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Lane Community College (LCC) is a public institute located in Eugene, Oregon. The college is popular for the availability of state-of-the-art facilities in areas including downtown Eugene, Florence, Cottage Grove, and the Lane Aviation Academy. LCC serves more than 25,000 students per year through transfer, career technical, and personal advancement programs.

Moreso, their main goal and objective is to offer extensive, easily accessible, quality, learning-centered educational opportunities that enhance student success.

Hence, this post will cover all you need to know about the prestige college, tuition, admission, scholarships, and other vital information.

Why Choose Lane Community  College?

LCC is recognized nationwide for its creativity and excellence in undergraduate education. So, attending this institute implies exceptional experiences in a college-friendly city that makes your future dream achievable.

The school has a considerable impact on the local economy and is known to be the second community college to host a LongHouse and also one of the largest powwows in the Pacific Northwest every year.  Following the study made by the EMSI, the college has been able to make a revenue of $721.3 million together with its ever-productive alumni which was used as an added income for supporting 10,777 jobs. 

Additionally, LCC also provides a range of state-of-the-art facilities at the College’s main campus. Library, fascinating sports arenas, student wellness initiatives, and many more lively social areas are available at Lane Community College.

Lane College at a Glance

  • Institution Name: Lane Community College 
  • Type: Public Community College 
  • President: Stephanie Bulger
  • Year of Establishment: October 19, 1964
  • School Website: Visit
  • Address: 4000 East 30th Ave. Eugene, Oregon 97405, United States.

Clubs & Organizations Available at Lane Community College 

The active Clubs present at Lane Community College include: 

  • Anime and Manga Club. 
  • Ceramic Arts Student Association. 
  • Drone and R/C Club. 
  • Film Club. 
  • French Club. 
  • Green Science Club.
  • Lane Aviators Student Association.
  • Lane Poetry Alliance.

Check the full list here

Weekend Activities

There’s usually a lot to enjoy during weekends at Lane College. These activities range from arts to athletics, job fairs to movie nights, soccer to the excursion, basketball to track and field events, drop-in scholarship workshops to plastic round-up games, and ATC workshops to making wise choices.

There’s also the chance to play with friends during weekends; solving puzzles, finding clues, searching hidden objects and images, and many more outdoor games. Games like Oregon Axe, gym, and Golf Park are all present in the college. 

Merit Awards

The merit award is available for high-ranking students in terms of their GPA, standard test scores, extracurricular recognition, performance in athletics, community activeness, and involvement in leading positions. This usually requires evidence to show that one is financially incapable before qualifying for the scholarship.

Financial Aid/Scholarship Applications

Every student of Lane Community College has an entitlement to financial aid. This aid could also spring up awards such as a grant, work-study, loans, or even scholarships.

Students are expected to meet with the college’s financial advisor when they get a scholarship award from the college to see and know how the scholarship affects the award.

It is however advised to start applying for financial aid as soon as possible because it can take about 4-12 weeks to process the financial aid rewards after all documents and applications have been gathered.

Find the LCC 2024-25 Scholarship Application Instructions Here

Requirements For US Students

The college proudly opens applications for international students. If students transferring from the US have a GPA of 2.0 or get disqualified from their current college and need to apply to Lane College, they’ll have to enter Lane on the Success Program. 

The requirements to qualify for this are as follows:

  • Applicants from the US must have been disqualified from their current college before applying and should have a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  • There is no application during the summer term for students who want to apply through the success program.
  • Students residing in the US on an F-1 visa and have their I-20 will not be eligible to seek transfer on I-20 to Lane College. Students in this category will have to relocate from the US and re-initiate a new initial I-20 from Lane.
  • Students with an overall GPA of 2.0 and have completed at least 12 credits with a C or a higher grade are qualified for waive testing.
  • Students who have entered the USA on a different school’s I-20, but have not attended that school are not qualified to get transferred to Lane until they complete 1 term at their current school.
  • Students transferring to Lane College with Credits must be coming from a college that is regionally accredited.

Requirements for International Students 

Applicants from foreign countries must meet the state requirements of the school before getting admitted. They must provide the required credentials with academic achievement and have a command of written and spoken English. They are also required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as proof of establishing their English mastery. The College grants scholarships to both new and current international students. 

For the current international students, the scholarship application is as follows:

  • The current international students of the college will apply through the Lane Community College (LCC) Foundation.
  • The scholarship for the current international students will be granted through the LCC Foundation.
  • The scholarship competition is held every winter. You may check the LCC Foundation website for further information.

