Farm jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship

farm jobs in Ireland
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Agriculture is a key player in Ireland’s economy. According to Wikipedia “it is a major component of the modern economy of the Republic of Ireland” Contributing ‌ 2%  GDP of the country’s total gross income. So,  if you love to work on the farm while exploring the amazing views of Ireland, you are in the right place. Find out the best farm jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship.

Ireland is a beautiful country blessed with amazing landscapes and scenery. It is a typical description of a small but mighty nation. More so, the economy of Ireland strives for agricultural practices all credit to its temperate climate, and heavy rainfall.

Furthermore, a case study by “Ask About Ireland” revealed that out of 7 million hectares of land found in Ireland, 5 million are dedicated to agricultural purposes, Therefore, the agricultural sector forms one of the largest employers of labor in the country. 

Additionally, Teagacs, in 2016, agro-food sector contributed to about 10% of employment opportunities in the country. Consequently, this makes Ireland one of the choicest places for individuals interested in Farm jobs. 

Therefore, If you are reading this and are interested in working in Ireland, this article covers all you need to know about farm jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship.

Major Farming Sectors in Ireland

As earlier stated, the agricultural sector in Ireland forms one of its largest employers of labor, with livestock farming as its major producer. More so, Ireland is known for its beef and dairy products which firms its major expected products. 

However, there are other contributing farming sectors and we will be discussing them in detail.

Below are the major farming sectors in Ireland according to Wikipedia: 

1. Dairy Farming 

Ireland is popular for its major distribution of dairy products. Hence, this makes up the most profitable and proficient branch of Agriculture in Ireland. Additionally, according to data published by Wikipedia, Ireland houses over 1.55 million dairy cows and over 18,000 dairy workers on the dairy farm. 

Furthermore, Ireland flourishes with dairy farming because of its temperate climate. This provides farmers with the fertile ground to grow healthy grasslands necessary to sustain the cow population most cost-effectively. Hence, the abundance of these grass-based foods makes the efficient production of over 5.4 billion liters of milk annually possible.

Also, according to an Irish food and drink blog, in 2022 alone, the Irish dairy farm made over 8.7 billion liters of liquid milk. Hence, In 2023, the dairy farm will continue to export these dairy products to the global market. 

Therefore, the dairy farm presents a wide range of employment to both citizens and foreigners. .

Here is a list of the top Best Irish dairy Farms you could work in:

  1. Green Pastures 
  2. Irish Diary Services (IDS)
  3. Natural Dairies Limited 
  4. Strathroy Dairies Limited
  5. Dawn Dairies 
  6. Martin’s Dairy 
  7. Clona Dairy Products 

2. Beef Farming 

Beef farming is a long practice in Ireland. Cattle farming is one of Ireland’s most prominent sectors due to its abundant grassland. More so, according to a survey by the December Livestock Edition in 2017,Ireland had approximately 6.7 million castles. About 1,5 million dairy cows, and over 889,000 sucker cows. Hence, this accounts for over 25% of agricultural output and beef distribution in Ireland.

Furthermore, Ireland is a major exporter of beef known as the third largest distributor and competitor in beef exports on the world stage.  In 2017, the December Livestock survey also revealed Ireland exported an estimated 537 thousand tonnes of beef worth approximately €1.85 billion.

The beef farming system in Ireland offers sustainable employment opportunities and will continue to strive in the coming years.

3. Tillage Farming 

Ireland is also a major cultivator of cereals due to massive hectares of land and temperate climate which makes cultivation possible. According to Wikipedia “approximately 300,000 hectares of land in Ireland is solely dedicated to tillage farming”. This has provided Irish farmers with opportunities to explore the emerging organic tillage market on demand across the world. Consequently, tillage farming forms a major employer in the Irish government.

Other Farming Sectors in Ireland worthy of mention are:

4. Pastoral Farming and 

5. Fish farming

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Top Farms in Ireland for Farm Jobs 

Here is a list of the top best  farm jobs in Ireland:

Farm Name LocationArea of Expertis
Kilbeggan organic foods Kibeggan, County Clare Organic farm with a variety of produce, including vegetables, fruits and meat.
Hazel Fort FarmDingle, County KerryTraditional Irish farm with a thatched cottage, animals and gardens
Lisduff FarmAshford, County WicklowOrganic farm with a variety of produce, including vegetables, fruits and eggs 
Derry Beg Farm Clifden, County GalwayBeef and sheep farm with a restaurant, farm shops and farm tours 
Rumley’s Farm Carling Ford, County LouthDairy farm with a petting zoo, pony rides, and farm tours
At Tola Goat Farms Knockanaffrin, County ClareGoat dairy farm with a cheese shop, farm tours and a café
The Irish Creamery Mitchelstown, county corkCheese-making farm with a shop and café
Ashford Castle Cong, County Mayo Luxury hotel with its farm, which supplies the hotel with fresh produce
The Burden Smokehouse Lisdoonvarna, County Clare Smoked fish farm with a shop and café 
Coolmore stud Enniskerry, County Wicklow Thoroughbred horse breeding farm with a visitor center 
The National stud Kildare town, county KildareThoroughbred horse breeding farm with a visitor center
The Apple Farm Tipperary Town, County Tipperary Apple Orchard with a farm shop and café 
Lamberts Fruit Farm Lusk, County Dublin Pick-your-own farm with a variety of fruits, including strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries 
Tinahely Farm Tinahely, County Wicklow Dairy farm with a petting zoo, pony rides and farm tours 
The Irish nation Tullamore, county Offaly Thoroughbred horse breeding farm with a visitor center 
The k club Straffa, County Kildare Golf resort with its farm, supplying the resort with fresh produce 
Farm jobs in Ireland

