Factory Jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship 2023

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Working in Ireland comes with several opportunities and amazing perks for foreign workers. First, the privilege to work in an inclusive environment and the opportunity for visa sponsorship jobs. Looking to explore these benefits? Read on to discover the Factory jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship

Ireland Visa sponsorship jobs offer aspiring foreigners the privilege to join the growing workforce and contribute to its massive growth. Hence, Experienced factory workers are needed in different service-providing sections in Ireland to fill up vacancies for optimum production. 

In this article, we will focus more on the various available factory jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship. Also, we will discuss the benefits of working in Ireland as a foreigner while also exploring the various job search sites for factory jobs in Ireland. But first, let’s draw a scope on the skill shortage saga in Ireland and the approach the Irish government has taken to mitigate this.

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Ireland and Labour Shortage Saga

Ireland is an Amazing island country located in western Europe blessed with magnificent scenery and a rich cultural heritage. Ireland is an attractive center for tourists and international travelers. Also, her moderate rain and snowfall with a mild temperature make Ireland a conducive destination for foreign workers and tourists alike. 

However, Just like the UK, Ireland may have a mild temperature but oftentimes experience multiple changes in weather in less than a few hours. But, If you get to know more about Ireland, you’ll understand the exact description of a small but mighty country as described by Business News.

Despite the increased migration of foreigners in Ireland, accounting for 12% of its total population as reviewed by the central statistics office, the labor shortage of skilled workers remains a major concern. 

Also, A survey conducted by the  Manpower Group employment outlet disclosed that “Four in five Irish companies are struggling to attract talent as Ireland endures its worst talent shortage for 17 years”  As an intervention, the Irish government has made open the offer for visa sponsorship jobs to attract skilled foreigners to fill up these open roles which also includes Factory jobs with visa sponsorship. 

With the issue of a labor shortage of skilled workers comes the need for massive employment opportunities for Foreigners to fill up these vacancies. Hence, the list of Factory jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship. What are these jobs and what roles do factory workers play? Let’s talk about this in the next section

What are Factory jobs?

Factory jobs refer to those job roles done in the factory. Could be a construction site or manufacturing site. Therefore, these jobs require workers to possess a particular skill aligned to the task performed. 

Additionally, factory workers may be required to perform several job roles in the factory. This may include tasks like; sorting and checking products after production or assembling and packaging products.

Factory jobs include jobs in these categories 

  •  Manufacturing Industries (e.g. pharmaceutical and leather industries, manufacturing industries, beverage and dairy processing industries. etc.
  • Construction industry 

These industries make up a good percentage of the total number of industries operating in Ireland. 

Moreover, the industrial breakdown of companies in Ireland disclosed the following statistics of interest: 

Construction industry covers over 30,311 companies 
Manufacturing Industry covers  17,170 companies Out of a total of 351,616 registered companies,

Hence, this shows the employment potential of Ireland in filling up vacancies in these production and construction factories.

Job Role of Factory Workers in Ireland

As earlier mentioned, the job roles of factory workers differ from industry to industry. Also, factory workers may be required at different times to perform a variety of tasks depending on the job at hand.

However, according to a publication by Indeed publication, some of the general tasks or duties of a factory worker include:

  • Gathering products as soon as they are produced for packaging 
  • Operating machinery in the factory
  • Conduct quality control text on products to ensure complete compliance with the standard measure.
  • Sort finished products and separate damaged ones in the cause of the gathering
  • Assemble and package products for distribution or storage.
  • Inspect finished product to ensure proper packaging and safe storage
  • Ensure production is carried out in a clean environment 
  • Clean work areas to ensure a standard and healthy working environment for workers.
  • Manage machinery and automated systems for optimal production and results.

These are just some of the basic duties of factory workers and, as already mentioned, this may be different for different sectors. So, before you make your application, ensure to conduct proper research. With this in mind, let’s briefly discuss the basic skills needed to excel in this role

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Basic Skills for Factory Workers 

Below are some basic skills and knowledge you should possess to get a factory job in Ireland with visa sponsorship as published by National Careers:

  • You’ll need to possess some physical skills like strength and the ability to coordinate affairs.
  • Be keen to details and possess a strong attention span
  • Be a good team player 
  • The ability to communicate with team members and supervisors
  • The ability to plan and execute 
  • The ability to operate and control different machinery at every given time
  • Ability to adapt to different workstations
  • Be receptive to change and corrections
  • Ability to multitask and learn on the job
  • Ability to manufacture and process different products as the demand arises.

These are just general transferable skills you should possess to secure a factory job in Ireland with visa sponsorship. 

What are visa Sponsorship Jobs?

As you would have rightly guessed, visa sponsorship jobs are employment offers that are given with visa sponsorship. In simple terms, your employer or the organization takes full financial and legal responsibility for your visa procurement. 

This means these jobs come with special perks and all you are required to do is apply to an eligible company and meet the requirements for the jobs. Hence, you automatically get a sponsor for your visa and this includes the legal financial obligation. 

In Ireland, there are several visa sponsorship jobs open to both skilled and unskilled foreigners, and factory jobs are inclusive. 

Factory Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship

Below is a list of the most common factory jobs in Ireland and the estimated yearly average salary according to Indeed, Glassdoor and talents

  1. Factory Cleaner

Average salary: € 23 985 per year or € 12.30 per hour (Talents)

  1. Factory Electrician 

Average Salary: € 52 500 per year or € 26.92

  1. Factory operation Lead 

Average salary: € 42 500 per year or € 21.79 per hour.

