How to Get a Job as a Student in Ireland in 2024

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Ireland is the second largest island in Europe after Great Britain. It is known for its wide expanses of lush and green fields. Its nickname is the Emerald Isle. Despite being an island, it is a great place to work and study.

In Ireland, just like every other EU or EEA country, international students are placed under stricter rules when it comes to getting part-time employment as students. Students from the EU or EEA countries are permitted to take up an internship or employment while studying and also work after graduation. Whereas for students from non-EU countries, you must obtain a study visa before going to study in Ireland. Also, as an international student, you are permitted to work only 20 hours while school is in session.

In this post, we will discuss the conditions that permit students to get work in Ireland, top part-time jobs for students in Ireland, and also how to find a job as a student in Ireland, as well as some additional tips.

Conditions At Permit Students To Get Work In Ireland

For any student who wishes to work while studying in Ireland, the following conditions must be met. The conditions to get a part-time job include;

1. Register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). Especially for non-EU students who wish to study in Ireland for more than 90 days.

2. You must be enrolled in a recognized program of education at the above NFQ level 7.

3. Undertake a minimum of 15 hours to study

4. Get tuition between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm per week for a minimum of 25 weeks per annum.

5. Be studying a program that would last for at least a year.

6. Also, you should have an account in a bank in Ireland since all payments must be made to an Irish bank of the student.

If you meet the above conditions,

a) go ahead to obtain a Personal Public Service (PPS) number.

It is only students who have acquired their PPS number that are eligible to be paid by an employer.

b) other bodies to comply with are; the Universal Social Contribution (USC), Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI), employment laws, and taxation requirements (international students will be subjected to taxes in Ireland).

After all these are met, you might be placed on probation by your employer for some time after being hired. This is to ensure You are qualified to handle your job roles.

The minimum wage paid by Irish employers is €9.15 per hour.

Top 10 Part-Time Jobs In Ireland And Their Average Salaries

There are several part-time jobs in Ireland that students looking for jobs while studying in Ireland can easily do. As we have discussed earlier, employers in Ireland may place you on probation for a while before you will be fully hired. They often do this to ensure that you can handle your job roles. Here are some of the types of part-time jobs.

1. Private Tutor

This is suitable for international students with good academic records in a chosen field of study. It is one of the high-paying part-time jobs for students in Ireland.

How to find/apply: You can contact the university to inquire where or how students can tutor their fellow students part-time maybe before or after their classes.

Average Salary: their average salary is usually around €25 per hour. (source)

2. Community Support Worker

The work of a community support worker is quite simple. It is to provide assistance which will help people to develop links within the Irish community. He/she must have good communication skills, an empathic attitude towards people and good teamwork skills.

In addition, a community support worker also gives support to people to help them realize their work and educational goals.

How to Find/Apply: there are two ways you can apply for this job

1. You can apply online at the Irish job portal

2. You can directly apply at the employer’s website. you can get a quicker response by doing this.

Average Salary: €24 per hour (source)

3. Sales Assistant

What a sales assistant does is to help customers to find the best product for themselves, stacking shelves at a supermarket, maintaining the registers and also maintain the store in general. Although there is no academic requirement for this, however, one must be fluent in Irish and English language which are the two main languages in Ireland. A sales assistant is usually needed at local stores or business enterprises.

How to Find/Apply: look out for local advertisements or visit nearby stores or malls and check for vacancies.

Average Salary: €21 per hour. (source)

College students holding hands together...
College students holding hands together

4. Library Assistant

A library assistant is responsible for arranging books, keeping records of the issued books and lastly repairing damaged books and journals. To be a very good library assistant, you must have a natural likeness for books, be well organized/have good organizing skills to sort and arrange books and other records properly.

How to Find/Apply: Check out the university library or any local library for an opening.

Average Salary: A library assistant can earn about €16 per hour. (source).

5. Driver Helper

A Driver Helper assists the company driver in loading and offloading products and equipment at the customer’s destination and also keeps a record of deliveries. Before applying for the position of a driver helper make sure you are physically fit to lift heavy boxes and objects. Also, having basic bookkeeping knowledge will give you an edge over other applicants.

How to Find/Apply: similar to community support workers, there are two ways to apply.

1. You can apply at Irish job portals

2. You can also ask around locally at warehouses, production units and so on for openings.

Average Salary: a driver helper can earn about €15 per hour.

6. Call Center Agent/Customer Care

They make calls to prospective customers to market the company’s product or receive customer calls to resolve their queries or complaints. Dealing with people requires a lot of patience and self-control and so, one has to have a polite and friendly attitude and good communication skills. You should also have a strong knowledge of the company to convince customers and make sales. Lastly, you must be fluent in Irish and English Language.

