Best Accommodation in Berlin for Indian Students 

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Best Accommodation in Berlin for Indian students: Berlin is a popular destination for top international students seeking to explore the excellent educational system in Germany, and it is no wonder why. 

Of these populations in German universities, India leads as the second country with the most foreign students in Germany. This accounts for ‌33,753 as reported by Germany International Student Statistics 2023 – Erudera.

Hence, with this population and  a host of other foreign students, finding suitable accommodation is an important concern for Indian students in Berlin. The choice of where to stay not only affects the social experience of the international students but also affects the overall educational experience. 

Hence, it is important for all prospective Indian students planning to explore the shores of Berlin, Germany, to secure the best accommodation choice even before making their move into the country.

Although finance is a major factor to consider when choosing the best accommodation in Berlin. It is also, paramount to take into consideration the location of your choice of accommodation and the distance from the institution. Furthermore, the availability of basic amenities, safety measures and legal requirements are other paramount considerations for Indian students.

Therefore, In their article, we will discuss the various steps involved in securing the best accommodation for Indian students in Berlin. And of course, proceed to the importance of location, budget and amenities as regards finding accommodation. 

Types of Student Accommodation In Berlin for Indian Students 

Once you’ve got your admission settled, the next important thing to do is settle your accommodation. This stage is as important as paying your fees because you could end up standard in the worst scenario. This shouldn’t be your case.

So, in Berlin, Germany, there are  several accommodation options available for Indian students. This ranges from on-campus rooms to off-campus rooms and private apartment options. But, each accommodation option as expected has its pros and cons, we will look into that much later. But first, we will discuss these accommodations in Berlin and identify the best for Indian students in Berlin.

The Types of housing /Accommodations in Berlin for Indian students include:

  • Studio apartment
  • Student Hall of Residence or student dorms 
  • Homestays
  • Shared Apartment or Private room

Now, let’s take a quick look at each of these housing options with a special emphasis on location, pricing, and amenities’ availability to help you make the best choice.

1. Studio Apartment

If you prefer your space to yourself with an emphasis on privacy, then a studio room is the best option for you. A studio room is a private apartment,t usually well furnished, not meant for sharing. 

This type of housing comes with large rooms, an attached kitchen and dining space, and yes, a private bathroom. Studio rooms have all the beautiful modern facilities and major amenities for comfortable habitation. However, a studio room is more expensive than a shared apartment, as it requires payment of bills by an individual. 

Consequently, the rent of a studio room costs approximately  €800-900 (INR 68,573-77,144) on average. However, the fully furnished private studios are even more expensive, they cost around €450-14,000 (INR 38,572-12,42,886). 

Regardless of the price, a good number of Indian students prefer the studio room because of the privacy attached and of course, the availability of modern facilities. In addition, there are no rules and restrictions since it is a private accommodation option.

Cons of Studio Apartment

  • Most studio apartments are located away from institutions and hence may attract extra costs for transportation to various institutions of learning 
  • Studio apartments are ‌more expensive than the other housing options 
  • Availability of studio rooms during new academic sessions is often a challenge due to the number of students opting for the option. 

2. Student Hall of Residence or Student Dorms 

If what you desire is a more inclusive and exciting social experience while you pursue your educational prowess, Consider the dormitories or student halls of residence. In Berlin, this housing option is the most affordable and popular option for Indian students seeking budget-friendly accommodation. The monthly rent for student dorms ranges between  €218 to  €250, which is equivalent to INR 18,689 to INR 21,429.

Moreover, these dormitories may be owned by institutions or private housing companies. In either case, student dorms typically feature shared rooms, accommodation anywhere from 2 to 6 students, depending on the size of the rooms. Also, they come furnished and with some necessities such as beds, closets, mirrors and reading desks.

However, in this setting, there are no private bathrooms, all roommates share the same bathroom and kitchen. But, each resident handles their laundry, cooking and cleaning, which promotes a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. 

Amongst all others, student halls of residence are usually located close to learning institutions, making it convenient for students to shuttle to their school without hassle.  Hence, this makes student dorms one of the best accommodations for Indian students in Berlin who love to socialize while living on a friendly budget.


