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Germany seeks to employ skilled workers to fill up vacancies in major sectors affected by shortage of skilled workers. Therefore we project an increase in the demand for these skills come 2024. Read now to discover the top in-demand skills in Germany 2023/2024

According to the business survey conducted by Ifo Institute, 43.1% of top companies are affected by the shortage of qualified workers, hence Germany is facing a major shortage of skilled workers in these areas. The demand for skillful workers in Germany continues to increase.

In addition, the skilled worker profiles that must be filled in Germany cut across different sectors. However, the major shortage is most predominant in the sciences, engineering, and healthcare sectors.

More so, with Germany’s current investment in technology and the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, the IT Sector in Germany will have the highest and of skilled workers come 2024. Hence, IT skills that cut across different sectors of the workforce in Germany will be twice as much in high demand as it is now.

In this article, we will explore the top in-demand skills in Germany. But before we proceed, let’s take a look at the major sectors facing skill shortages in Germany.

Sectors Facing Skill Shortage in Germany

The major sectors in Germany struggling with the skill shortage saga are Engineering, healthcare, sciences, and others .. According to the survey by Ifo Institut Business Summit, in April 2023, 43.1% of 9000 companies in Germany reported suffering from a shortage of qualified workers. In July, this figure moved up  42.2%

So, other professions with high demand to fill up job vacancies are nursing care, child care, the construction industry, and automotive technology, along with truck drivers, architects, pharmacists, and information technology specialists.

However, these skills gaps vary depending on the level of qualification. For instance, there are different categories to the level of skilled workers needed to fill certain positions.

Furthermore, In Germany, these categories are the highly skilled and the low-skilled workers. Most of the time, when skilled workers are needed, the emphasis is on highly skilled professionals.

So, in Germany‌, workers are classified as skilled specialists and experts. 

  • Skilled professionals are people with vocational training or an average certificate that indicates they have the basic knowledge for a particular job role. These roles are quickly filled up even by native workers.
  • A Specialist worker is a professional with higher educational attainment such as a university degree, technical training, or primary craftsmanship. If you are under this category, you have a level of expertise and can fill up certain skilled worker job roles.
  • Lastly, experts or highly skilled workers. Those under this category have completed at least four years of university study and possess expert experience in a particular field. These once possess exceptional skill sets in-demand job sectors and are qualified to fill up vacancies created by skill shortages.

Hence, to be eligible for skilled jobs in Germany, you must possess those exceptional skills needed to work efficiently in the major sectors and experience skill storage in Germany. What are these sectors and what are these in-demand jobs in Germany? You will find answers ‌in the next section.

Which Job has the most Demand in Germany?

The top professionals in demand in Germany are IT specialists, engineers, and some major heart care departments. 

According to Germany’s government’s official website ‘Make it in Germany’ website, the top in-demand jobs in Germany are highlighted below:

  • Scientist 
  • IT specialist 
  • Engineers 
  • Physicians 
  • Nursing professionals 
  • Green jobs 
  • Careers in Transport
  • Craftspeople 

These professional contributes to the entire German economy and, ‌requires skilled professionals to keep the economic contribution of the nation above average.

Sadly, the working population of the German workforce is made up mostly of the aging population, and with the rate of retirement, death, and other natural disaster, there is a rising need to recruit skilled foreign workers. In the next section, we discuss the in-demand skills in Germany.

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Top in-Demand Skills in Germany 2024 for Foreigners

Now you know the top skilled professionals in high demand in Germany, the answer to the question “Which skills are in demand in Germany?” is no longer far-fetched. Therefore, to get the ball rolling. But first, we will be discussing the top skills in demand to fill up Germany’s skill gap in the IT, engineering, and Healthcare sectors.

IT in demand Skills in Germany

Germany is known as the Tech hub of Europe with over 1080 tech companies. More so, one of the amazing parts is the tech industry. The tech industry is booming like never before signaling a rapid spiral in the demand for skilled techies in Germany.

Hence, If you are a professional in the tech space, NFTs, Gaming, or software programming, the future of work in the German tech space is bright for you.

Below are the top in-demand IT skills in Germany now and in the future 2024:

  1. Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Data Visualisation
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. User experience design
  6. Software development
  7. Data analysis
  8. Cloud computing
  9. Blockchain technology
  10. Low-code/no-code programming
  11. Social media management and content creation
  12. Design and visual skills
  13. Robotics and automation
  14. Augmented and Virtual Reality

These skills are in high demand arose different industries in Germany. Hence, German Employers are seeking candidates with a strong understanding and proficiency in any of these technical skills for real-world solutions.

More so, having these skills guarantees your eligibility for IT jobs in any part of Germany. These skills will continue to be in high demand as technology continues to make great advancements.

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Engineering/ Science Skills in Demand in Germany

  1. Full Stack Engineer/Developer
  2. Front End Engineer/Developer
  3. Software Developer 
  4. Cyber Security Analyst and Cyber Security Specialist
  5. Construction engineer
  6. Civil engineer
  7. Android Developer
  8. ava Developer
  9. DevOps/SRE  
  10.  SQL
  11. Tableau,
  12.  Python (Programming Language)
  13. Scrum Master
  14.  Design Engineer
  15. Mechanical Design Engineer,

Top Healthcare In-demand Skills in Germany 

Professionals with these skills manage electronic health records, medical coding, and healthcare data management are in high demand in Germany’s healthcare industry. This is the responsibility of a ‌skilled Health Information Technician.

Health information Technicians (HITs) manage electronic health records (EHRs). These records contain important information pertaining to the patient’s medical history, medications, allergies, and test results. 

More so, HIT professionals play an important role in medical coding. So, these professionals assign codes to medical diagnoses and procedures which are used by insurance companies to pay healthcare providers for the services they provide. Also, as HITs, you will also be skilled in data management as more than often, these professionals are required to collect, analyze, and report healthcare data.

Furthermore, HITS professionals are in high demand in Germany because they have the skills and knowledge needed to manage EHRs, medical coding, and general healthcare management. thus, these are important skills that guarantee work efficiency in the German healthcare system.

Other high-in-demand healthcare skills in Germany in 2024

  • Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Radiography
  • Laboratory technology
  • Medical engineering
  • Public health
  • Health economics
  • Health informatics

These are the top-skilled healthcare workers in high demand in Germany. Also, there is a large pull of healthcare companies in Germany in search of professional skilled healthcare workers. The need will continue to increase as the workforce population in Germany ages and matures. In addition, there may. 


Consequently, Germany’s government aims to improve its workforce efficiency by providing eligible skilled professionals to fill up those industries with less skilled workers. Top of these industries are the IT sector, Engineering, sciences, and the healthcare sector.

According to the report by Statista, In 2022, there were around 137,000 open positions in the German IT industry. Also, in 2023 the number of active Technology job postings in Germany driven by Technology increased by 11.26% MoM and increased by 13.57% since March 2023 as per figures by Global Data. ence, these figures are bound to increase come 2024. The same applies to the healthcare sector.

Furthermore. the future is bright and the best way to settle in it is to get skilled. Good enough, some of these techs and healthcare skills are easy to learn. However, a good number requires dedication and a good amount of practice to master, so, it is important you start now to get skilled. But, if you’ve got any of these, be sure that you are eligible to apply for skilled jobs in Germany. Good luck with that.

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