LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service in Malaysia

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service in Malaysia
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Malaysia has over 4 million LinkedIn users and this is an increase from the barely over one million users in 2011. This increase though can be attributed to more and more Malaysian companies putting their job advertisements on the internet, shifting from the more traditional channels. 

This shift has made LinkedIn very important to the career of the average Malaysian professional. According to HR Asia, more and more Malaysians are likely to miss out on these job opportunities because they either don’t have access to LinkedIn or can’t optimize their LinkedIn profiles well enough to attract their dream employers.

So, what does it mean to optimize your LinkedIn profile?


Before we get to the Optimization part, we need to discuss briefly LinkedIn and why it’s so important.

LinkedIn is an online business and employment-oriented company founded in 2003. Its platforms can be accessed via its website or mobile app and are often used for professional networking and career development.

Individual professionals can post their CVs and resumes while companies can go through them as they search for qualified individuals to work for them. February 2021, it was estimated that there were about 740 million LinkedIn users and in Malaysia 4.47 million in 2022.

These numbers are just one of the many proofs of how efficient and trustworthy this platform is. In addition to helping professionals find jobs, they also provide courses and services that help individuals become better professionals.

What does it mean to optimize a LinkedIn Profile?

You can look at LinkedIn Profile Optimization as a form of branding. Companies spend millions of whatever currencies that are peculiar to their location to improve their branding and public image. We can look at Profile Optimization the same way companies look at branding. You need to optimize your public image on LinkedIn.

So, an Optimized LinkedIn Profile is one that intricately enumerates all the important information about you. It will have to detail your achievements educationally and professionally as well as your expertise and in what field.

An optimized LinkedIn profile can be the foundation of your branding, you can keep adding to this optimized profile as long as you keep improving. 

Now that we have established the importance of an optimized LinkedIn Profile, we need to talk about how to create one yourself and who you can turn to if you need professional help in Malaysia.

How to Optimize your LinkedIn profile

If you want to optimize your LinkedIn profile yourself, here are some tips to do so.

  1. Choose an adequate profile picture: Always remember that visuals are very important and the first visual contact people will have with you is your profile picture. Use a recent picture, make sure your face is very visible, look corporate enough, and wear a good smile.
  2. Use a good background photo: A good background photo adds context and highlights some of the things you consider important. Furthermore, a good background photo helps your profile stand out and engage attention.
  3. Choose an Interesting Profile Headline: Your profile header should be more than just a job title. It helps to be creative and descriptive with your profile headline. Include relevant keywords and describe your expertise.
  4. About Section: In this section, you should tell your story, make use of all 2000 characters available if you can. Update as much as possible and as soon as you have any added certification or improvement. Also, utilize important keywords as well.
  5. Fill out your work experience: Go in-depth if you need to or if you have a lengthy work experience, you can skip some with less relevance. Always focus on your best achievements and make sure you update this section as soon as there is a relevant update.
  6. Avoid Buzzwords: Certain words are overused and are easily found on the profile headlines of many people. Words like Leader, Innovative, Experienced, etc. should be avoided when possible. It’s better to show your competence through your content and not through these words.
  7. Take Skill Assessments: LinkedIn provides certain tests that enable you to showcase your proficiency in skills. Once you pass these tests, you get a certified badge of proficiency. Feel free to take as many of these tests as you can find, and don’t forget that you can retake these tests as much as possible till you get the badge.

Some other tips include requesting recommendations, showcasing your passion for learning, listing relevant skills, and growing your network.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service in Malaysia

For professionals in Malaysia looking to get professional Profile Optimization help, here are five of the best companies that offer that service.

1. Li Profile Writer:

Price: $85.30 – $103.50

Li Profile Writer understands the Optimization environment in Malaysia. A lot of professionals just copy whatever they see from other individuals’ profiles without being able to decipher if it is good enough. They have a reputation for making sure your profile shows up in relevant searches for your desired roles.

How to contact Li Profile Writer: 

2. Cetmatrix

Price: $16.99 – $34.49

They have mastered the art and science of crafting efficient LinkedIn profiles as well as resumes and other documents to help give your career a boost. They have been helping careers in so many ways since 2009 in various countries including Malaysia, India, Kuwait, and so many others. Their offers come in various forms for fresh graduates, engineers, managers, and more.

How to contact Cetmatrix:

3. Resume Writer Asia

Price: $69.90

Asia’s leading CV writing and career firm. They polish your CV, Cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles in a bid to help job seekers find the roles that they want.

How to contact Resume Writer Asia:

4. Manca Korelc

Manca Korelc has very competent writers and you can have an online interview with one of them as they prepare materials to improve your profile. There is an option of online guidance on Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile. Their services have packages for Managers, Directors, Sales Representatives and so much more.

How to contact Manca Kolerc:

5. CV Writing

Price: $23.70

CV Writing Asia helps you create a professional LinkedIn profile that will impress your network of connections and also attract employees in your field. They utilize ATS and SEO keywords to make sure your profiles are always going to come up in searches for potential employees in your field.

How to contact CV Writing:

Do You Need the best LinkedIn Optimization Service?

Fasthire is a Nigerian career brand and one of the best professional LinkedIn profile writing service providers. We offer other services including but not restricted to; Personal Statement WritingCV writing, cover letter writing, interview preparation, job listing, SEO content writing, career training. Browse through our pages to explore your career choices or contact us so we can help you champion your career needs.

Conclusion: LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service in Malaysia

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of having an optimized LinkedIn profile. Aside from helping you find the right job; it can also help you build a personal brand and become an influencer after that. Your best bet to fully utilize LinkedIn and the potentials it offers is to optimize your profile.

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