How to Get a Job at Chevron (All You Need to Know)

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Getting a job at Chevron does not have to be as complicated as you think. Before we get into how to get a job at Chevron, we want to clearly state that normal people like you work there!

Maybe even people with much less qualifications than you. What made their Chevron job application stand out to get them in that position? You will find out in this article.

From nailing the application process to making yourself stand out, we’ll explore the practical tips that go beyond the typical job search advice. If you are ready, we are too! Let’s get right into it!

About Chevron

To get a job at Chevron – and indeed any other company, you should know a thing or two about them. This is important as these questions may come up during your interview sessions.

Chevron is an American multinational energy corporation that stands as a global titan in the oil and gas industry. Now here is something you may not have known. Chevron was formerly known as the Standard Oil Company of California (Socal or CalSo). It has its headquarters in San Ramon, California.

Established in 1879, Chevron has evolved into a symbol of innovation and resilience. The company’s footprint spans continents, from the vast oil fields to state-of-the-art research labs. In summary, Chevron is somewhere to work with your head held high.

How to Get a Job at Chevron as a Professional

1. Research to Understand the Culture at Chevron

Understanding the work culture of any organisation you wish to work in is necessary. Firstly, this will help you know if the job is a good fit for you. Secondly, understanding the work culture can help you put forward the best possible application. It helps tailor your approach to align with what makes Chevron unique.

One way you can get insights into the work culture at Chevron is by networking with employees on platforms such as LinkedIn.

2. Evaluate Your Skills

The next thing to do is evaluate your skills. Before getting into any search on Chevron recruitment, make sure you understand your skills. Many people submit applications solely based on the available jobs, and not according to their skills.

Without a clear understanding of your strengths, you may struggle to highlight relevant skills and experiences in your resume and cover letter. This can result in applications that fail to capture the attention of employers.

3. Explore Job Openings at Chevron

Now that you have identified your skills and strengths, you can search for available jobs at Chevron. Luckily, Chevron has a specific site where they outline all open positions.

There, you can identify positions that match your skills. See the job opportunities at Chevron.

4. Apply for the Job

Having identified a job opening that aligns with your skills and interests, the next thing is to prepare your Chevron job application. The application will involve writing a resume and a cover letter.

Crafting a compelling resume and cover letter is crucial in positioning yourself effectively to get a job at Chevron. The personal statement contained in your resume should also be catchy yet straightforward.

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5. Prepare for the Interview

Once the job opening has closed, the human resource team at Chevron submits the job applications to the hiring manager. In this period, all you can do is wait.

While waiting, you can anticipate questions about your knowledge of Chevron, industry trends, and your ability to contribute to the company. You will mostly encounter behavioural questions during your interview. Behavioural questions aim to test how you have handled certain situations at your previous job.

Another important thing to note is that Chevron emphasises safety. Emphasise your commitment to safety protocols and provide examples of how you prioritise a safe work environment.

Furthermore, prepare to showcase your enthusiasm for the company during the interview, as it increases your chances of landing the job.

6. Attend the Interview

Chevron typically sends interview invitations through email. The interview usually requires your physical presence at the company unless otherwise stated.

The only thing you may need to take for the interview is a photo ID. However, read the interview invitation carefully to identify other requirements.

Depending on the position and the peculiarities of your interview process, you may be called for further interview sessions.

7. Send a Follow-up Mail

After attending the interviews, send a follow-up email expressing your gratitude for the opportunity and reiterating your interest in joining Chevron. A follow-up email is a good strategy for endearing yourself to your hiring manager.

How to Get a Job at Chevron as a Student

Chevron is a company that believes in employing the best talents. To achieve this, the company sends staff to different campuses to attend events such as seminars, workshops, career fairs, and other student organisation activities.

The Chevron recruitment process for students requires a different procedure. To get a job at Chevron as a student, follow the steps outlined below.

Chevron Web Homepage

1. Apply Through Your School

For most campus events Chevron attends, they hire students by majors. This creates an excellent opportunity for you to apply. Beyond the application, you can also meet Chevron employees and ask questions about Chevron recruitment and what it is like to work there.

Although the campus visit is only for certain selected universities, you can still attend whether or not you are a student there.

You can check Chevron recruiting events to see what university they will visit next.

The specific requirements for application before these events will be communicated to you by the hosting school.

2. Prepare for the Interview

Within 2-4 weeks after your application, you will receive a notification if you were selected for the interview. While you wait, you can prepare by anticipating your interview questions. They may mostly be behavioural questions.

3. Attend the Interview

The first round of the interview process will be held at your school. You need to stay confident all through the process.

Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to structure your answers to the interview questions. Given Chevron’s emphasis on safety, be prepared to discuss your commitment to maintaining a safe working environment. Provide examples from your past experiences that demonstrate your safety-conscious approach.

You can also prepare thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer. This shows your genuine interest in the company and the position.

FAQs On How to Get a Job at Chevron

What types of positions does Chevron typically offer for entry-level candidates?

Chevron provides several entry-level opportunities in areas such as engineering, finance, information technology, and environmental health and safety.

Does Chevron offer internship opportunities for students?

Yes, Chevron provides internship programs for students. These opportunities provide a valuable gateway to full-time positions.

What skills and qualities does Chevron look for in candidates?

Chevron values qualities such as teamwork, innovation, integrity, and a commitment to diversity. Specific skills depend on the role, but more generic skills like problem-solving, communication, and adaptability are a must-have.


Securing a job at Chevron requires a strategic blend of preparation, enthusiasm, and alignment with the company’s values. Understanding your strengths and the work culture also puts you in a good position to submit a compelling Chevron job application.

Ultimately, getting a job at Chevron requires networking. Connect with current employees at Chevron. Hear what they have to say about the company, and ask them for tips to present the best possible application.

Beyond the euphoria of working at Chevron, it really is about you, your self-fulfilment, and being a part of something bigger than yourself. Best of luck with your application!

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