Farm Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship 2023 

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Are you passionate about agriculture and seeking exciting job opportunities abroad? You can find interesting farm jobs in Italy. With its rich farming heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse range of crops, Italy offers a plethora of farm jobs with visa sponsorship for foreigners. 

In this article, we will explore why farming jobs in Italy are worth considering, who can apply, what visa requirements are, and provide a comprehensive list of companies and farms currently hiring. 

Why a Farming Job in Italy? 

Italy is known for its picturesque countryside and culinary delights and boosts a thriving agricultural sector. Engaging in farm work allows you to experience the Italian way of life firsthand, immerse yourself in its cultural heritage and contribute to sustainable agriculture practices. 

Whether you dream of tending vineyards in Tuscany, picking olives in Umbria, or cultivating organic produce in Sicily, farm jobs in Italy offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature, enhance your skills, and build lasting memories.

Who Can Apply?

Farm jobs in Italy are open to both EU and non-EU citizens. While EU citizens have the advantage of free movement within the European Union, non-EU citizens can explore these opportunities through visa sponsorship programs.

Additionally, if you have a genuine interest in agriculture, a strong work ethic, and adaptability, you can apply to highly sought-after Italian farms.

Visa Requirements for Farm Jobs in Italy

To work on a farm in Italy as a non-EU citizen, you must obtain an appropriate work visa. The visa process may vary based on different circumstances. However, the process involves the following steps:

1. Secure a job offer

You must begin by searching for farm job opportunities through reputable channels, as we will discuss later in this article. Once you find a suitable position, obtain a formal job offer or contract from the employer.

2. Visa application

With the job offer in hand, you can apply for a work visa at the Italian embassy or consulate in your home country. The employer may provide the supporting documents required for the visa application.

3. Required documents

You will need a valid passport, proof of accommodation in Italy, proof of health insurance coverage, and evidence of financial means to support yourself during your stay. Additionally, your employer may need to provide specific documents related to the job offer.

4. Work permit

Upon entering Italy, you must apply for a work permit, which allows you to work in the country. Your employer will assist you in obtaining your work permits.

Different Official Job Portals for Italy

To kickstart your search for farm jobs in Italy, consider exploring these reputable companies and job search websites for available vacancies 

EURES Italy Jobs

EURES (European Employment Services) is a platform that connects job seekers with employers across Europe. Visit their website to find various farm job opportunities in Italy.

Farm Jobs. It

This online platform specializes in agricultural job listings, including farm work, vineyard jobs, and more. It offers a comprehensive database of opportunities throughout Italy.

Job in the Country – Coldiretti


Coldiretti is Italy’s largest agricultural organization. The company provides a platform for job seekers to connect with farms and agribusinesses. Their website features a dedicated section for job postings.

CIA – Agricoltori Italiani

The Confederation of Italian Farmers (CIA) offers a job portal that advertises positions in the agricultural sector. It is worth exploring for farm job opportunities.

Indeed Italy (

Indeed is a popular job search engine that lists vacancies across various industries, including agriculture. Filter the search results by location and job type to find suitable farm jobs.

InfoJobs Italy (

InfoJobs is another widely used platform in Italy that features a diverse range of job listings. Utilize their search filters to find farm jobs in your 

preferred location.

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Farm jobs Available in Italy for Foreigners

In Italy, there are various farm jobs available across different agricultural sectors. Each job has its specific requirements and responsibilities. Here are some common farm jobs in Italy along with their requirements:

1. Vineyard Worker

  • Requirements: Physical stamina, ability to work outdoors, familiarity with grape cultivation techniques, knowledge of pruning, harvesting, and vineyard maintenance, and understanding of wine production processes.
  • Responsibilities: Planting and caring for grapevines, pruning vines, harvesting grapes, operating machinery for irrigation and vineyard maintenance, and assisting with wine production activities.

2. Olive Picker

  • Requirements: Physical fitness, ability to work outdoors, knowledge of olive tree cultivation, familiarity with harvesting techniques, and attention to detail.
  • Responsibilities: Handpicking olives, operating machinery for olive harvesting, sorting and cleaning olives, and assisting with olive oil production processes.

3. Crop Farm Worker

  • Requirements: Physical fitness, knowledge of crop cultivation practices, ability to operate farm machinery, familiarity with irrigation systems, and understanding of organic farming principles (in some cases).
  • Responsibilities: Planting and harvesting crops, tending to fields, operating farm machinery (tractors, harvesters, etc.), monitoring irrigation systems, and applying fertilizers and pesticides (if necessary).

4. Livestock Farm Worker

  • Requirements: Physical stamina, knowledge of animal care and welfare, familiarity with livestock handling and feeding practices, and ability to operate machinery related to livestock management.
  • Responsibilities: Feeding and watering animals, cleaning and maintaining livestock housing, assisting with animal health checks and treatments, assisting with breeding and birthing processes, operating machinery for feeding and manure management.

5. Dairy Farm Worker

  • Requirements: Knowledge of dairy farming practices, familiarity with milking techniques and equipment, understanding of milk processing and hygiene standards.
  • Responsibilities: Milking cows, cleaning and maintaining milking equipment, feeding and caring for dairy cattle, assisting with breeding and calving processes, managing milk storage and processing activities.

6. Horticulture Worker

  • Requirements: Knowledge of horticultural practices, familiarity with planting and maintaining ornamental plants and flowers, and ability to operate gardening tools and machinery.
  • Responsibilities: Planting and caring for ornamental plants, pruning and trimming trees and shrubs, operating gardening machinery, and managing garden design and maintenance.

These are just a few examples of farm jobs in Italy. However, the specific requirements may vary depending on the employer, location, and type of farm. You must have a genuine interest in agriculture, a willingness to learn, and the ability to adapt to the specific demands of the job before you make your application.

Additionally, some employers may require specific certifications or qualifications related to the job, such as knowledge of organic farming practices or specialized training in viticulture.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get an agriculture visa for Italy?

To obtain an agriculture visa for Italy, you need a job offer from an Italian employer. Apply for a work visa at the Italian embassy or consulate in your home country, following the specific requirements outlined by the authorities.

2. What jobs can a foreigner get in Italy? 

Apart from farm jobs, foreigners in Italy can explore various employment opportunities, including teaching English, hospitality industry roles, healthcare professions, and IT-related positions.

3. What jobs are in demand in Italy?

Italy has a high demand for skilled workers in several sectors, including healthcare, engineering, information technology, tourism, and agriculture. However, the demand may vary depending on the region.

4. How do I get a work permit in Italy?

Once you enter Italy with a valid work visa, your employer will assist you in obtaining a work permit. The process involves submitting the necessary documents to the local authorities, who will review and issue the permit. 

Conclusion: Farm Jobs in Italy with Visa Sponsorship 2023

In conclusion, embarking on a farm job adventure in Italy is a fantastic opportunity to combine your love for agriculture with the chance to explore a beautiful country. By following the visa application process and utilizing the resources provided in this article, you can take your first steps towards securing a farm job in Italy. Immerse yourself in the Italian countryside, learn new skills, and create lifelong memories while contributing to the agricultural legacy of this enchanting nation.  Good luck with your job search!

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