How the Polish Government Has Simplified Employment of Foreign Worker

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Poland Employment of Foreign workers Policy: Due to the increase in the number of immigrants in Poland, there is an increasing need for foreigners to find the best ways to secure jobs in Poland. Over the years, the Polish government has amended its laws and policies regarding the employment of foreign workers. 

In an amendment to the existing law of 2021, regarding the employment of foreign workers, on 29th January 2022, the Polish government brought forward a new law as detailed in the official European immigration website.

Hence, In this article, we will review the content of the amended law of 2022 for Poland’s employment of foreign workers. More so, we will consider recent updates/controversies in 2023 regarding these policies.

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Polish Government Simplified Laws for Employment of Foreigner Workers in Poland 

The simplified law as published on  29 January 2022, covers the following points:  

“For those applying for a temporary residence and work permit, the requirement to present documents confirming a place of residence and a source of stable and regular income has been waived. Instead, it is now only necessary that a person’s salary – regardless of working time and type of contract – is lower than the statutory minimum remuneration for work. This means that each foreigner, even if working part-time, must earn at least PLN 3,010 gross per month (approximately 665 EUR).”

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Content Of the Simplified Labour Law in Poland:

  • Employment with Several Employers: A single residence and work permit is now allowed to cover multiple employment with several employers. However, to proceed with this, the minimum wage requirement for such a person will be the sum of wages from all employers. This makes up the official statutory minimum wage.
  • Changing Employer: As a working foreigner, you can change employers or working terms and conditions without applying for a new work permit. However, you are required to pay a fee of half the required amount for a new work visa.
  • Priority Path’ for Strategic Applicants: Employers that are considered to be strategically important to the Polish economy will receive priority when applying for work permits for foreign workers. This will make it easier for these employers to attract and retain foreign talent.
  • Nationals of Stipulated Six Countries to Work in Poland without a Work Permit: Foreigners from the following countries are considered to work in Poland for up to 24 months instead of 6 months without a work permit. (Armenia, Belarus, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine)

Key Policies Regarding the Employment of Foreign Workers in Poland

In this section, we review the key policies regarding the employment of foreign workers in Poland in addition to the amendment or adjustment discussed above,

1. Work permits

According to the Polish government website, If you are not a citizen of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) ‌you need a work permit to work in Poland.

2. Temporary Residence Permits

According to the European Website on Integration, if you have a work permit or a declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner, you can apply for a temporary residence permit.

3. Equal Treatment

As a foreign worker, you have the same rights as Polish citizens in the workplace.

The Ongoing Debate – Poland Employment of Foreign Workers

Polish government halts bill enabling mass immigration of non-European laborers” —- Immigration is a complex and controversial one in Poland. There is a significant amount of public debate about the benefits and risks of simplifying the employment of foreign workers.

However, the Polish government is committed to ensuring foreign workers, especially Middle Eastern countries receive equal treatment as the Polish.. Hence, the Polish government is likely to continue to review its policies on the employment of foreign workers on an ongoing basis.


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