Note: It is encouraged to see an International Academic Advisor before applying as limited spaces will be available if there’s any financial emergency.

Admission Requirements

The requirements for Lane Community College admission are outlined below. These requirements apply to all students who are interested in pursuing a degree at Lane Community College. The university typically requires a high school diploma, taking the SAT/ACT, and passing TOEFL for international applicants.

Simple Steps to Becoming a Student

Step 1. Start by submitting an online application 6 business days before the commencement of a new session.

2. Log in to the LCC admission portal

3. Check your status and use the received L-Number (Student ID Number) and student email to complete the rest of the admissions steps.

4. Apply for Financial Aid

Note: Apply early, as it might take 4-12 weeks to process once all documents have been received.

Admission Resources

School Website: Click here 

Admissions Office Website: Click here

Online Application Website: Click here 

What Are the Courses and Programs at Lane Community College?

The college offers different courses in a variety of 50 areas. This includes business, aviation, engineering, sciences, hospitality, computing, and many more areas. 

Academic Departments

Academic Departments available at Lane College are:

  • Arts
  • Aviation Academy
  • Business, Technology and Trade
  • Academic Support and Innovation
  • College and Career Foundations
  • Humanities
  • Science, Math, and Engineering
  • Health Professions, Health and Physical Education 
  • Social Science
  • Small Business Development Center
  • Workforce Development 

What Is the Tuition for the 2024 Academic Year of  Lane Community College?

Here is the breakdown of the fees and tuition at Lane:

  • Tuition is charged per credit (for credit classes) or contact hour (for noncredit) basis
  • The term fees that are charged each term
  • Credit/Class fees about a particular class or number of credits
  • Noncredit fees and expenses


This is charged based on residency. 

Below is a list of the tuition fees for the 2024 Academic Year at Lane Community College:

1) Resident student tuition – $139.00 per credit hour

2) Resident online student tuition – $139.0 per credit hour  

3) Non-resident student tuition – $322.50 per credit hour  

4) Non-resident online student tuition – $139.00 per credit hour  

5) International student tuition:

  • 1-5 credits: $330.00 per credit hour
  • 6-8 credits: $2,150/term
  • 9-11 credits: $3,150/term
  • 12-18 credits: $3,750/term
  • $330.00 per credit for each credit above 18 credits per term

6) Noncredit – $5.00 per contact hour

Fees and Extra Expenses

Please be aware that tuition rates, fees, and refunds are liable to change with time. Though under prior notice.

So, here are some of the additional expenses and fees at Lane:

1) Technology Fee: This costs $13 per credit hour. And entails payment for technology used to run classes and serve students, for instance, classrooms, wi-fi, etc.

2) Fees Paid by Students Taking “Campus Based” Classes – This includes: Traditional Classroom, Hybrid/Hyflex, and some Live Streaming.

3) Transportation Fee: This costs $27 per term, and is paid by students taking campus-based credit classes, or are Adult Basic and Secondary Ed/GED or ESL students taking classes at the Main Campus or the Mary Spilde Downtown Center.

4) Student Activity Fee: This fee is paid by students taking campus-based credit classes. 

5) Student Health Fee: This costs $45 per term.

Refer to the full list of fees and other expenses here.

Which Bodies Are Accredited with Lane Community College?

Lane College has an accreditation given by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities after having conducted a detailed evaluation to guarantee effectiveness. The College likewise received six commendations and two recommendations. 

Accreditation by the NWCCU is to ensure that schools meet the criteria for effective functionality through a peer review process. An accredited college will have all the facilities and resources it takes to be called a college and to deliver effectively to students who attend such college. Institutional integrity and appropriate educational programs are looked into during accreditation and there must be proven evidence that such a college will continue to maintain its integrity and effective running.

Rankings Of Lane Community College

In the 2024 edition of Best Colleges, Lane College ranks between 186-204 out of all 211 National Liberal Arts Colleges. Across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence, colleges are ranked using their level of performance.

Moreso, according to the College Factual, as of its 2024 Best Colleges list, it also ranks 1,171 out of all 2,217 colleges and universities in the country.


To sum up, Lane Community College has a great performance history with evidence of the school having produced business leaders, educators, scientists, doctors, and lawyers.  Moreover, with the school scholarship opportunities and proven success, financial problems shouldn’t be any more problems.

LCC is a great choice for both local and international students as the school offers opportunities to need-based students to study on a scholarship and also have access to developing necessary skills for their future.



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