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Capability Scotland Review: Disability is not a pledge, those with this should be given equal opportunities in society and care too. This is the core aim and service of the Capability Scotland charity house. Since it was established in 1946, it has rendered unmeasured support to disabled children and adults across Scotland. In this company review article, you will learn more about the goals and services of the Capability Scotland charity house. 

But before we get started, let’s have a little dive into its history

About Capability Scotland – A Short History

Capability Scotland is one charity in Scotland that helps disabled people, children and adults find hope and a place to call home. So, It was founded in 1946 by a group of parents and health professionals who focused on helping children with cerebral palsy

More so, Capacity Scotland is based in Edinburgh but operates acrose Scotland. The charity provides education, care, and support to disabled people through its special services and programs such as “residential care homes, care at home, housing support, and specialized education through two schools.”

However, before the charity extended its services, Capacity Scotland first operated as a school. The first school was created in 1948 at Corstorphin. However, in the 1960s, the charity started planning its first employment phase for disabled people, and in 1973, the first adult residential home for the disabled was established, As per details from the official website.

In the progression of time, more schools were founded to accommodate more disabled children, for instance, Stanmore House in Lanark and Corseford School in Kilbarchan. More so, in 2021, the charity started a new project in Perth, named, Bertha Park, a new residential care home. This project is expected to be concluded come 2026.

Quick Facts about Capability Scotland 

  • Support over 850 customers throughout Scotland
  • It has over 840 staff  based within its  services, in the community, and at various office hubs
  • They work with 28 of 32 Scottish local authorities (plus two in England and one in Wales)
  • Staff have specialist knowledge of over 150 disabilities and conditions
  • They operate 22 services across Scotland
Source: Aspen People Website 

Mission Statement and Value 

Capacity Scotland is on a mission to give voice to those in Scotland considered as less in society. Its vision is built on a burning desire to reach everyone and give people the opportunities for their voices to be heard, and also reach their highest potential. 

Mission Statement Capability Scotland

We will strive to deliver the highest quality services, tailored to the individual needs of disabled people. Also, we will work in partnership to create innovative solutions that enable our people to achieve their goals. We will put our customers and learners at the heart of everything we do and will make sure their voices are heard loud and clear.

Source: Aspen people

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Capability Scotland Review: Core Services Offered by Capability Scotland 

The services offered by Capability Scotland charity are centered on providing care, support, and education for disabled children and adults across Scotland. This is achieved through the following services:

1. Disability Advice and Advocacy 

More so, they provide expert advice and support to people with disabilities, including children and adults to help them seamlessly navigate the complex world of benefits, housing, and other services.

2. Employment Support

The team at Capacity Scotland also helps to develop the skills of wards under its care by teaching them new skills to boost their confidence and helping them find employment that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

2. Community Living Services 

The charity provides staffed accommodation, shared living schemes, and individual support services to help workers and clients enjoy comfort and security.

3. Residential Caring Support

They provide both long-term and permanent accommodation options for everyone under their care to ensure they receive full support and get the help needed for growth as required. In addition to this, capability Scotland also takes care of the bills from medical to feeding, whatever you can think of. However, as a resident with the foundation, you will be engaged in activities to develop your skills, like baking, art, and sports games.

4. Care at Home and Housing Support

And if you don’t feel comfortable joining the community accommodation, they also provide home-based care support and you even have the opportunity to participate in local events.  

5. Day Opportunities

If you need to visit a loved one under the care of the charity, you can visit the day opportunity centers during the week. Moreover, here you can take part in recreation activities with your loved one under their care and other family members participating in games and silent moments for expression and all. Also, this facility helps disabled people refresh and participate in fun activities such as drama, cooking, gardening, art, music, and much more.  

6. Schools and Education

The charity at Capability Scotland is heavy on education and growth. Hence, they provide an exclusive learning environment to help disabled people adapt and assimilate. More so, with its two education centers; one in Lanark and one in Johnstone, each offering, primary, secondary, and higher education opportunities.

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How is Capability Scotland Funded?

Capability Scotland operates as a charity organization hence its funding structure is built on the support and grants it receives from people and the government. Here’s a breakdown of their vital support system according to the Capability Scotland Annual Report 2021/22.

  • Government Contracts (89.6%): Local authority contracts for services like residential care, daycare, and independent living support form the backbone of their financial stability.
  • Donations & Fundraising (4.0%): Individual contributions, events, and the Life Moments Giving program fuel additional projects and services beyond contractual obligations. 
  • Investment Income (0.6%) & Trading Income (0.5%): Diversifying income streams, with a small but steady contribution from investments and merchandise sales
  • Temporary Support (2.8%): The Job Retention Scheme and sustainability grants provided temporary relief during the pandemic.
  • One-time Contributions (1.3%): Donated property acts as a unique boost, but not a regular source of income.

Company Contact Details 

Name Capability Scotland 
CEOBrian Logan
Date founded31 October 1946
Number of Employees856 (April 2021)
Operating days Monday – Friday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Call Helpline0300 323 9961
Capability Scotland Review: Company Profile

Conclusion on Capability Scotland Review

Capability Scotland is one of those few organized charities that give meaning to life even when society thinks otherwise. Through this charity, many humans in Scotland have been blessed and found meaning in their lives. Although its operations are dependent on funds from donations, fundraisers, and volunteers, they are committed to providing nothing short of the best. To support giving back to society through your means, kindly visit the official website for further inquiries.

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