SOP Health and Community Development Studies Sample

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A well-composed Statement of Purpose for Health and Community Development Studies is your pitch to the admission committee. It helps you highlight your intellectual and career trajectory, recognitions, and skills, as the case may be. Hence, it is important to put together a good SOP when seeking admission into one of the universities that offer masters in Health and Community Development. The SOP Health and Community Development Studies Sample was written to De Montfort University; it will guide you on how to approach yours.

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SOP Health and Community Development Studies Sample

I live in a society where social inequality, lack of access to health care, poverty, limited food choices, exposure to environmental hazards, and lack of respect for human rights prevails. These things prevail because our social and healthcare system is not robust to cater for them. However, the narratives are beginning to change as local and international organizations are beginning to collaborate with the government and other meaningful citizens to extend the scope of our social and healthcare systems.

I derive joy in supporting people; nothing brings me more satisfaction like caring for the people around me. I also take pride in standing up for people who for one reason or the other have lost their voice. I am always conscious of the fact that people go through a lot in their lives that they may find difficult to share, so, I am always sensitive to people’s actions lending a listening ear when it’s needed and help to find solutions to their problems.

For the past 9 years, I have been working in a healthcare and community support foundation where we are active participants in campaigning against rape and abuse, providing young girls with sanitary pads, empowering indigenes medically, providing for children living in slums and ghettos, and supporting vulnerable adults with significant learning disabilities. With the execution of each function, I realize a greater sense of responsibility and purpose, and through the years I have come to realize that this is what I derive joy in. And despite working in other careers before now, none has brought me satisfaction and fulfilment like my involvement with this foundation.

The concept of health and community development studies can be understood in different ways, but at its core is the development of practitioners that will balance the social inequality and injustice in our current society while creating sustainable development for the future generation. This means meeting the diverse needs of people in the areas of mental health, sex and drug abuse, community development, racism, health education, social amenities, amongst others. In this regard healthcare and community development is an ideal vehicle for me to learn better ways of promoting sustainable development. This course will help me attain a new academic height which will be a great addition to my profile as I look forward to utilizing my skills and knowledge for the broader service of my community.

I have chosen the Health and Community Development Studies program at De Montfort University Leicester because unlike other programs, this one is designed for someone like me who’s coming from a voluntary or third sector organization background. Hence, despite having my undergraduate background in Performing Arts, this program will come easy both in learning and practice. More so, I would enjoy the flexible teaching approach that the department utilizes for its programs, and also have the opportunity of applying for a scholarship in this school.

In previous employment, I worked as a customer care and sales executive where I was able to nurture relationships, secure sensitive customer information, research into the root cause of problems while developing targets to maintain consistent growth. These experiences have helped me develop teamwork, interpersonal relationship, fieldwork, and research skills. My future target is to (……………). I am confident that with a formalized education like an MA in Health and Community Development Studies from the prestigious De Montfort University, I will be on the right path for career success.

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