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IT skills make up one of the most lucrative and advancing careers in Germany. In Fact, according to research by The Hays Global Skills in 2021, Germany is ranked among the top 10 countries with the highest pay for IT workers. Due to the increasing demand for IT experts, Germany continues to seek IT professionals from around the world. Read on for IT jobs in Germany.

Germany is a top player in the European IT hub, contributing above half, of the total continent’s market share. Presently, there are 1080+ IT firms,  web agencies, and digital companies in Germany.

This is outside companies with branches outside Germany. This large number of established It firms and service providers alongside startups contributes to the massive rise in the demand for IT professionals to fill up roles in these sectors.

Therefore, If you are an enthusiastic IT professional seeking to gain international work experience in Germany’s workforce, do stick around. In this article, you will find the top IT Jobs in high demand in Germany. And, in case you are wondering if the offer is worth it, you would be amazed at the potential and benefits of working in Germany as an IT specialist. 

What you’ll gain from this article:

  • Reasons why Germany is a great place for IT professionals like you 
  • Why should you work in Germany?
  • Cities with the Most IT jobs in Germany
  • High in-demand IT jobs in Germany 

So, let’s start from the top, Why should you work in Germany as an IT professional or specialist?

5 Reasons Why Germany is a Great Place for IT Professionals 

Germany is blessed with thousands of striving technological industries, growing companies, innovative startups, and other high-in-demand jobs in top industries. In Germany, the technology industry is one of the most lucrative and forms a major percentage of the country’s economic driving force.  

Also, In 2021 alone, the IT industry recorded an annual turnover of 178 billion euros. More so, the industry recorded an average of over 1.3 million skilled workers in 2022, accounting for the second biggest industrial employer in Germany. With these statistics, it is no surprise that many IT  professionals seek to work in Germany.

In addition, skilled professionals in Germany enjoy exclusive benefits working with the German workforce and this is no different for the IT sector. However, these are just the basics, Here are some other reasons why most IT specialists choose to work in Germany:

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1. Shortage of skilled IT workers 

According to the report by Ifo Business survey of 9000 companies in Germany, August 2023,  About two-thirds of companies reported a shortage of skilled workers. Among this number, 43.1% of companies affected were IT equipment manufacturers and engineers.

Also, 40.9% of the statistics highlighted skill shortages were from IT specialists in the manufacturers of machinery and equipment. Hence, this highlights the increasing need for IT professionals in the tech, production, and manufacturing industries. 

2. Attractive Salaries and Growth Opportunities

In Germany, IT professionals are highly paid, and although this may vary from city to city, Germany still offers the highest IT salary compared to its surrounding European Countries. According to Glassdoor, “The average salary for IT specialist is $64,661 per year” 

3. Germany is a Global Villa 

As earlier, mentioned earlier, German homes are both established and brooding technological hubs. In top cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munchen, you will find the top Companies offering mouth-watering job opportunities. Here you will find prestigious companies like SAP, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, and Bosch often referred to as the biggest tech hubs in Germany.

Why work in Germany?

Aside from the attractive benefit the IT sector offer which of course is a major point of consideration, Working in Germany comes with several other perks and benefits. Let’s check out a few;

1. Flexible Working Hours

If you’ve ever worked on tight schedules, you’d appreciate the benefits of working with a little control of your time. Germany’s working system offers flexible working hours which enables you to work 48 hours during the week. In the IT sector, you may have to work remotely for a few days on-site depending on your required task.

2. Healthy work-life Balance

Although the German business culture favors efficiency and strong work ethics, they also take seriously healthy steps to maintain a work-life balance. Hence, as a. IT expert in Germany, rest assured you will be amide enthusiastic professionals who know their boundaries and abide by principles. 

3. High Salary Benefits 

Although the cost of living in Germany is high compared to all other European countries, the perks of having a home here are rewarding. Germany offers competitive salaries that help you live comfortably even cost of living expenses. Expect to earn around €64,000 to €81,000

Cities in Germany with the Most IT Jobs

If you are ready to make your journey to Germany, you should know the top cities in Germany with the highest IT jobs. According to popular research and statistics, Munich is the top tech city in Germany. It homes both large and medium-sized tech companies and startups, all of which contribute massively to the country’s economy. 

Furthermore, Munish has recorded a successful placement of over 360,000 people across its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) jobs. More so, according to the official website,, over 1,300 new ICT startups open in Munich daily. It is no surprise then why the group, Deloitte Study in the year 2018, ranked Munich as “ the first among other German cities with the highest number of employees in the ICT sector, with over 18K employers.

Hence,  the employment rate in Munich is among the highest in Germany at 66.1%. That’s higher than Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Berlin. 

