7 Best Business Consulting Firms In Cayman Islands

The Best Business Consulting Firms in Cayman Islands
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With its tax neutrality, the flexibility of its financial policies, and state-of-the-art institutionally focused and specialized financial services, Cayman is a haven for all forms of financial institutions.

Accounting firms, business consulting firms, insurance firms all thrive on this small island that holds approximately US$74 billion in captive insurance assets.

Speaking of business consulting firms, Cayman has a good number of them and we are going to help you identify the best ones on the Island.

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What are business consulting firms?

A business consulting firm is a firm that efficiently delivers competent business advisory services. This can come in the form of professional recommendations to help achieve the client’s objectives, and even using data-driven analysis to improve the client’s performance capabilities.

In addition, business consulting firms are also known for strategizing, problem-solving and their scope of work can go from advisory to project management services.

Why You Should Hire A Consulting Firm?

Now you know what business consulting firms are, but you’re still not sure why you should hire one. Well, here are some reasons why you should stop deliberating and get one.

1. Extra manpower, especially for businesses with limited human resources. These business consulting firms would provide their staff while yours can focus on core company work.

2. Expert, specialized skillset with expert insight. 

3. Outside view, because it is not unusual for the company management to be blindsided due to certain internal issues. An outsider can see beyond these issues and give unbiased opinions.

How To Select A Business Consulting Firm In The Cayman Islands.

While there are many business consulting firms in the Cayman Islands, you have to consider certain factors to help your decision-making process. 

1. The scale of the problem: 

Confirming the scale of whatever problem you’re faced with is important. A small issue wouldn’t require a very prestigious consultancy firm and a big issue would require the very best in the business. This also affects the budgeting. Getting the magnitude of the problem and solving it adequately will save budget and time that can be invested somewhere else. For this reason, getting the scale right would be the first thing to do. With this, you can pick a business consulting firm that will achieve the objective efficiently with time, money, and human resources.

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2. Creating a budget: 

Once you have scaled the business, you have to consider your budget. The firm you pick will be dependent on that set budget. You won’t pick a firm that would charge bigger than your budget. Ultimately, research on these firms and how much they charge.

3. Time: 

Time constraint is a big factor to consider as well. Basically, how quickly do you need this problem to be solved? If you need it solved immediately, you would not want to hire a firm that would take a significant amount of time to respond. Firms with a lot of clients usually take a longer time to respond, you might want to avoid them. Getting smaller scale companies that are competent enough and will respond as soon as you request for their service. Firms like OneTRADEx ltd have a good number of clients in Cayman and might take a considerable amount of time before they attend to your issue.

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4. Form of issue: 

Finally, consider the type of problem you want to solve. This will be helpful as you would then proceed to pick a company that is well suited to your needs. Some firms specialize in solving a certain problem, and if their specialty is what you need then that company should be the first on your list. EisnerAmper for instance is a tax/fund management company in Cayman. In the situation where you are in a tax debacle, their expertise in that field makes them the first name you should consider calling.

Now that we have discussed what a business consulting firm is, why you need them and how to go about picking the right one in Cayman, we can talk about the best ones.

Best Business Consulting Firms in Cayman Island

1. Berman Fisher: 

An independent member of HLB International, which is an accounting firm with a global network of advisories. They specialize in Book-keeping, Accounting, Auditing, and Business advice. Assisting in the process.

2. Savage consulting

With a mission to bridge the gap between dreams in the clouds and feet on the ground. Savage consulting is a team of decisive, entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box thinkers. Business review and assessment, growth and fix plan, customer experience, enhancement, and process engineering and their strongholds as they aim to perform, provide, develop and deliver all their clients ask for. 

3. IMS: 

International management service, one of the oldest financial service providers in the Cayman Islands. Now a leading provider of fund governance and fiduciary services, they provide trust services, captive insurance, and many other services. They also have subsidiaries like the Cayman funds that are a pioneer in offshore financial services and Cayman companies that has been assisting companies in setting up and managing their enterprises. 

4. EisnerAmper

Created to provide the very best of financial services in Cayman island. They have the vision to be recognized as the leading corporate professional services firm.

5. Grant Thornton

They provide tax and advisory services. Alongside a set of specialist services on a local and global scale that includes liquidations, fraud investigation and asset recovery, hedge fund restructuring, and distressed property service. Arguably the biggest business consulting firm in Cayman and around the world, they come with quite a reputation. 

6. Crowe Cayman

An independent member of Crowe Global, which is a top 10 global accounting network. In Cayman, they offer local knowledge, experience, and expertise with their international reputation. They specialize in audit, accounting, and business advisory services. 


Asset management, crypto assets, insurance, and even regular banking are industries they are involved with. KPMG is another heavyweight business consulting firm in Cayman that comes with an immense reputation. They specialize in audit and assurance, tax, advisory, and enterprise.   


The amount of top-shelf business consulting firms in Cayman is impressive. It’s also a reason why you need to take time to consider why you’re picking anyone for their services.

As an individual looking to work for one of these companies, the business industry in Cayman is a great place. Searching and finding a job might be stressful but it is a lucrative one.

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