20 NHS Healthcare Interview Questions and Answers

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So you got an invitation from the NHS to an interview. That must have been some news! But what should you expect at the interview? We will give you an insight into NHS healthcare interview questions and answers to keep you one step ahead of your interviewer.

NHS has the world’s second-largest single-payer healthcare system, so working with them is a big deal. Some may even consider it the peak of a healthcare career in the United Kingdom.

However, all these should not make you afraid or second-guess yourself. Scaling the interview process can be easy with the right information.

In this article, we will explore 20 NHS healthcare interview questions and answers. Let’s get right into it. 

20 NHS Healthcare Interview Questions and Answers

Before we delve into the NHS healthcare interview questions and answers, first try to understand the role you are applying for. Many interview questions test your knowledge about your potential job. Having understood the job description, let us help you with the NHS healthcare interview questions you should expect and find the best ways to answer them.

 #1. Tell Us About Yourself

The first thing every interviewer wants you to do is identify yourself. This is among the most common NHS healthcare interview questions. It seems easy but can be a bit complicated as it is broad.

When asked to talk about yourself, your interviewer merely requests that you showcase your accomplishments, personal attributes, and experiences briefly. Be sure to start with your name.

Sample answer: I am Glory Baker, a dedicated and compassionate healthcare professional. Having worked with three healthcare companies, I have eight years of experience. My excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to stay calm under pressure have helped me succeed at my previous jobs.

 #2. Why Do You Want to Work at the NHS?

They want to know what motivated you to choose NHS. Why do you want to work there? Considering their culture and approach to health service, how do you think you can fit in?

Sample answer: I am passionate about making healthcare services accessible to people. I am also innovation-driven. The NHS has shown commitment in these aspects and has motivated me to be a part of this team that prioritizes the well-being of the average person.

#3. What Are the Core Values of NHS?

The NHS has a rich cultural background and unique ways of approaching health care. They always want to be sure every staff understands their culture well. When answering, you can highlight the vision and mission statement of the NHS.

Sample answer: Compassion is a core value of the NHS. It also places priority on high-quality health care for all and sundry in a bid to reduce health inequalities. Teamwork and respect for staff also form part of the values of the NHS.

#4. What Are the Current Issues Facing the NHS?

This is one of the NHS healthcare interview questions you should anticipate. NHS seeks workers who understand the underlying challenges peculiar to the organization.

Sample answer: The NHS faces several significant challenges. One of the prominent ones is the strain of resources, as NHS was one of the health organizations most affected by COVID-19 and its post-covid consequences. The NHS also has a growing need for modernization and technological advancement. Another issue is health inequalities, especially in the UK.

#5. How Can You Contribute to Solving These Issues

After knowing the challenges, they also expect you to proffer solutions.

Sample answer: I will look for ways to optimize resource allocation and prevent waste. I will also engage in training and workshops to learn modern healthcare practices, especially in the areas of digital healthcare tools. For the area of health inequality, the NHS hosts several workshops and seminars. I will actively participate in these and advocate for more of the same.

#6. What Can You Say About How NHS Operates?

Of all the NHS healthcare interview questions, this is one of the most tricky. You have to bear in mind that the NHS has several locations across the UK, and there are some peculiarities among them. However, they all operate with the same core values and have the same vision.

Sample answer: In the United Kingdom, the NHS is a publicly funded healthcare system. It is mostly supported through ordinary taxation, and it provides free healthcare services to inhabitants. The Department of Health and Social Care is in charge of the system.

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#7. Describe a Time You Coped Under Pressure

To back up your claims that you work under pressure, you would need to cite an example.

Sample answer: In my previous role at a hospital, there came a time when we had an influx of patients during a flu outbreak. I was in charge of coordinating the nurses while still maintaining open and friendly communication with patients.

#8. Describe a Time When You Successfully Resolved a Workplace Conflict.

Tension and frustration is a common occurrence in every place of work. An experience of when you successfully handled it increases your chances.

Sample answer: When we had an influx of patients. Two of the nurses I was coordinating had a misunderstanding, and this was affecting our productivity as a team. I called them separately and listened to what they had to say. I then met with both of them and proposed a solution while respecting their respective interests.

#9. How Will You Respond to an Aggressive Patient?

The interviewer wants to know how you will react in a real-life scenario.

Sample answer: I would give the patient a listening ear, and be patient with them. Patients can get frustrated when faced with difficult health challenges. I would calm them down and listen to their frustrations. If the situation worsens, I would seek assistance from my superiors.

