and stages of their careers so that you can understand how they were able to build a successful career.

8.     Career Fairs

When you attend a career fair event, make sure to attend the event with copies of your resume with you so that you can submit them to the recruiters. During the career fair event, some recruiters try to find professional candidates for their positions in the organization. 

So, it is crucial that you should keep a friendly relationship with everyone at the event and be polite and respectful to gain good recognition.

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9.     Online Job Forums

 On most online job forums there are professional cyber security that are willing to put you through and help you find entry-level roles and good experience. Job forums allow you to look up roles by name and experience level and enable you to enhance your skills.

10. Envision How You Want Your Career to Develop

One way to get a cyber security job is by having a clue on how to develop your career. Envisioning how you want your career to develop requires thinking about how you want to increase your skills. 

Also, think of the way forward which certifications you should pursue in the future, and what role you would like to play in an organization. It is vital to develop your skills and knowledge of progression, so, you can prosper in your job. 

Your employer may have a career trajectory that they want you to pursue, and you may want to consider doing that. So carefully envision how you want to plan your career.

11. Update Your Resume/CV

Usually, before applying for any cyber security job, it is required for you to update your resume. Updating your resume will enable you to update your recent experience and certifications if you have any. 

You can also go through the job description and customize your resume based on the language and skills required by the recruiter. This will show that you have some professional experience that is needed for the cyber security position that is relevant to what the organization needs. 

12. Attend a Cyber security Boot camp

Attending a cyber security boot camp will help you improve your cyber security experience and knowledge. This will also provide you with the necessary skills and information to guide you through your cyber security career path. 

Most cyber security boot camps have good connections within the security industry, and this can support and guide supply you with details on how to entry a level job in cyber security. 

Most cyber security boot camps offer hands-on training and project that mimics the benefits you will experience on the job. You will likely get a cyber security job after attending a cyber security boot camp depending on the effort you put into your job search. 

13. Set Up Job Alerts

One way to get a job in cyber security is to set up job alerts. Also, some platforms like LinkedIn will enable you to set up notification alerts for job announcements. This will help you get a job alert when there are new offers.

Most job sites allow you to turn on at least 20 job alerts. Just in case you have multiple keywords you want to use, you might want to set up separate alerts for each job. Although most job sites only have general alerts, it allows you to customize details. So, if you are actively searching for jobs, you should set down accurate time and information for daily alerts. 


Getting a job in the cyber security industry requires skills, experience, and unique qualifications. Also, having a well-updated resume will help you secure a job easily. This article has elaborated on how to get a job in cyber security. We hope this article serves as a guide to you.




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