20 Hospital Interview Questions and Answers

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Hospital Interview Questions and Answers: Starting a new job in the medical sector may seem like a difficult and stressful task for many people because of the rigorous interview phase. Working in a hospital requires you to be well-informed and prepared for your roles and responsibilities. 

The more you prepare for the interview, the less stressful it will be. Hospital interviews can be aced when you prepare for the likely interview questions. 

Therefore, this article will provide 20 hospital interview questions and answers that will help you stay prepared for your next interview session.

20 Hospital Interview Questions And Answers

Thorough preparation is the key to success in a healthcare interview. Below are some of the top hospital interview questions and answers:

#1. What Can You Tell Me About Yourself? 

Generally, this is a go-to conversation starter for any interview. It’s another way to say “Introduce yourself” It is a must for your interviewer to ask you this to see if you are a good fit for the position. It may seem like a simple question, but it can be difficult to answer because it usually requires a detailed explanation about yourself, like your educational history and experience. 

As stated earlier, you can keep your answer simple yet professional by Focusing your attention on specific reasons why you want to work in the healthcare industry. Also, state your passion and love for healthcare, and mention some of your achievements and relevant work experiences.

Suggested Answer: “I was a registered nurse for the last four years, and during this period, I have treated patients and attended to them patiently. I have been able to assist the doctors on duty as well. In the last six months, I have been taking special classes to help provide patients with the best services. I believe, with my communication and attention to detail skills, I am a suitable fit for this role.”

#2. What Made You Interested In Working Here? – Hospital Interview Questions and Answers

Be honest and sincere, and keep it relevant and brief when answering this question. Because the interviewers want to hear what inspired you to apply for the role. Talk about the qualities of the industry that you value, and think about why you want the job in particular. 

Suggested Answer: “For the past two decades, this hospital has always provided the best treatments to individuals seeking treatments, patients from various states come to this hospital for treatment. I also appreciate how the hospital has given back to society by making the information of patients their priority. I’m also looking for means that will help me give back to the society.”

#3. How Do You See The Future Of Healthcare?

Be innovative and creative when answering this question, because the interviewer probably wants to see if you are a creative thinker who can provide an innovative approach to treating illnesses even in the worst situation. This question aims to recognize how you can contribute to the organization and the goals you have set for your career. The question refers to the meaningful purpose and goals you see in your future work. Explain your motivations and verify your dedication to the healthcare industry.

Suggested Answer: “I always believe in the healthcare industry to deliver safe treatments, with no side effects. The healthcare industry is ever-evolving, and with time I believe, there will be safer treatment for individuals with breast cancer. I look forward to contributing to the research on breast cancers for personal reasons.”

#4. Why Did You Leave Your Last Position?

By asking this, the interviewer wants to know if you were fired, or you just quit. Be positive and focused, do not put your previous employer on blast, but let your focus be on the new opportunities you are in search of. Be confident, factual, and honest. Talk about the opportunities and growth you are looking for. Explain how you want to advance your career.

Suggested Answer: “My previous place of work does not provide me with opportunities for self-development, and this is against my career goals. I believe this hospital will provide me with growth opportunities.”

#5. How Do You Stay Up To Date With Healthcare Advancement?

The interviewers want to know how important you take continuing education. Continuing your education is a great way to stay current on improvement in healthcare. if you have not yet taken continuing education courses, consider registering before your interview. This will help you during and after the interview.

Suggested Answer: “I believe the healthcare sector requires consistent research and improvement on skills, and that is why, I have enrolled in a six-month school of nursing in California, to help me stay up to date with the current trends.”

#6. How Do You Manage Stressful Situations?

Start your answer by explaining how you will analyze the situation to see if it is under your control, and what you can get into control immediately. 

More so, emphasize your understanding of how to provide first aid treatment in any situation, and talk about the skills you possess which can help you handle pressure and challenging situations. Mention a stressful situation you have encountered and how you managed it successfully

Suggested Answer: “When I find myself stressed out, I talk it out with my supervisor/friend/coworkers. Communicating how I feel to others has always helped me stay stress-free.”