Farm Jobs with Visa Sponsorship

Farm jobs with visa sponsorship are jobs offered by employers who are willing to sponsor prospective workers for a work visa. Hence, this employer takes full responsibility for the cost, legal and paperwork required to get you a visa.

There are several visa sponsorship jobs in Ireland in various sectors including Agriculture. These jobs can be found in the following farming sections:

Dairy Farm:

Due to the number of dairy farms in Ireland, there is always a need for expansion in these farms corresponding to an increased need for skilled dairy farmers to fill the following roles:

  • Dairy farm manager 
  • Dairy herd technician 
  • Dairy farm assistant 
  • Dairy equipment operator
  • Dairy farmer 
  • Calf rearing e.t .c 

Beef Farm:

Beef farming is also part of the major farming sectors in Ireland hence yearly there is an increased need for foreign workers who are skilled in livestock handling and breeding. 

Beef farming job roles include;

  • Beef farm manager 
  • Beef farm worker 
  • Beef held technician Beef stockman 
  • Beef carcass Grades
  • Beef packers 
  • Beef truck drivers 
  • Shop managers 
  • General operation manager

Sheep Farm:

This is another area in the job market offering visa sponsorship to those who wish to work farm jobs in Ireland. The following positions are most commonly needed;

  • Sheep farm manager
  • Sheep shearer 
  • Sheep packer 
  • Sheep farm worker 
  • Shepherd technician etc

Other more general farm jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship are:

  • Farm marketing specialist
  • Farm educator 
  • Farm researcher 
  • Farm mechanic 
  • Horticulturist 
  • Farm supervisor
  • Farm equipment operator
  • Greenhouse worker 
  • Livestock handler 
  • Fruit pickers 
  • Agro-tourism coordinator 

Eligibility for Farm Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship

To qualify for a farm job in Ireland with visa sponsorship you should meet these criteria:

1. Have Job offer:

You should have a job offer with a farm in Ireland offering visa sponsorship roles. Also, your prospective employer should be able to prove to the Irish government that they were unable to find a suitable candidate for the role within the European Economic Area (EEA) 

2. Work permit or Visa:

Once you have a job offer, you can then proceed to apply for a work permit. A work permit is a legal requirement that allows you to work in Ireland. Generally, the Irish government offers different types of work visas. They are; the critical skill employment permit — for highly skilled individuals — and the General employment permit. 

3. Skills and Qualifications: 

As mentioned above, there are two types of Ireland work permits, each permit is differentiated by your skill set and experience. E.g the critical skill visa is issued to skilled workers in some specified roles. So, depending on the farm role you would be occupying, you would need to provide documents to prove that you possess such skills. 

4. Language Proficiency; 

Provide your IELTS test result

Steps to Apply for Employment Visa in Ireland

Once you have a farm job offer with visa sponsorship in Ireland you can now proceed with your online application. This can be done on the Employment Permit Online System (EPOS) application system.

  • Required Document:
  • Passport
  • Passport sized photograph
  • Copy of job offer letter from your employer
  • Proof of qualifications 
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Medical examination report 
  • Pay the relevant fee: Pay the required application fee
  • Cross-check your application for errors.

Submit your application within 28 days else, your application will be deleted by the EPOS system.

Best Job Search Websites for Farm Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship 

These are just a few examples of the top popular job search sites for jobs in Ireland


1. How much do Farm Workers get Paid in Ireland 

According to Indeed The average base salary for farm workers in Ireland is £29,174 and £11, 43 per hour. However, this may vary from farm to farm.

2. How many Hours do Farm Workers work in Ireland 

According to the  Central Statistics Office, farmers in Ireland work a 49-hour week, with 24 hours weekend off. However, it was reported by a poll by Agriland that 72% of farmers in Ireland work more than 60 hours per week.


Ireland is a beautiful place to be and offers a variety of farm jobs with visa sponsorship to foreigners. These jobs come with several perks including the opportunity to explore Ireland and visit its surrounding neighborhoods like the UK. Therefore if you’ve got a passion for farm jobs and the skill to work in specific areas.

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