  1. Factory Manager 

Average Salary:  €99,247 per year 

  1. Visual Merchandiser 

Average Salary €37565 per year:

  1. Project worker 

Average Salary:  €34,989; per year or €18.02 per hour.

  1. Production operator 

Average Salary: € 29 000 per year or € 14.87 per hour

  1. Production Associate

Average salary: €14.30 per hour

  1. Machine Operator

Average salary:€31,200 per year

  1. Production Worker

Average salary:€34,202 a year and €16 an hour

  1. Assembler

Average salary: € 29 250 per year or € 15 per hour.

  1. Packer

Average salary: €13.01 per hour 

  1.  Logistic manager 

Average Salary:€62,835 per year

  1. Manufacturing operator

Average Salary:€40,833 a year and €20 an hour 

  1. Manufacturing team member 

Average salary: €37,252 per year

  1. Warehouse Operator 

Average Salary:  € 26 280 per year or € 13.48 per hour

  1. Production operator Packaging

Average salary: €99,247 per year

  1. Factory Manager 

Average salary: €99,247 per year

  1. Industrial Cleaning Operative

Average Salary: € 23 985 per year or € 12.30 per hour

  1. Quality and Compliance Systems Specialist

Average Salary: € 52 500 per year  or € 26.92 per hour

These are just a few of the most common factory jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship. However, some of these jobs may be specific to various sectors, like the pharmaceutical industries hence, the duties for these roles depend greatly on the type of industries. 

How to Apply for Factory Jobs in Ireland with Visa Sponsorship

Here is a step-by-step process to apply for a factory job in Ireland with visa sponsorship:

1. Get a Job Offer

Getting a job offer with an eligible company offering visa sponsorship to non-EEA nationals is the first step to getting a visa sponsorship in Ireland. Once you receive an official job offer, you can proceed with your application for a work permit.

However, please note that not everyone needs a visa sponsorship to work in Ireland. Moreover, citizens from the UK or the EU countries and EEA (European Economic Area), Switzerland, can work in Ireland without a visa. Therefore, if you are from a non-EEA country, i.e. countries outside the EU, Switzerland and the UK, you have to apply for a work permit (Employment work permit)

2. Apply for an Employment Work Permit

Ireland offers different types of employment work permits to qualified foreigners. But the most popular are: Critical Skills Employment Permit, 

  • Critical Skills Employment Permit: This is designed for highly skilled workers to occupy key roles in the following professions,  IT, engineering, science, health sector, research etc.
  • General Employment Permit: The General Employment Visa is issued to candidates applying to jobs aside from the skilled occupation or the ineligible occupations list. If you are applying for a factory job with visa sponsorship, the general employment visa permit is the best one to apply for.
  • Dependent Partner Employment Permits: This permit is designed for applicants who have relatives in Ireland with the critical skills employment permit. 

3. Begin the Application Process

Once you are settled on the best visa permit for your travel, in this case, the general employment permit, you can now proceed with your application. 

To do this, head on to the Employment Permits Online System (EPOS) application page and process your application.

Required Documents:

  • A verified passport
  • Proof of official employment 
  • Employer and sponsor details 
  • Your full details (Name, Age, height and other relevant information)
  • A copy of your SOP or personal statement describing your purpose of travel.
  • Proof of financial statement 
  • Details about your expected remuneration
  • Full details about your employment.

4. Submit your Application

Before you submit, you will be required to pay a necessary application fee that comes with the application. Once you have uploaded the required document, ensure you run a cross-check to erase possible errors and inconsistencies. If you are certified, you can proceed with submission. 

Please note that your application for an employment permit should be made at least 12 weeks before the commencement of your proposed employment start date. 

Websites to find Factory jobs in Ireland with visa Sponsorship

  1. Fasthire: Fasthire is an education and career website dedicated to assisting professionals and students seeking international opportunities for jobs and career growth. We provide a list of international job vacancies including jobs in Ireland while offering additional services such as CV writing services. SOP and personal statement writing service. You can check our website and create a profile to get the latest updates on available job roles.
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Other great websites for finding factory jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorships are 

  1. Linkedin Ireland
  2. Irishjobs 
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Monster
  5. Indeed
  6. Jooble
  7. Simply hired
  8. Careerjet
  9. Reeds

Best Recruitment Agencies In Ireland for Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Applying for visa sponsorship in Ireland can be a challenging task especially the process of job search on different job search platforms. To ease the dress, you can work with a registered recruitment agency in Ireland. They help you do the tough jobs. 

Below is a list of the top recruitment agencies in Ireland for visa sponsorship jobs:

  • Approach People Recruitment
  • Storm Recruitment
  • Action Recruitment 
  •  Ward Personnel
  • Allen Recruitment
  • Clark

These are just a few compared to a host of others but we have a comprehensive article on the top rest recruitment agencies in Ireland, you can check it out.


Factory jobs do not require any specific skill, this means, with the general employment permit, and an official job offer, you can relocate to Ireland. We have provided top factory jobs in Ireland with visa sponsorship and the various types of visa permits available for foreign workers. So, we hope this helps you make the right choice in your career advancement Journey.

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