Best LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service in the UK

Best LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service in the UK
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As a professional in the United Kingdom, having an optimized LinkedIn profile helps. With over 4 million company pages available for people in the U.K. it only makes sense to tap into the plethora of opportunities that it offers. This can be done by optimizing your LinkedIn profile to attract the companies available on the platform.

Now, what does it mean to optimize your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

You can look at the LinkedIn platform as an avenue for individuals to advertise their skills and qualities to attract employers looking for individuals of that ilk. With this in mind, it is obvious that when creating your profile, you have to do it in such a way that makes you stand out among others who might possess the same type of skills you do or might be in your field.

It is also important to note that sometimes, these companies can also make a search that enables them to look for specific types of individuals with a specific skill set. Having an optimized profile will help our account or profile come up in these searches, putting you in a position of advantage over others with the same skill set.

How can you Optimize your LinkedIn profile to enjoy its benefits?

How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile?

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile, yourself has some advantages. You know your skills, strengths, weaknesses, and expertise better than anyone else. For that reason, you can properly put them out there in a way that can attract specific employers.

However, to do this, there are certain things you need to know. These will act as a guide in optimizing your profile if you choose to do so yourself.

Here are the things you need to know;

1. Choose an adequate profile picture:

Always remember that visuals are very important and the first visual contact people will have with you is your profile picture. Use a recent picture, make sure your face is very visible, look corporate enough, and wear a good smile.

2. Use a good background photo:

A good background photo adds context and highlights some of the things you consider important. Furthermore, a good background photo helps your profile stand out and engage attention.

3. Choose an Interesting Profile Headline:

Your profile header should be more than just a job title. It helps to be creative and descriptive with your profile headline. Include relevant keywords and describe your expertise.

4. About Section:

In this section, you should tell your story, make use of all 2000 characters available if you can. Update as much as possible and as soon as you have any added certification or improvement. Also, utilize important keywords as well.

5. Fill out your work experience:

Go in-depth if you need to or if you have a lengthy work experience, you can skip some with less relevance. Always focus on your best achievements and make sure you update this section as soon as there is a relevant update.

6. Avoid Buzzwords:

Certain words are overused and are easily found on the profile headlines of many people. Words like Leader, Innovative, Experienced, etc. should be avoided when possible. It’s better to show your competence through your content and not through these words.

7. Take Skill Assessments:

LinkedIn provides certain tests that enable you to showcase your proficiency in skills. Once you pass these tests, you get a certified badge of proficiency. Feel free to take as many of these tests as you can find, and don’t forget that you can retake these tests as much as possible till you get the badge.

Some other tips include requesting recommendations, showcasing your passion for learning, listing relevant skills, and growing your network.

However, if you want to employ the services of professionals here are ten of the best LinkedIn Profile Optimization Services in the United Kingdom.

LinkedIn Optimization Service
If you need assistance optimizing your Linkedin, contact us

10 Best LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service in the UK

1. James Innes Group

Price: £60.00 – £140.00

James Innes Group is one of the best LinkedIn profile optimization service in the UK. They believe that you can achieve a lot more with an optimized LinkedIn profile. They employ professionals who are very familiar with the right keywords for whatever industry you are in.

How to contact James Innes Group:

2. Spartan CV

Price: £50.00 – £120.00

They offer their services to various cities across the United Kingdom from Aberdeen to Bristol. Spartan’s certified writers would help curate an engaging profile that will impress your potential employers.

How to contact Spartan CV:

3. Golden CV

Price: £50.00 – £120.00

Golden CV LinkedIn optimization services include; completely redesigning your LinkedIn profile that will be ATS friendly, a well-thought-out summary and well-defined skills and so much more. They can also assure you of very timely delivery and will work with you until you are pleased with the result.

How to contact Golden CV:

4. Cetmatrix

Price: £13.00 – £38.00

Cetmatrix provides optimized LinkedIn profiles for professionals at various levels and from different industries. Their clients include fresh graduates, engineers, managers to even financial personnel. Once you subscribe to their service, you will be contacted by one of their expert consultants.

How to contact Cetmatrix:

5. Top CV

Price: £50.00

With over 770 million LinkedIn users, Top CV believes that you need to have a profile that stands out to increase your chances of getting that dream job of yours. They make sure the CV is created for you is keyword optimized as well as making it aligned with your CV.

How to contact Top CV:

LinkedIn Optimization Service
If you need assistance optimizing your Linkedin, contact us

6. CV Writings

Price: £25

If you are already on LinkedIn and you haven’t had offers or have been struggling to get jobs you applied for, then you have to consider that your profile is not one that employers want to take a second look at. CV Writings is here to change that. Their expertise would ensure that this problem won’t continue.

How to contact CV Writings:

7. LnCareer

With over 4000 LinkedIn profiles optimized, Ln Careers have enough experience and expertise to make sure you get a customized profile that perfectly suits your expertise.

How to contact Ln Career:

8. City CV

Price: £75

To make the best use of the opportunities, you would need to position your account in a way that enables you to be visible to companies that require your expertise.

How to contact City CV:

9. New IT Nest

New IT Nest is well equipped to transform your career journey by curating a well-built optimized LinkedIn profile. You can meet online with one of their expert consultants and they would work with you to create the perfect LinkedIn profile that would attract employers.

How to contact New IT Nest:

10. Pro Writing Hub

Price: £105+

If you are looking to have your LinkedIn profile optimized to attract the attention of your dream employers, then Pro Writing Hub is the best choice for you. They would not just optimize your profile; they would also ensure to grow your network by linking you with people of similar expertise.

How to contact Pro Writing Hub:

Do You Need the best LinkedIn Optimization Service?

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Conclusion: Best LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service in the UK

If you have gotten to this point, I don’t need to emphasize the need for an optimized LinkedIn profile anymore. So, make sure to contact as many of these companies and see which one has offers that suit your needs the most. Go out there and watch your career grow. Don’t also forget to have a quality CV to go with it.

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