Pros and Cons of Cheap Student Accommodation in Germany

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In this article, we provide a simple guide to discovering Cheap Student Accommodation in Germany.

Finding the best student accommodation in Berlin once you secure your admission is just as important as securing your German student visa. Getting a comfortable and well-furnished student apartment can be an expensive and stressful process.

The good news is that there are several accommodation options available in Germany, and even cheap options for students living on a low budget. 

Here is all you need to know about the cheap student accommodation in Germany. 

Types of Cheap Student Accommodation in Germany 

Aside from tuition fees, rent is another major expense you must consider when planning to study in Germany. The different student accommodation in Germany attracts different rent depending on student preference and facility location. 

As per Housing Anywhere figures, if you decide to live in a student dorm, you can expect to pay rent of approximately  €250 to €400 per month, however, a shared room will cost you even higher, around €400 to €500 per month. It even gets higher in a private apartment.

Moreover, you would be interested to know that, In Germany, there are two types of monthly rent payments. The first is the kaltmiete—Basic Rent. Rent is paid without an additional cost included. The second is known as —Warmmiete. This is your basic rent and includes other costs such as electricity bills, water, waste disposal and property taxes.

There are several types of accommodation in Germany for international students, but In this section, we will consider two which represent the cheapest student accommodation in Germany:

  • Student halls of residence 
  • Flatshares 

1. Student Residence Halls 

Cost: According to upGrad Abroad, €218-250 (INR 18,686 – INR 21,429) per month

According to popular research, Student Residence halls, also called student dormitories, make up one of the cheapest and most popular accommodations in Germany. In fact, Germany website reviews that over 40% of international students in Germany live in student residence halls. Also, according to DAAD, there are over 1,174 student residence halls in Germany. 

In the student hall of residence, a group of 5 to 6 students (depending on the size of the facility) share a single apartment, including the bathroom and kitchen. It is a type of shared apartment made for students. This type of apartment offers students the privilege of socializing with each other.  

Furthermore, student halls of residence differ from city to city in Germany. These differences lie in basic features such as location, size of building, rooms and availability of basic amenities. Student halls of residence are usually located close to the university. This, together with the fact that it is relatively affordable, makes it a popular choice for international students. More so, the duration of stay in a student hall of residence in Germany is the standard period for your study program.

Pros and Cons of Student Halls of ResidenceCheap Student Accommodation in Germany

Pros Cons 
Convenient Location limited availability 
Affordable cost No privacy
Close to the University Very limited stay time
Supportive Community Strict Rules and Regulations
High security Shared bedroom, kitchen and bathroom

Major Student Halls of Residence in Berlin With Rental Price 

Name Monthly rent (€)Rating Facilities Location
Studentendorf Schlachtensee250 – 3004.5/5Kitchen, laundry facilities, study room, bike storage, gymSchlachtensee
Studentenwerk Charlottenburg260 – 2804.3/5Kitchen, laundry facilities, study room, bike storageCharlottenburg
Studentenwerk Mitte2704.2/5Kitchen, laundry facilities, study room, bike storageMitte
Studentenwerk Wedding2804.1/5Kitchen, laundry facilities, study room, bike storageWedding
Studentenwerk Adlershof2904/5Kitchen, laundry facilities, study room, bike storageAdlershof
Studentenwerk FHTW3003.9/5Kitchen, laundry facilities, study room, bike storageMoabit

How to Get into Halls of Residence

If you desire to stay in a student hall of residence in Germany, ensure you apply immediately after you receive your admission letter. Application is done online via the university’s official website but it’s best you understand the different ways of securing student accommodation in Germany. Ensure to contact your admission or academic officer for further enquiries. Also, the application date for the student hall of residence comes with a strict deadline and is usually filled up fast. 

Follow these steps to apply for a desired student hall of residence:

  1. Search for the best student halls of residence. Consider cost, location and facilities. 
  2. Check the deadline and ensure you have ample time to complete the application.
  3. Assemble the required documents needed for the application, such as a rental contract, proof of identity, proof of student status and a copy of your academic transcript.
  4. Complete your application online once you have all the documents 

N/B: Application deadline and eligibility criteria for accommodation application may be different for different universities. Do ensure to research before making your application.

2. Flatshare or Wohnungsgemeinschaft (WG)

Rent: Approximately about €430 as per Career360 figures

Flatshare, also called Wohnungsgemeinschaft in German or WG for short, is also one of the cheap student accommodations in Germany. This housing option is popular both amongst domestic and international students because it offers a better level of privacy compared to student halls of residence. 

Usually, students who cannot secure a space in the student halls of residence opt for a WG, moreover, the flatshare accommodation is relatively popular amongst students in Germany Because it is a viable alternative because it offers better perks to students. It gives better room for socializing. 

The flat share or Wohnungsgemeinschaft (WG) is usually a private apartment owned either by students who wish to rent a share with peers, or the local housing authority. Usually, apartments used for Flat shares are specious. They contain enough rooms that can house about four to five people, depending on the size. 

Unlike the student dorms, each flatmate in a flatshare has a room and only shares common spaces like a kitchen, bathroom, and dining space with flatmates. Also, occupants of flat shares share the rent and other utility costs amongst themself which makes flat shares a cheap accommodation option for students in Berlin.

