Frequently Asked Customer Service Job Interview Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Customer Service Job Interview Questions and Answers

More recent, Customer Service Job has become one of the most acquired jobs in Nigeria. Every employer wants to have customer service staffs that will perform well in maintaining the relationship between their customers and the company. As easy as it sounds, a customer service job requires more relevant skills and attributes in other to attain. Therefore, you need to demonstrate these skills in your customer service job interview questions.

Since you’ll be attending a customer service interview, it important that you know the frequently asked customer service interview questions and answers you can give.

A customer service personnel job is surrounded in courting customers. Can you handle people of different characters, believes and moral values? How patient can you be? Would you satisfy a rude customer? Well, you have to give the right answers to these questions.

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Best Skills For Customer Service Job

  1. Self Control.
  2. Patience.
  3. Positive Language.
  4. Persuasive Speaking.
  5. Ability to take responsibility.
  6. Effective Listening.
  7. Clear Communication.
  8. Time management.
  9. Emotional Intelligence.
  10. Respect.
  11. Knowledge.
  12. Adaptability.
  13. Attentiveness.

Customer Service Job Responsibilities

Some of the responsibilities of a customer service job are;

  1. To ensure that customers are satisfied and supported.
  2. To give solution to customers complaints.
  3. Maintain a positive and professional attitude toward customers.
  4. To manage the requirements of customers and to keep a welcoming attitude.
  5. To keep of comments and information of customers.
  6. Being time conscious and responding promptly to customers inquiries.
  7. Having Knowledge of the company’s products and services in other to give the right feedback

Tips for Answering Frequently Asked Customer Service Job Interview Questions

a. Before the interview, make sure you are familiar with the company’s structure, products, and service they provide.
b. During the interview have a positive response to questions
c. Be ready to talk about your relevant experiences
d. Try not to Panic
e. Grab opportunities to sell and express yourself
f. Share relevant experience and demonstrate the skills of a customer service personnel in you answers.

In other take a better impression to your interviewer. It is good you ask your interviewer some questions. Here are some customer service job interview questions to ask your interviews;

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Common Customer Service Job Interview Questions and Answers

Here are common questions interviewers are likely to ask you in your customer’s service job interview;

1. What is Customer Service?

This is usually the first question interview like to ask. They want to know the job descriptions you are applying for. Interviewers prefers to hear you perspective and mindset regarding to the position. You are expected to give the right answer. What’s the right answer?


“Mainly, customer service is turning a dissatisfied or unhappy customer into a satisfied or happy customer. It is the act of providing services to a customer before, during and after a purchase”.

2. How Would You Handle an Angry Customer?

An angry customer is a “handful”. Not everyone can stay calm to certain situations. But as a customer service person you are expected be calm, helpful and sympathetic to customers at all times. Therefore, let the interviewer know that you can handle an upset customers calmly and effectively. Look at this answer;


“A quick apology to an angry customer is usually more effective than controversy. Therefore, I would start by apologizing to the customer. Although, the customer might be at fault, it’s doesn’t matter. Then, I’ll look into the situation and see how best it can be handled. if the company have specific guidelines to solve the problem, I would follow it. After solving the problem I’ll give the customer safety precautions so it won’t repeat”.

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3. What is Your Preferred Method of Communication?

“There are several ways of communication in customer service. Some of these ways includes; On call, Email, Chats (Social Media), Person-to-Person and other channels. The interviewer wants to know how you would conduct either means of communication. The first thing is to focus on the specific customer service job you’ve applied for. If it’s an Email support don’t say you prefer to communicate on calls”.


“I can communicating with people in any way. Although, I feel communicating in person-to-person will be most effective because there will be no missing details and I’ll get more needed information compared to other means of communication. However, I am very versatile and will do well in other methods of communication”.

4. What is Your Career Goal?

Your personal career goal should be in line with the role of a customer service personnel. If it’s not, then try linking up. The interview expects to understand why you chose the position of a customer service personnel. Also, it will show the interviewer that you are a driven candidate and you have a sense of where you would like to be in the next few years.


“I want to build my career path in solving problems. Being a problem solver will create a sense of value for me. Hence, people around will find me helpful. This position of a customer service personnel in your company will help me exercise and grow my career goal”.

5. What Would You Do When you Can’t Help a Customer?

There’s a possibility that a situation where you can’t help a customer might happen. Probably, the customer’s complaint might be above what you can handle. The interviewer wants to know that you understand this and you are able to ask for assistance when you need one.


“If I am unable to assist the customer, I’ll first make sure that the customer is at ease and comfortable. Then, I’ll go to an older staff and explain the situation, if he or she can’t still solve the problem. I would go to the manager and explain the customer’s complaint. If it’s permitted, I could introduce the customer to the manager to ensure that the customer doesn’t fell abandoned”.

6. How Would Your Ex-Coworkers Describe You?

This question will tell the interviewer or hiring manager the kind of relationship you had with your ex-coworkers and people in your working environment. The interviewer wants to know how well you interact and people’s perception about you. So, answer this question well.


“In my previous job, my co-workers teased me a lot. They gave me a nickname smiley. According to them, it’s because I have a welcoming smile and I tend to smile a lot. Also, for me it is one of the strategy in relating well to customers and getting more information from them that will help me solve their problems”.

7. How Would You Handle a Wrong Customer?

“Customer’s are always right” that the regular saying. Although, the actual meaning is no matter how wrong a customer is, you should not condemn or blame them. More so, in handling a wrong customer you must handle the situation delicately. The interviewer wants to see that you are able to tactfully address the problem/issue.


“My perception about wrong customers is that most times they believe they are right when they are wrong. So, when you try to let them know, it often leads to a disagreement. Therefore, instead of blaming them at the initial. I will first give a solution to the problem or issue. It will make the customer satisfied and happy. Then I can further explain the cause of the problem and give the customer some precautions so it doesn’t happen again”.

Customer Service Job Interview Questions You can Ask Interviewers

  1. What’s the company’s current challenge with customers?
  2. What are some of the qualities you think I would need to work in this company?
  3. Is there any challenge facing the customer service representatives currently?
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