  • Proximity to learning institutions 
  • Increased social interactions 
  • Budget-friendly accommodation fee


  • Restriction in movement within the early and late hours of the day
  • Little freedom as stick rules and regulations are set by the student administrative body guiding conduct of residence.
  •  Little or no privacy
  • It very difficult to secure a space in the dormitory

2. Homestays

This is a more traditional housing option for Indian students who love the adventure of exploring new cultures. A homestay accommodation entails living with a local family in Britain. Here, you are granted a spare room in an apartment with a local family.

This is another great housing option as the rent is determined by the host family and could be adjustable to suit your estimated budget. More so, opting for homestay accommodation comes with the special privilege of bonding and learning the diverse culture peculiar to the Germans. However, you would have to abide by the rules of the house and adjust your lifestyle to accommodate the new norm.

3. Shared Apartment (WG – Wohngemeinschaft) and Private Rooms

A good number of international students, including Indian students, always opt for shared rooms or private room flats. This is one of the most common types of student housing in Germany. These rental apartments are located close to learning institutions, hence making them an ideal choice for students.

A shared room in Berlin consists of a single flat with two or more student occupants. But in this case, you get a room to yourself but share common spaces, like the kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining hall with your flatmate. Also, there is a private room. Here, a student owns a flat with complete privacy, which is usually more pricey than the shared apartment. However, sometimes in most private rooms, the bathroom is shared. 

Regardless, in both options, cooking, cleaning and laundry are the responsibilities of individual occupants. Plus, there are minimal rules and restrictions. Private or shared accommodation in Berlin costs around €300-790 (INR 25,715-67,716) per month.

Mistakes Students Should Avoid While Working in German

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Student  Accommodation in Berlin

When choosing accommodation in Berlin, Indian students should consider the following factors 

1. Proximity to Universities 

Ensure to choose accommodation that is near to your choice of university. This helps in simple movement, in and out of the university, helping you save time for study and other personal pursuit.

2. Budget Consideration

Everyone can not fit into the same shoes, so making financial considerations is one smart way for Indian students to enjoy and maximize their stay in Italy. Beyond accommodation, consider other factors relating to expenses, like groceries, transportation, and leisure. A well-thought-out budget ensures a smoother transition and stays in Berlin.

3. Safety and Security 

Personal safety and security is a non-negotiable consideration. Before you make payment for your choice of accommodation, ensure you conduct thorough research on the safety record of the neighborhood you are considering for accommodation. A secure environment contributes to peace of mind and a healthy environment. 

4. Amenities and Facilities

This goes without mentioning that the level of comfort students derive from accommodation depends on the amenities and facilities available. Before you make your decision, enquire about basic facilities, like availability of convenience, laundry facilities, study spaces and common areas for socializing.

How to find the Best student accommodation for Indian students in Berlin?

To access the best accommodation in Berlin for Indian students, start your application very early. Also, you must start your search from your home country in order to avoid the rush and cases of being stranded. The best accommodations in Berlin for Indian students are usually hard to get and run out easily, so you must search way in advance for your academic resumption.

Moreover, the major ways to search for accommodation in Berlin include through

  • Accommodation Websites 
  • Real Estate search platforms and
  • Real estate agents
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1. Accommodation Website: 

There are several websites dedicated to accommodation in Berlin which provide details on procedures for hostel or housing accommodation. Also, these websites provide insight into the photographs, cost, amenities and location of various properties to guide your decisions. 

Furthermore,  on this website, you can find listings of various vacant dormitories, private flats, shared rooms and even high-rise studio apartments. You can then make your choice based on available resources and information provided. 

Furthermore, some of these websites are owned by different housing agencies that not only help with listings but can help you accrue and secure your choice of university. However, it’s important to be mindful of scammers when searching online for accommodation. Check the validity and credibility of the site, also, ask questions before you make payment. 

