Top 10 Websites to find Australian Jobs for Foreigners

Top 10 Websites to find Australian Jobs for Foreigners
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Top 10 Websites to find Australian Jobs for Foreigners.

Australia has 1.9 million recent migrants and temporary residents. Of that 1.9 million, 72% were participants in the Australian Labor force, while 68% were employed. Also, 50% of those recent migrants had gotten permanent visas and had become Australian citizens.

However, it is not all rosy in the Australian job market for anyone. The Australian job market is competitive and you also need to keep in mind that not all jobs are in demand, especially for foreigners. Hospitality, Construction, and Education are the sectors that are in high demand for foreigners, but they can also find jobs in other sectors.

Seeing how competitive the Australian job market is, here are some general tips to help you navigate your way around it.

1. Don’t attempt a career change:

Finding a job in a sector you already have experience and qualifications would relatively be easy. Experience is usually key in finding jobs in Australia. So, it would be best to look for jobs in sectors where you have experience.

2. Research the market:

Find out what skills are in high demand and what skills aren’t. Also, get to understand where your skill set fits in the Australian job market and how you can apply it.

3. Your Visa:

Get a visa that allows you to work and get it before applying for jobs. It is not very common to find companies that would sponsor your visa in Australia unless you’re highly skilled. Be on the safe side and get your visa ready. And make sure your visa allows you to work in Australia, very important.

4. Learn the Language:

As a foreigner moving to another country, you already know that you have to learn the language, Australia is no different, even for English speakers. It will come in handy to learn the basics of Australian vernacular to avoid misunderstandings.

5. Have a good Resume and Cover Letter:

A good resume would help you get the attention of your prospective employers and increase your chances of getting the job. Also, find out what Australian employers look for in Resumes.

6. Application:

Door-to-door applications might not be advisable in lots of industries, so it’s best to employ the services of an employment agency or website.

The process of applying for jobs also has facets you have to be familiar with to succeed. Here are some tips to help you with that;

  1. Get your TFN (Tax File Number). This is important if you want to work in Australia, or you get an ABN (Australian Business Number) if you want to be self-employed. Both can be gotten online
  2. Goes without saying that you would need an Australian Bank Account. This can be done before you move to Australia.
  3. Apply in person for jobs that don’t require specific skills. This applies to a lot of jobs in the hospitality industry, you can go to the establishment and give it a shot.

Jobs in Demand for Foreigners in Australia

Part of your research on the Australian job market is to find out the sectors that have a high demand for foreigners.

A lot of these jobs have had an increase in their demand as part of the effects of the pandemic on the Australian economy and jobs. One thing to note when doing this research for jobs in demand of foreigners is their Occupation Ceiling. This means there is an upper limit on the number of places that can be granted. In simpler terms, it means there is a maximum number of people allowed into the country. Occupation Ceiling however does not affect Employer-sponsored visas and Territory Nominated grants.

So here are those common jobs for foreigners;

  1. Nurses
  2. Electricians
  3. Chefs/Cooks
  4. Physiotherapy
  5. Software and Application Programmers
  6. Solicitors
  7. Database and System Administrators
  8. Social Workers
  9. Accountants
  10. Occupational Therapists
  11. Plumbers
  12. Architects
  13. Caregivers
  14. Construction Managers
  15. Doctors
  16. Quantity Surveyors
  17. Industrial and Production Engineers
  18. Carpenters
  19. Early Childhood Teachers
  20. Management Consultants

As a foreign student, you can choose to study any of these professions in Australia. This gives you an edge in getting your permanent residency.

However, for those already possessing the qualifications and experience to apply for these jobs, it is easier to do so using job websites or employment agencies. Let us then take a look at the best job websites for foreigners in Australia.


Top 10 Websites to Find Australian Jobs for Foreigners

It is important to note that these are in no particular order.


Fasthire is a career and educational brand using content, resources, and training to create value for professionals around the globe. We deliver the best career and educational services, including; abroad job listing, personal statement, CV, cover letter, LinkedIn optimization, SEO writing, and interview preparation services.


An Australian job search engine that helps users search through career opportunities gotten from job websites all over Australia. They also aim to make the process as easy as possible because they understand how frustrating it can be to find a job.


This website integrates itself with newspapers and other media outlets for jobs to ensure that the right jobs get to users. Users can also have their Resumes evaluated on this website. It is a smarter and more transparent job search engine that helps you dodge thousands of irrelevant jobs.

APS Jobs

This is a government website that offers job opportunities within the Australian Public Sector Service. Their website allows you to look at frequently asked questions to help with your doubts, worries, and curiosity.


One of the best job websites with over five thousand job opportunities on their platform. The jobs on their website are from various sectors including health, construction, and even retail. These are also industries very favorable for foreigners looking to work in Australia.


A top job website in Australia. Users are given access to search for jobs, post their resumes, and also read up on companies. These are features that make them popular among users worldwide, and Australia is no different.


Another job website with a worldwide presence. Neuvoo gets an estimated 75 million visitors to its website monthly and these users are from different countries across the world. Users can also narrow their searches to specific locations and industries.

AllJobs Australia

All Jobs allows users to filter through job titles, descriptions, company names, regions, etc to ensure they find exactly what they are looking for. Their website also allows users to find jobs in neighboring New Zealand.


Arguably Australia’s number one employment marketplace. On their website, you can easily get access to career-related information as well as job vacancies. They are a diverse group of companies working together to ensure people live fulfilling and productive lives.

One Shift

Their website allows you to sift between casual jobs, short-term positions, and even permanent part-time jobs. Users can also search for jobs in specific locations and regions.

Websites aren’t the only means to look for jobs in Australia, employment agencies are also very helpful when it comes to job searches in Australia. Here’s a list of some that are very helpful.

  1. Australian Staffing Agency
  2. Robert Half Melbourne Recruitment Agency
  3. Adecco
  4. Randstad Australia
  5. Robert Walters Australia

Conclusion: Top 10 Websites to find Australian Jobs for Foreigners

Australia is a country filled with opportunities for foreign job seekers and students. These opportunities while competitive are also very easy to access. So, if you were having trouble deciding if traveling to Australia to look for a job is going to be a good decision, well we can tell you that it will be a good one.

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