How Can Women Identify Their Strength And Overcome Workplace Challenges? 

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It is safe to say that women possess many qualities that distinguish them and make them stand-out. However, most times, women do not even realize how strong they are or the extent of their influence. In this post, you’ll learn about some of the qualities that make women stand out and how women identify their strengths.

The purpose of this topic is to shed light on uncertainties that some women face  especially in the workplace and show them how to make decisions that will reveal their inner identity and core skills.

Before we dive into the topic proper, we did a quick survey where we asked both males and females questions about women in the workplace, and here are some things we discovered (Note: The research used a small group, so it might be limiting, but it provides some perspective nonetheless).

  1. When compared with men, women multitask better than men.
  2. Women are naturally empathetic and compassionate, it helps to create a supportive and understanding working environment 
  3. Women possess flexibility in the workplace 
  4. Having women in the workplace makes the organization a better place to work. 

Top 5 Strengths Women Bring To The  Workplace

  1.  Authenticity: Women are experts at enhancing communication and connection between people, as it is in their nature to not give up on people or relationships that they create. Because of their nature, it lets them identify problems and areas in personal interaction in the workplace environment. 
  1. Attention to detail: women are careful in their work. They pay attention to details, they take time to make sure their methods are organized and detail-oriented. 
  1. Intuition: A woman’s intuition is one of her biggest strengths. Women can pick up on little clues, it can be based on how people feel, or when something is going on in the workplace they can easily point it out and make some adjustments. 
  1. Women possess the strength to build Connections:  women can build connections with people that last a long time as it’s in their nature to build relationships and connections. They tend to make people feel at ease and they also can dive into a person’s mind and connect with them on different levels. This can help strengthen the bond between the client and the worker. Building connections can help the organization in a way that makes the client believe and put their trust in the organization.
  1. Team Spirit: Women tend to involve people in their work to get the job done. By doing so, it can help members build relationships between themselves. This can also make the team members feel valued and appreciated in the workplace and the members will be willing to provide answers, and ideas when there’s a need for it.

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How Can Women Identify Their Strength? 

Identifying one’s strengths can be concerning and rather tedious. However, here’s a breakdown that will make it easy for you to understand and  help you identify your strengths;

  • First, start by admitting that you possess unique qualities just like everyone else. Everyone has something that makes them outstanding, you have yours too, and it’s just a matter of time before you discover it.
  • Second, take your time to think about the things you’re naturally good at? You can list them down, what are the things your friends compliment you on most times? What are those things that you can do effectively with little or no supervision?
  • Third, after accepting that you have strength and thinking through the things that you excel at, the next is to ask critical questions that can help distinguish you from others. For instance, now that you know that you have great communication skills, is communication skill something that is lacking in your workplace? If you identified that your organization always has conflict to handle, do you have conflict resolution skills that can be a game changer for your organization? 
  • After identifying the things that distinguish you, your next action is to start positioning yourself to showcase your areas of strength more often. If you’re good with public speaking, you need to start putting yourself in positions where you can speak to people, and the more you do it and people recognize you, the more your superiors at work will start fixing you into areas where you can shine more.

If you know your strength as a woman, you can apply and overcome challenges in the workplace by;

  1. Being friends with your strengths: Doing this would make you appreciate your strengths and would make you have a greater understanding of how you can apply your strength to handle issues.
  2. Speaking up for yourself when there is the need to.
  3. Always remaining calm and optimistic to find a solution. 
  4. Setting achievable goals so that you can get them done faster and easier. 
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What Is Strength-Based Leadership, And How Can Women Leverage It? 

Strength-based leadership focuses on delegating tasks to your team, it does not make you weak but it simply gives out tasks to people who are strong in areas where you are weak. 

In the above picture, you will see that there is a balance. Let me give you an explanation.

  • You are the one in the middle holding the weight, the weight signifies your team members. On the right side is Team Member 1, and on the left is Team Member 2. 
  • You delegate tasks to them that you are not so strong at, this gives it a great balance. Not ignoring the fact that you still are accountable for your team and you are the one holding them together. By doing so, it would make the work faster and more effective. 
  • Team Spirit is one of the strengths of women. delegating tasks to your team members can help strengthen your leadership roles. 

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Understanding Personal And Professional Strength 

Self-reflection should be practiced as this is a pathway to understanding one’s personal and professional strengths.

I will share some tips and exercises that can help uncover your strengths and your growth process. 

Tips for self-reflection: 

  • Meditation 
  • Setting goals
  • Practicing gratitude 
  • Having a conversation with yourself 
  • Going out and seeing nature 

The journey into self-love and self-acceptance must begin with self-examination… until you take the journey of self-reflection, it is almost impossible to grow or learn in life.

Iyanla Vanzan

How Can Women Advocate For Themselves And Position Themselves For Career Advancement 

Self-advocacy is representing oneself in society, or formal proceedings. 

It’s important for women to self-advocate as this can create ways for career advancements.

Women must know that their voices will be heard if they become noisier for themselves. 

 To  position yourself for career advancement as a woman,

  • You must be willing to take risks, it is better to take risks and fail than stay in your comfort zone and fail.  Every great and successful woman out there failed so many times but they never stopped taking those risks to be better.  
  • Always make noises for your voice to be heard, by doing so you are creating a pathway for your career growth. 
  • Do not always accept what’s proposed to you, you must be willing to assume everything can be negotiated. Whether it is a promotion, responsibility, or mandate. 

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In conclusion, as women, you must be able to discover your strengths and recognize that you can take charge of your career and growth. Self-doubts would always creep in but always know that you are your cheerleader, and nobody can push you better than you. In a professional setting mostly dominated by men, you must learn to rise above every challenge and fight till your voices are heard.

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