Pros and Cons of Shared Apartments Cheap Student Accommodation in Germany

Pos Cons 
More PrivacyMay or may not be located close to your university 
Not competitive Rent cost may be more expensive in city areas 
Avoidable cost (Average cost about €430)Potential roommate conflict
Shared cost of utilities and rentResponsible for maintenance 

Major Flat Shares in Germany With Rental Price 

City Flatshare Rent price range (per month)Facilities Location
BerlinWG-Gesucht€300-€800Shared kitchen, bathroom, living room, WiFi, laundry facilitiesMitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain
MunichStudentendorf Neuperlach€250-€400Shared kitchen, bathroom, living room, WiFi, laundry facilities, parkingNeuperlach
CologneWunderflats€400-€600Shared kitchen, bathroom, living room, WiFi, laundry facilities, TVEhrenfeld, Nippes, Altstadt
HamburgAirbnb€500-€800Private room with shared bathroom, kitchen, living room, WiFi, laundry facilitiesSt. Pauli, Eimsbüttel, Altona
FrankfurtHomelike€400-€1200Private room with shared bathroom, kitchen, living room, WiFi, laundry facilities, TVBockenheim, Westend, Sachsenhausen
DüsseldorfFAIRflat€450-€650Shared kitchen, bathroom, living room, WiFi, laundry facilities, bike storagePempelfort, Carlstadt, Altstadt
LeipzigStudy stay€350-€550Shared kitchen, bathroom, living room, WiFi, laundry facilities, bike storageSüdvorstadt, Plagwitz, Gohlis

Please note that the rent price range given above is only approximate and is different depending on flat size, location and number of persons per flat.

How to Secure a Spot in Shared Apartments

The process of securing a flatshare space differs actually from the student halls of residence. Although you will find some flatshare vacancies listed on a housing agency website, like WG-Gesucht and other online platforms, networking is the major means of getting a good flatshare space. 

Better still, you can rent an apartment with a group of friends, or search for people in need of accommodation. Some students run online ads in various student groups on Facebook to search for flatmates. 

However, one easy and reliable way to secure a suitable flat share apartment is by working with a real estate agency or platform. They make the process hassle-free and their fees are not as much as renting private accommodation.

How to Find Cheap Accommodation in Germany as a Student?

To be honest, there is no one way to fit all approaches to getting cheap accommodation in Germany for international students. To be on the safe side, work with as many resources as possible to avoid getting out of options.

Here are the major places to search for cheap accommodation in Germany

  1. Search online: The best way to do this is to search through different websites like the WG-Gesuch, Studenten-WG, and Housing Anywhere. These websites provide wide arrays of accommodation options specific to different needs. You can filter your search to your desired location and price range. 

Some common websites to rent flats in Germany

  •  Wunderflats
  •  Akelius Residential Property AB
  •  Spotahome
  •  Coming Home
  •  WG-Gesucht
  •  Immowelt
  •  Go Easy Berlin
  •  Crocodilian Berlin
  •  Berlin99 Property GmbH
  1. Network with friends and seek advice from occupants in flatshares
  2. Join social platforms and communities where you can get quick tips and see adverts for vacant flats. 
  3. Hire a real estate agent  
  4. John Local Student Union (Deutsches Studentenwerk)
  5. Search in University International Office & Notice Boards

How Much Does Student Accommodation Cost in Germany?

In Germany, student accommodation on average ranges from €250 to €750 per month, but this depends on the location, size and facilities that are available. For a Room in Residence Halls budget €250 – €300, a room in shared apartment or flat share (€450), for a private 1-bedroom apartment (€700 -€1500)

Conclusion on Cheap Student Accommodation in Germany

Housing in Germany is expensive, no doubt. ‌ But with the provision of student dorms and shared apartments amongst other housing options, you can find the best alternative and budget-friendly accommodation. 

However, ensure you start the search for suitable accommodation early enough to avoid getting stranded because getting temporary accommodation is a rather experienced alternative. 

Join social groups affiliated with your prospective university on Facebook. There you will find adverts for accommodation. 

Furthermore, network with colleagues and friends to discover available shared flat options. You can also work with real estate agents for a more seamless process. Do not rely on a single process, send in as many bookings and search different online resources to stand a fair chance. 


1. What is the cheapest accommodation in Germany for students?

A student dorm or student hall of residence is one of the most affordable accommodation types in Germany. A room in a student dorm costs around €246 per month. However, this depends on the location, size and number of facilities in the dorm.

2. How much does student accommodation cost in Germany?

Student accommodation costs in Germany are different for each accommodation type. For cheaper rent, you can consider staying in a student hall of residence. The monthly rent for a student dorm or student hall of residence usually ranges between  €250 to €400 per month. However, for a shared apartment or WG, expect to pay rent between €400 to €500 per month.

3. How much does a student hostel cost in Germany?

About €200 to €500 per month

However, this depends on the type of hostel, location, and amenities. On average, the cost of staying in a student hostel in Germany may range from  €200 to €500 per month.

4. How to find a student hostel in Germany?

There are different legit websites to find student hostels in Germany. However, websites like student-WG and WG-Gesucht are more popular because they provide a wide range of accommodation options and filters to make the search easy for students.

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