Best Farmworker Recruitment Agencies in Canada 2024 (Revised)

Farm Worker Recruitment Agencies in Canada
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With the increase in industrialization and the shift towards pursuing city jobs, there has been a continuous decline in the agricultural sector. This is a challenge faced by the agricultural sector in any country or region. 

The decline has been in the manpower section of the agricultural sector. With a lot of people being technologically inclined and looking away from the sector that produces what is later being processed into what they eat, the sector has been suffering from a shortage of manpower. Canada is not an exception to these challenges. 

Amongst the most available or popular jobs in Canada is that of a farmworker. Canada recruits foreigners who want to have a better life and have the expertise and are willing to work on a farm. Many foreigners also take up these farm jobs for the love of agriculture and a better system of farming. 

To recruit for their farms, farm owners go through certain agencies to employ foreigners. Some of these agencies are listed below.

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Farm Worker Recruitment Agencies

  1. Greentech Resources
  2. Global Farm and Ranch
  3. Farm Labour Solutions (iLCAg)
  5. WorkVantage International Workforce Solutions

1. GreenTech Resources

About: ” GreenTech Resources is a leading farmworker recruitment agency in Canada. In the last several years, we have helped match 100s of farmworkers with Saskatchewan-based farmers. Greenwich Resources also matches workers with farm owners and creates hundreds of farmworker jobs in Canada”.


  • Canada farm worker visa
  • Farm work in Canada from South Africa
  • LMIA farmworker jobs in Canada
  • Farm jobs in Canada for foreigners

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

Contact: +1-306-500-1704

2. Global Farm and Ranch- Recruitment and Immigration

About: “Global farm and ranch recruitment have been assisting agricultural businesses in filling their labor needs since 1997. As provincially licensed international recruiters and immigration consultants, we provide recruitment services to hire foreign workers and obtain permanent residence in Canada”.


  • Recruitment Services e.g. recruit workers from UK, South Africa, Europe
  • Hiring foreign workers e.g. LMIA applications, temporary work permit application
  • Immigration services

Location: Canada

Contact: +1-866-952-9604

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3. Farm Labour Solutions (iLCAg)

About: ” iLCAg is a dedicated team effort of recruitment and immigration professionals, based in Saskatoon, Canada providing farm labor solutions exclusively tailored to farmers and those allied to the industry since 2011. We are passionate about connecting people and finding the right fit for our clients”.


For Employers
  • Settlement assistance
  • LMIA and Provincial Employer Applications
  • Employment offer and Employer Portal Assistance
  • Assistance with Employer Compliance Reviews
  • Long-term retention and mediation
  • Full cycle foreign worker recruitment services: candidate outreach, screening, and selection, assistance with interviews, reference checks, pre-departure orientation, and post-arrival support.
For Job-seekers
  • Relocation and settlement assistance
  • Work permit and visa applications
  • Express entry
  • Permanent residency applications
  • Visitor visas
  • Family class applications
  • Assistance with job placement in Canada: referral to prospective employers and interview facilitation.

Location: Saskatoon, Canada

Contact: +1-306-242-4024


About: ” We specialize in recruitment, focusing on the largest sector in this country, the Agribusiness sector. We are actively involved in the sector and provide a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area. We recognize that our clients are unique and have individual needs – that’s why we focus on tailoring our services to suit you”.


  • Help Wanted Job Board
  • HR Services
  • Agribusiness Recruitment
  • Free Agent Program

Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Contact: 519- 872- 9796

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5. WorkVantage International Workforce Solutions

About: ” WorkVantage International Workforce Solutions Inc. is a licensed recruitment agency with more than 15 years of experience. We help Canadian employees find temporary staff and bring qualified foreign workers to fill their labor needs”.


From start to end Workvantage manages the whole staffing process:

  • We identify the employer’s labor needs such as education, experience, language requirements (English, French or other), and employment length for the open positions.
  • Our network of agencies seeks candidates who fit the profile and present us with several options.
  • We filter and interview candidates and make sure they will be able to perform the duties.
  • We present our candidates to our clients who will have the opportunity to interview them via videoconference.
  • We handle the LMIA application and represent our clients with the Canadian Government. 
  • Our allied certified consultant companies expertly handle foreign workers’ immigration applications (work permit and travel visa).
  • If needed, we also offer guidance on booking airline tickets, health, accommodation, and relocation services.
  • If required, we provide companies and new employees with orientations to adapt quickly to their job in Canada.

Location: Toronto, ON

Contact: +1 (416) 800-0843


Recruitment agencies are the best bet for getting employment in Canada. They help both the employers and the job seekers in achieving their goals with minimal or no stress. These agencies would help you.

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