Top Professional LinkedIn Profile Services in Ghana

Top Professional LinkedIn Profile Services in Ghana

Every day, the influence of technology on so many industries in Africa increases. So many industries and processes are being digitized, and although it might take a long time before it gets to the level of the developed continents, it is still something to be excited about.

One such process that is in its digitalization process is the job-seeking process. Normally, this is a tedious process, as most times job seekers have to go from company to company to submit their applications. Another challenge was how to get the news of available vacancies.

Thankfully, social media and by extension technology have made this process a lot easier. One of the products of this was a platform called LinkedIn.

This article looks at the top professional LinkedIn profile services in Ghana.

LinkedIn in West Africa

According to Statista, there are about 15.67 million LinkedIn users in Western Africa and it has been projected to reach 36 million by 2025. This is an indication that LinkedIn is having a big influence on careers and professionals there.

Nigeria alone accounts for 5.79 million of that number currently and Ghana has 1.65 million users. For Ghana, this is about 5.2% of the country’s population. You can find more of these numbers on Napoleon Cat.


So what exactly is this LinkedIn and why is it so important. Well, we discussed a little about how difficult it was to search for jobs, and one of such ways to make the job search process easier is to employ the services of LinkedIn.

If you are wondering how it does this, here is the answer. LinkedIn provides a platform that can be accessed either via its mobile application or its website. On this platform, employers can interact with job seekers, job seekers can build a network with other individuals either of the same ilk or from other industries or fields.

Through this interaction, a job seeker can find an employer on the platform and proceed to send their CV, resume as well as other documents the employer might require. Employers can also search for individuals with specific skill sets. This way, both the employer and job seeker can find what they are looking for.

To be able to interact and take advantage of all these, users have to create a profile. This is regardless of your status as a job-seeker or an employer.

LinkedIn Profile

The profile of an employer is different from that of a job seeker. For this article, we would focus on the profile of a job-seeker.

As an individual looking to find a job on LinkedIn you have to create a profile like we already established that you would need to create a profile on the platform. However, this is not as straightforward as it sounds. A LinkedIn profile has to be delicately crafted as it is an avenue to advertise yourself/your brand to attract the companies of your choice.

Here are some tips on how to create a professional profile for yourself.

1. Choose an adequate profile picture:

Always remember that visuals are very important and the first visual contact people will have with you is your profile picture. Use a recent picture, make sure your face is very visible, look corporate enough, and wear a good smile.

2. Use a good background photo:

A good background photo adds context and highlights some of the things you consider important. Furthermore, a good background photo helps your profile stand out and engage attention.

3. Choose an Interesting Profile Headline:

Your profile header should be more than just a job title. It helps to be creative and descriptive with your profile headline. Include relevant keywords and describe your expertise.

4. About Section:

In this section, you should tell your story, make use of all 2000 characters available if you can. Update as much as possible and as soon as you have any added certification or improvement. Also, utilize important keywords as well.

5. Fill out your work experience:

Go in-depth if you need to or if you have lengthy work experience, you can skip some with less relevance. Always focus on your best achievements and make sure you update this section as soon as there is a relevant update.

6. Avoid Buzzwords:

Certain words are overused and are easily found on the profile headlines of many people. Words like Leader, Innovative, Experienced, etc. should be avoided when possible. It’s better to show your competence through your content and not through these words.

7. Take Skill Assessments:

LinkedIn provides certain tests that enable you to showcase your proficiency in skills. Once you pass these tests, you get a certified badge of proficiency. Feel free to take as many of these tests as you can find, and don’t forget that you can retake these tests as much as possible till you get the badge.

Some other tips include requesting recommendations, showcasing your passion for learning, listing relevant skills, and growing your network

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Top Professional LinkedIn Profile Services in Ghana

1. My Dream CV

In today’s employment environment where employers often want to know a little more about their potential employees. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find these companies checking LinkedIn for more information, and this is where My Dream CV comes in. They help you build an attractive profile that will get these employers but also ensure it portrays you as a person with a positive character as well as an expert in your field.

How to contact My Dream CV:

2. My Job Mag

My Job Mag is also one of the Top Professional LinkedIn Profile Services in Ghana. They believe that with the millions of recruiters on LinkedIn, it would be a disaster to leave your profile unattended, or worse not have one at all. If you do not have one or you have one that is not optimized, one can almost conclude that you are losing out on a lot of career opportunities. My Job Mag helps you rebrand your profile to help your career. Their LinkedIn profile experts can ensure that you would be getting the best profile available.

How to contact MyJobMag:

3. Sobia

At Sobia, a good LinkedIn profile is driven by compelling design, SEO, and engagement. They would ensure to address all these at affordable rates while also meeting the agreed deadline. Sobia already prides itself as the number one resume writing company in Ghana, and they believe that their experience in that field goes a long way in their quest to provide holistic professional LinkedIn services.

How to contact Sobia:

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