#7. How Do You Manage a Situation Where You Have To Give Bad News To Patients/Patient’s Families?

With this question, your future employer wants to know how you will deal with a situation that requires you to give soothing words. A question like this concentrates on your interpersonal skills and ability to deliver information professionally. 

This includes the use of empathy and knowledge of how some situations can have a bad impact on patients or family members.

Suggested Answer: “Throughout my years as a registered nurse, one of the most difficult aspects of this job is giving bad news to patients or their families. However, I tend to consider their feelings and provide them with soothing words that will help them stay calm before delivering the news.”

#8. What Is Your Biggest Strength And Weakness? – Hospital Interview Questions and Answers

This interview question seems simple yet challenging to answer because there is no correct answer or exact response for it. All you have to do is speak positively about yourself and talk about your accomplishments.

 Also, talk about a genuine weakness, but avoid a weakness that is critical to the job. Be honest about your abilities, and ensure the strengths you mention support your job description.

Suggested Answer: “As a registered nurse, I have managed to treat patients with various ailments. None of my patients have complained about my services, and in 2022, I received an award of recognition for my services. 

What I consider my weakness is my emotions. My previous supervisor and colleagues told me of my overly emotions and care toward my patients. However, I am working to improve myself by attending therapy sessions.

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#9. Why Did You Choose To Become a Healthcare Professional?

This interview question is asked by typically every employer to know what inspired you and how you will fit in their organization. Answering these questions requires you to show your dedication and devotion towards helping people. Include a personal life experience that fits with the healthcare position. And highlight the aspects of the job that speak to you.

Suggested Answer: “Becoming a healthcare provider has always been my top priority and a passion for me. However, when I was around 10 years old, my Nanny was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the cancer was removed successfully. There were side effects that led to complications and this deteriorated her health. Since then, it has been my priority to become a healthcare provider.”

#10. How Do You Handle Difficult Patients?

This healthcare interview question seems simple to answer, but it can be tricky. The question presents an opportunity to highlight your calmness and patience. Your response can either leave a good or bad impression because it will let your interviewer know how professionally you handle sensitive situations.

Suggested Answer: “ I tend to maintain professionalism, and I also try to understand how difficult it must have been to find myself in such a situation. However, if it is beyond what I can handle, I call my supervisor/security to attend to the issue.”

#11. Can You Tell Me About a Time You Went Above And Beyond For a Patient?

When you are asked this question, talk from your personal healthcare-related experience that shows you are capable of going far above expectations for a patient. Discuss how you have positively impacted a patient.

Suggested Answer: “There was a time when a patient was in a lot of pain with no family or friends around to care for her. I tried reaching out to the contacts on her smartphone, and I got contact of her husband to inform him of the situation. It took her husband three days before getting to the hospital. During that time, I read to her and gave her words of encouragement. After her discharge, she sent a bouquet to appreciate.”

#12. Have You Worked With a Patient Who Required a Lot Of Your Time And Focus?

This is a type of explanation question that requires you to explain how you have handled patients who require all your strength, time and focus. Talk from a personal healthcare-related experience on how you have managed patients whose health kept getting worse day by day, how you examined the patient and ensured their vitals were stable while waiting for the test results.  Talk from experience but do not disclose any patient’s vital information.

#13. What Skills, According To You, Make a Good Healthcare Professional?

This healthcare interview question requires highlighting the necessary skills, experience, and character a healthcare professional needs to develop. For example:

Empathy skills: A healthcare professional needs to empathize with their patients and the difficult situations they are facing. Be confident and maintain professionalism

Suggested Answer: “ I consider communication skills, Teamwork, and empathy skills as important skills to make a good healthcare professional. According to general facts, healthcare workers need to develop good communication skills, to speak with patients and their families. In healthcare, lives could be at risk, so it is important to work together with other healthcare professionals for the best interest of patients.” 