How to Find/Apply: You can apply online at job portals or network locally to find job openings.

Average Salary: €11 per hour (source)

7. Cashier/Waiter/ A Cook

You can wait tables, work in the kitchen, or be a cashier or a cleaner in a restaurant, bar or café. If you have the stamina to stand for long hours then this is for you. However, you might be asked to work late into the evenings, you should be open to it.

How to Find/Apply: Visit the local restaurants and bars in your area. Also, ask for references or referrals from your friends who are already doing similar jobs.

Average Salary: Although the salary for this job is not much, you can earn about €10 per hour (source). However, on busy days you can fetch great tips by waiting tables at a bar.

8. Babysitting

Babysitting jobs can be fun and relaxing. As a babysitter, you will be expected to take care of the children in the family, look after their meals, playtime activities, medications etc as instructed by their parents. A babysitter needs to be a responsible, caring and alert individual since you are dealing with children. You also need to exercise patience with them and lastly, have self-control.

How to Find/Apply: By asking around in the neighbourhood or simply by telling your local friends or colleagues to refer you.

Average Salary: You can earn around €9 to €10 per hour. (source)

9. Industrial Cleaner

This job is physically demanding and laborious. You may have to remove hazardous wastes, inspect, clean and repair machinery and equipment, and operate specialized high-power equipment.

How to Find/Apply: search online on job portals and also refer to local job openings.

Average Salary: their average salary is usually around €11 per hour. (source).

10. Administrative Assistant

The job description of an administrative assistant includes filling and imputing data, attending client calls, communicating with other employees, sending out emails, handling accounts and maintaining company records. He/she must have basic knowledge of office operating equipment like computers, photocopying machines, etc and should be able to multitask.

How to Find/Apply: you can either search online job portals, contact your university job placement cells or look for openings in local newspapers.

Average Salary: around €15 per hour (source).

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How To Find Parttime Jobs As A Student In Ireland

To find a full-time or part-time job as a student in Ireland is not difficult, however certain measures ought to be taken to get the job of your dreams.

These are top five tips which can help you on how to find part-time jobs as a student in Ireland.

1. Build Your Resume:

Create a very good resume before you begin any job search. Ensure to add all the right details about your qualifications and skills to help the company have a better understanding of you. Add relevant information that can be helpful in your job search.

2. Learn Your Rights:

Understand the complete requirements on how to get a part-time job as a student in Ireland before going on to apply. As of February 2020, the minimum wage is €9.15 per hour. (source).

3. Utilize E-recruitment Platforms:

Irrespective of your experience, check out E-recruitment Platforms. By personalizing your search with the right keyword, location and the type of work you wish to apply for, you will receive the right kind of jobs. Even though you don’t have a degree certificate, you can still register on e-recruitment platforms.

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The likes of may help create profiles and find job listings in the country.

4. Check For On-Campus Vacancies:

Constantly be on the lookout for jobs on your university or institution campus website so that you can apply at the earliest.

5. Visit Career Fairs:

Career fairs are by far the easiest means to get a job as a student in Ireland. Here, you can meet with the company personnel one-on-one. These fairs are on the lookout for interns, full-time and also part-time workers. You can also check out and network with friends, professors/university teachers or even locals.


1. Do Freshers Get Jobs In Ireland?

Although all nationals from the European Economic Area (EEA) are entitled to work full-time or part-time jobs during their study in Ireland, non-EEA students will only be allowed to work part-time jobs.

2. At What Age Can You Get A Part-Time Job In Ireland

From the age of 14, you will be allowed to work in Ireland. However, they cannot work during their term except during school holidays where they can work up to 35 hours.

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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

3. Can I Cover My Study Expenses And Living Expenses Through Part-Time Jobs?

Sadly, in most cases, you will be unable to cover your study and living expenses by doing a part-time job. Nonetheless, you can assist yourself with your earnings.

4. Can I Work 50hours A Week In Ireland?

The maximum hours to work as a student is 40 hours. You can work 20-40 hours each week and also during holidays.


Part-time jobs in Ireland are an excellent way for international students to cover the cost of living while pursuing their education. Although these part-time jobs come with numerous advantages, it is also pertinent to know your eligibility status before applying for jobs as a student in Ireland which we have discussed earlier.

In the end, this article has been able to explain the top high-paying jobs for students in Ireland, their average salaries and how to find or apply for these jobs.

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