S/NCity Top tech Hubs Total companies Total EmployersAverage Salary 
mMunish Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, Apple and Fujitsu311 +18K A software engineer is $73.850/year.
2.BerlinGoogle, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Apple, Google and IBM
Over 226 registered tech companies 130,000 A software developer is paid $73.170 USD/year
3.Hamburg – ‘GamecityBMW, Siemens, Infineon, Intel, MicrosoftBranch offices – Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter 150 tech companies
According to TechBehemoth:  78+ active and registered entities covering 61+ digital services
Games – 4000+ jobs According to o Glassdoor – 47K Euros to $52K
4. LeipzigAmazon, Dell, IBM 74+ active and registered IT companies, covering 43 subsectors of the digital industry. N/AAccording to Glassdoor 51K Euros,
5. BremenTeam neusta, Hmmh, Abat Encoway, HECIGEL Technology42+ active and registered IT companiesN/AAccording to Glassdoor $56 to $67 yearly
Top IT cities in Germany according to number with the major contribution

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Top High in-demand IT jobs in Germany

By now you know that the Tech market in Germany is indeed lucrative with competitive salaries and additional perks. And, with the massive and current shortage of skilled workers especially in the IT sector, German companies are happy to hire skilled foreigners to fill up these spaces. 

According to popular research, the most in-demand It jobs in Germany for foreigners include IT security, data analysis, software and web development, Artificial intelligence (AT), and machine learning (ML). If you are a professional in any of these skills with a built portfolio, you can find top jobs in Germany even though you are not fluent in German.

In this section, I will discuss the top IT jobs in Germany with the potential to offer you the quality of life you deserve. These jobs are available both for native and foreign  English speakers. 

1. Software Developer

As established, Germany houses some of the finest tech Huns in Europe with an increasing rise in innovative startups. Hence, the Software developer job role is one of the top in-demand jobs in Germany.  With the increase in the number of job vacancies on various job boards such as Glassdoor, it is evident that Software developers are in demand in Germany.

More so, compared to other roles with as low as 5% job placement offers, the demand for software developers hits a significant high of about 18% and is bound to increase by 2028. 

Salary range: According to Payscale – £49k – £61k

2. IT Jobs in Germany – AI and ML Professionals

Another high-in-demand IT job in Germany is for IT professionals in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. Germany is not left out in the evolution trend of AI and ML, every sector and industry in the global business keeps experiencing the transformation of AI and ML technology to improve system credibility and speed. Thus AI and ML IT jobs are in demand in Germany as their services contribute to the fundamental fields in Germany’s economy.

3. NET Developer

Since the rise of cryptocurrencies, NET has become one of the most in-demand skills in the IT industry and Germany is no exception. Major startups and big corporations seek the expertise of NET Developers to create a working system for efficient operations.

The competition for this role is high and so is the salary attraction. If you are an expert in this line of tech, you are a gold mine of NFts and Web 3 organizations even in Germany.

4. Java Developer

Both startups and established global brands seek the expertise of Java developers to maintain a functional site and optimize efficiency. Hence, if you are skillful in Java programming and are efficient in your craft, you can make it to the top lucrative tech hubs in Germany. 

More so, High-profile companies like Facebook, eBay, and Amazon employ these professionals to keep their websites to perfect standards. In Germany, Java developer jobs are in high demand. Good enough, most of these offers are given under the category of visa sponsorship jobs.

5. IT Jobs in Germany – DevOps Engineer

The performance and management of a company’s technological infrastructure fall within the purview of a DevOps Engineer. This is a factor that has an overall negative impact on business operations. DevOps engineers possess the knowledge and expertise to include various codes into a business’s software system in order to enhance operation and performance in general. You may be certain that you will land a high-paying career in Germany if you are skilled in this field.

6. Software Engineer

These IT and tech-savvy professionals have expertise across many different industries. As a result, these engineers are in high demand within Germany. Creating and maintaining a software development process and life cycle is no easy task. So, German companies will find themselves competing for the best software engineers in the country.

Conclusion on IT Jobs in Germany

The best way to get into Germany and enjoy the numerous perks from her workforce in the tech industry is to get skilled and build your portfolio. After which you can apply through the available job boards like Fasthire, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn, for visa sponsorship jobs

In this article, we have reviewed the top IT jobs in demand in Germany, from software engineers, Java developers, AI and ML Professionals, Software developers, and DevOps Engineers. 

There are many Tech jobs available in Germany and you can be a great fit with the basic skills. However, before you proceed with your application, ensure you work on your Cover letter and CV. Contact Fasthire for your professional CV.

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