#10. How Would You Deal With a Distressing Medical Condition?

As a front-line health worker, you face distressing medical issues. Your interviewer wants to ascertain your preparedness for such situations.

Sample answer: Facing distressing medical cases can trigger emotions and affect performance. However, I will not try to shut off those emotions but to channel them to administer the best possible care. I would seek assistance from my superiors, in a case where I am not sure of what to do.

#11. What Makes You Fit for This Job?

The interviewer wants you to highlight your skills relevant to the role you are applying for.

Sample answer: My formal nursing education and hands-on experience as a team leader prepared me well for this role. My undergraduate education gave me a solid foundation in nursing theory and practice, and my experience in a leadership position sharpened my abilities to manage a team of healthcare professionals.

#12. What Qualities Make You a Good NHS Employee?

This is another one of the tricky NHS healthcare interview questions. The best answer would be highlighting personal values that match  NHS core values rather than brag about your skills.

Sample answer: I show a strong commitment to integrity, accountability, and adaptability. Patient confidentiality is also one of my core values. Other values I possess include kindness, patience, and compassion. These values align with that of the NHS, so I would contribute to upholding their core values.

#13. What Achievements Are You Most Proud of?

Here, your interviewer seeks to assess your level of self-awareness and what you value in your achievements.

Sample answer: I am most proud of my achievement during the flu outbreak of 2021 when the hospital where I worked experienced an upsurge in patient numbers. I excellently coordinated my team to administer the best care to patients and save as many lives as humanly possible. By the end of the year, I received the ‘Staff of the Year’ award.

#14. What Do You Know About Clinical Governance?

Clinical governance is common to all NHS organisations so it is one of the NHS healthcare interview questions you should expect.

Sample answer: Clinical Governance is a system the NHS operates to ensure the delivery of high-quality, safe, and effective healthcare services. It refers to a set of processes and organizations that are intended to maintain and improve the quality of care provided to patients.

#15. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

The interviewer wants to know if you are a visionary person through this question.

Sample answer: In five years, I envision myself continuing to grow as a health professional. I see myself taking leadership and supervisory roles and mentoring the newer members of the ever-growing health sector.

#16. How Well Do You Work in a Team?

When preparing for likely NHS healthcare interview questions this should not be overlooked. Here, your interviewer wants you to demonstrate your team spirit.

Sample answer: In my previous job, I worked in a team. As a team, we engaged in meetings where I listened and contributed my quota when it mattered. I consistently maintained open communication with my team members, and we were able to achieve great things.

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#17. Tell Us About Your Last Job?

Here, the interviewer wants to hear you share your experience in your last job, and how that can benefit the NHS. You should state roles from your previous job relevant to the one you are applying for. If you are applying for a nursing assistant, for example, the following answer will be best.

Sample answer: I worked as a nursing assistant at Gideon Hospital. During my time there, I played a vital role in rendering compassionate care to my patients. I undertook daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and feeding my patients who could not help themselves. However, where I excelled the most was in communication, as this was what many of my patients needed most.

#18. What Motivates You in Work?

It is one of the easiest NHS healthcare interview questions. Be as sincere as possible.

Sample answer: As a nursing assistant, what keeps me going is seeing people who came into the hospital in devastating conditions leave with a smile on their faces.

#19. What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Being one of the most common NHS healthcare interview questions, it is alarming how many interviewees give answers wide of the mark. Your interviewer wants you to highlight your strengths relevant to the job you are applying for. Meanwhile, when stating your weaknesses, choose one that is not central to the job description. In a case where you are applying as a nursing assistant, consider the following answer.

Sample answer: My strengths include, compassion, teamwork, communication, and attention to detail. My major weaknesses are a lack of professional computer skills, and sometimes I have an excessive drive for perfection.

#20. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Here is where many interviewers throw the applicant off balance. Your interviewer can test your integrity and reliability via this question. You should be sincere. However, do not make any derogatory impressions about your former job or employer.

Sample answer: I left my previous job for new opportunities for growth and development. While I enjoyed my time there and learned a lot, I thought it was time to take on new challenges and offer my talents and experiences in a different setting.


We have provided 20 of the most common NHS healthcare interview questions and answers. While preparing for your interview, it is necessary to have a clue of what to expect from your interviewer. 

The above NHS healthcare interview questions and answers should help you practice and be better prepared. All the best!

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