  1. WG-Gesucht: This is the most popular website for finding shared apartments in Berlin. It offers a video range of listings, including rooms in apartments, houses and student dorms.
  2. Studentenwerk Berlin: This is the student union sector in Berlin. They offer a variety of accommodation options for students, including dormitories, apartments and rooms in shared flats,
  3. Airbnb: This is another helpful and popular homestay platform for finding rental rooms or apartments with locals.
  4. Berliner Zimmervermittlung: This is a local agency that helps students find accommodation in Berlin

Other popular Accommodation website/ Agency in Berlin  for Indian students includes:

  • HouseAnywhere
  • Erasmus Play
  • ASH Berlin
  • Stopahome

3. Real Estate Search Platforms:

These platforms offer a broader overview of housing options according to your location. On these platforms, you can filter properties based on their proximity to your university or college. This makes it a breeze to weigh your options regardless of your specific choice. Examples of these platforms are Immobilienscout24, Studentten-Wg and

4. Real Estate Agents

Hiring or contacting the services of a real estate agent makes applying for accommodation seamless. You will need to search properties on your own as the agent will bridge the gap, serving your alternative options. More so, real estate agents can also help you locate the cheapest cities in Germany to rent the best apartments. Additionally, in Berlin, students are not responsible for paying agents as the cost will be covered by the Landlords.

Best Accommodation in Berlin for Indian Students – Living Expenses in Germany for Indian Students 

Unlike other European countries, the cost of living in Germany is far above the average, however, Berlin is one of the most affordable cities when compared to the others. 

Although there are different scholarships to study in Germany that can help students foot these bills, a good knowledge of the cost of living in Berlin is still necessary to navigate the system and live a wholesome life. According to the data published by Dekho Abroad, on average, the monthly expenses of International students in Germany range between EUR 725. This depends on your accommodation and style of living.

Below is a brief breakdown of the cost of living in Berlin for Indian students:

Cost breakdown (2023) as revised by College  Dekho Abroad website:

1. Rent

  • Average cost: EUR 300 – EUR 700 per month
  • Depending on the type of accommodation
  • Rent must be paid monthly, excluding utilities, food and television

2. Food and Drinks 

  • Average cost: EUR 150 – 250
  • This is dependent on location and the type of food ordered.

3. Travel 

  • Average cost: EUR 100 – EUR 150 
  • Depending on the distance between the university, accommodation and destination 

4. Insurance

  • Average cost: EUR 95 – EUR 115 per month 
  • This depends on the insurance company, age and number of coverage

5. Utilities 

  • Average cost: EUR 150 – EUR 300
  • Basic utilities include mobile, internet, electricity and TV expenses 
  • Cost may vary based on students’ lifestyles and habits, 

6. Personal Expenses 

  • Average cost: EUE 50 – EUR 200
  • Depending on individual lifestyle

Note: All costs listed above are approximate and have been calculated according to the exchange rate at the time, hence this is subject to change as the market continues to change. Students should budget according to location and need.

Best Accommodation in Berlin for Indian Students – Popular Areas for Accommodation

There are so many nice neighborhoods in Berlin for Indian students but these are the best:

  • Mitte
  • Neukölln
  • Charlottenburg
  • Prenzlauer Berg
  • Schöneberg
  • Lichtenberg 

These are just a few of the many neighborhoods in Berlin that are popular among Indian students for accommodation. However, the best neighborhood depends on factors like proximity to the university, budget and lifestyle preference.

Conclusion on Best Accommodation in Berlin for Indian Students

The best accommodation in Berlin for Indian students depends on several factors, such as personal preferences, proximity to the university, cost and availability of utilities. 

However, as outlined in this article, you must weigh various options before proceeding  with your application. If you like the company of other students and a more social life, you can choose from the shared room and student dorms. However, make up your mind early enough to begin your application as it is a very competitive process, except you are opting for a private apartment.

Moreover, for a more seamless process, you can work with a real estate agent or better still, a housing agency in Germany. Either way, be thorough in your process to avoid being scammed. With all these tips in mind, you can find the best accommodation in Berlin for your educational pursuit. Happy learning.

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