#14. How Would You Address Questions From a Patient’s Family?

Generally, families often ask a lot of questions regarding the health of their relatives. Sometimes you might not be able to give answers to all their questions, which is why in this healthcare interview question you should explain how you will try to answer every question earnestly without enabling them. Talk from experience.

Suggested Answer: “Families are usually anxious when their member is in the hospital and emotions are usually high. However, I always provide answers that will keep them calm without triggering any negative reactions.”

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#15. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years? – Hospital Interview Questions and Answers

This may seem like a simple question, but it is tricky. Just be honest while providing the answers your interviewer wants to know, but before answering, the questions you should ask yourself: does the position you are interviewing for align with your growth and professional goals, and do your career goals align with the organization?  

The interviewers want to know if the position you are interviewing for will satisfy you and that you will work hard and stay with the organization for a long time.

Suggested Answer: ”In the next five years, I look forward to becoming part of a team that will make a higher contribution to the growth of the company I work for. I want to leave a positive imprint wherever I work.”

#16. Describe a Time When You Felt You Had Made The Wrong Decision. How Did You Feel And What  Happened As a Result?

By asking this, the interviewer wants to know what mistakes you have made in the past and what it costs. Start your response by choosing a situation you were able to fix, and what it resulted in. Remember to take accountability for your actions. It is best to choose a minor mistake rather than a large one. Be cautious yet honest, and let them know you are trying to improve.

Suggested Answer: There was this time when I had a busy night shift, and after several activities, I was so tired I forgot to turn off the heater in the surgery room and everything became heated up. I failed to ask for help from my assistant because I thought I could handle it. By the time I realized my mistake, the door nob was already bad. I learned dependence and collaboration the hard way. 

#17. How Would You Manage Your Workload Whilst Working For This Hospital?

Describe how you schedule your day, describe how you set your deadlines, and explain how you focus on one task at a time. When answering this question, describe a time when your workload was heavy and provide a detailed explanation of how you managed it. the interviewers want to know how much you prioritize your work.

Suggested Answer: “I keep my personal life out of my work life and this has always helped me in the past. It has also helped me manage my workload, regardless of how huge they might seem.”

#18. Can You Describe Each Of The Hospital’s Values?

Review some of the hospital’s values before going for the interview, show humility, and take them seriously. the interviewers want to know how you approach doing what is right at work, and how well you will follow the dos and don’ts of the hospital.

Suggested Answer: “According to the hospital’s official website/magazine, some of the values of the hospital were detailed there, including prioritizing patients’ personal data, treatments before complaints, and integrity. I hope to keep up with the values of this hospital once I am employed for the role.”

#19. What Values Will You Bring To The Hospital?

The only way to answer this common question perfectly is to Talk about your skills, quantities, and experience and how you will demonstrate them.  some of the things your interviewer wants to hear are your collaboration skills, accountability, and integrity.

Suggested Answer: “ I look forward to utilizing my skills and abilities provided I am accepted for the role. Also, I will be contributing to the goals and objectives of this hospital.”

#20. Why Should We Employ You?

Do not say “I’m perfect for this position so you have to employ me”. Instead talk about the great impact you will bring to the organization, demonstrate your abilities to think critically, and talk about the skills you possess that can be of great use in the organization. You can also talk about your years of experience in the industry. Be confident, honest, and professional, because the interviewer wants to see how qualified you are for the position and what makes you a good fit for the job.

Suggested Answer: From my research, I found this hospital to be doing something I wish I was a part of. This hospital has always been in the news for good reasons, and they promote diversity, equality, and inclusion. I want to be part of this hospital, and I believe I am the right person for this role.”

Conclusion of Hospital Interview Questions and Answers

To ace a hospital interview question, you need to prepare ahead for your interview and also review expected questions and how you can easily answer them. That is why, this article has featured 20 hospital interview questions and answers.


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