How to Make a Video CV in Nigeria

How to Make a Video CV
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Video CV is becoming more requested and accepted in today’s world and Nigeria is not left out. Part of the requirements for job applications can be a short video of the applicant explaining why he or she is the best candidate for the job. 

If you do not know how to make a video CV in Nigeria and would love to know, keep reading as we will explore what a video CV is all about and how to make one. Let’s get started!

What is a Video CV?

Video CV is a short video usually made by an applicant when applying for a job or a program. On its own, it is not accepted, especially here in Nigeria. However, it is usually an extra material or resource sent in by applicants when required or of their choosing.

A video CV is usually short with lengths ranging from 2 to 3 minutes. This means that you have a limited time to pitch yourself as the best candidate for that job. Bear in mind that you won’t be the only one sending in a video CV so you have to make it as attention-grabbing as possible. Also, aim to impress within the first few seconds.

What do you talk about in your Video CV?

Being that a Video CV is usually short, you have to focus on the aspect of your life and qualifications that are relevant to the job and talk about them. If you have a skill most relevant to the job, dwell on it and make them see how this skill of yours will be of great benefit to the organization. If it is a job experience that is relevant, dwell on it. 

While you may introduce yourself and say some other things about yourself and your skills, you should be more focused on those things that employers may seem more interested in. 

Having understood what a video CV is and what you talk about in a video CV, let’s look at the importance of a Video CV

Importance of Video CV

Video CV has the following importance:

  1. Identification: video CV gives you the opportunity of being easily identified. When you make a video of yourself, you are giving your potential employer an idea of what you look like. It helps to put a name to your face.
  2. Coordination: your video CV shows how comported or coordinated you are. Your composure gives an idea of how well you carry yourself and can coordinate yourself potentially when representing the organization.
  3. Non-verbal Cues: much more than the words that you speak are the non-verbal cues that you give off. Your facial expressions, your body movement, and even hand gestures; all come together to give your potential employer an idea of who you are.
  4. Seeing you in the video puts life into your CV. It gives all your certifications and education and qualifications life and makes it more believable.

The bottom line about your video CV is that it is a form of psychometric test. It assesses you beyond what you have written on paper. Therefore, if you are to make one, ensure that you do it properly and be as coordinated as possible.

When can I use a Video Cv?

As earlier mentioned, a video CV is not to be sent along when applying for a job. It is a supplement to the main requirement, therefore, use it in the following situations when

  1. Requested by the potential employer
  2. Submitting your CV (with or without it being requested)
  3. Creating a profile on platforms like LinkedIn, job sites, etc

When requested by the Potential employer

A potential employer can request a short video of you explaining why you are the best fit for the job. In this case, you are giving an elevator pitch or marketing yourself. Ensure that you present yourself in the best way possible. Read the advertisement placed by the employer carefully and spot out the things that the employer is searching for. Build your pitch around it and deliver excellently.

When submitting your CV

This could be in a case where the employer requested it or not. You are including it as a way of going the extra mile (in a situation where it was not requested) and as part of the requirements (when requested). A video CV alongside a written CV goes a long way for the applicant.

When creating platforms like LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform with a lot of professionals on it. A good profile gets picked up in searches and can be seen by a potential employer. With a high chance of meeting your possible employer, you should optimize your profile. Part of the LinkedIn profile optimization is the inclusion of a short video about yourself.

This short video, if properly made, can multiply your chances of securing a job faster. This is because your potential employer gets to see your qualifications and even a video of you and can decide at that point that they like what they are seeing and would like to see more of you. Hence, it could be the start of your employment process or the securing of a job instantly.

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I believe that you have understood what a Video CV is, its importance, and some other information. Now let’s look at how to make a video CV in Nigeria.

How to Make a Video CV in Nigeria

Video CV can be made by following the steps stated below.

Step 1: Identify the Reason 

Before you start making your video CV, you have to first identify the reason why you are making the video. Identifying the reason why and the importance of the video helps you to bring your A-game. 

Step 2: Note Down Requirements

Here, you identify those requirements for the video. If a video CV was requested, read the job advertisement properly and note the things the employer is looking for. Also, note any requirements stated for the video CV. Even if you are making the video CV for your profile on LinkedIn or similar platforms, identify what you want to project. Identify what aspect of you that you are giving people access to.

Step 3: Write Your Script

Now that you know the requirements, write your script with them in mind. Tailor everything that you are going to talk about in the video to the requirements and your decision on the aspect of you that you want to project. Be as explicit as possible; you can edit the script and remove the excess.

Step 4: Practice

You can’t just get in front of the camera and start shooting the video. You have to practice your lines. Read repeatedly and if possible, try acting out like you would when making the video. Practice and practice your line till you get familiar with each line and have it ingrained in you.,

Step 5: Make your Video CV

Having practiced, you can start making your videos. Take as many clips as possible and keep each of them. Even though you have practiced, making the video at the first shot may be successful or not. Shoot as much as possible and be serious but project a friendly aura when doing it. 

Step 6: Edit

No matter how good the video CV is you have to edit it. Sort through all the clips you made and choose the best of them. Then start editing. Remove the unnecessary or disturbing background noise, cut out some irrelevant parts, etc. The most important thing is to edit your video CV till it is good to be submitted.

Step 7: Get Feedback

You have done a great job with all the work you have done so far. However, no matter how perfect the video CV looks, ensure you have 2 or 3 trusted people to look at it. Tell them to be as critical as possible and give possible suggestions for the modification of the video.

Step 8: Submit/Upload

Submission/upload is the last step. You are to submit or upload only after you have gotten feedback and have made the possible corrections given. 

Step 9: Sit back and wait for a response.

Tips on making a Video CV

  1. Do not talk verbatim about everything on your CV
  2. Dress corporately
  3. Do not use slang
  4. Do not use vulgar words
  5. Comport yourself
  6. Mind your facial expressions
  7. Sound enthusiastic and excited
  8. For a required video CV, talk a bit about the company and demonstrate that you have the skills required to work there.
  9. Sound confident and be bold
  10. Express yourself intelligently.
  11. Choose a good location
  12. Film when there is adequate daylight or film where there is a good lighting system

Conclusion: How to Make a Video CV in Nigeria

Video CV is a short video of you and is the first meeting, alongside your paper CV, between you and your potential employer. It should be able to make the potential employer want to have you in their company. It could also make them choose not to have anything to do with you. Hence, ensure that it is done properly.

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