Legit Recruitment Agencies in Johannesburg

legit recruitment agencies in johannesburg

If you are seeking trusted or legit recruitment agencies in Johannesburg, relax, because you are about to find out Johannesburg is the capital of Gauteng and one of the biggest cities in South Africa. The city is reputable for its good weather conditions and landscape. This makes the city an abode to many recruitment agencies, both local and international. 

The work of staffing agencies is to put out job openings for people for free while offering services to companies that need them. In this post, we will be giving a full list of legit recruitment agencies in Johannesburg. 

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List Of Legit Recruitment Agencies In Johannesburg

1) Drake International

Established in 1951, Drake International happens to be one of the oldest recruitment agencies in the world. They are innovators in the Talent Management field, Profit Improvement, Permanent and Flexible Staffing, and Technology Solutions. They offer permanent recruitment and flexible staffing. Sectors they expertise in include:

  • Administrative
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Warehousing
  • Drivers
  • IT & Engineering

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2) Dial A Student

Dial A Student was founded in 1988 to assist companies in recruiting temporary student staff. This agency helps young students gain experience before the end of their education. The roles these students can fill include waiter, driver, stocktaker, and tutor.

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Operating Hours: Monday – Friday, 08:15 am – 05:00 pm

Phone: 011 403 2996

3) Mindcor

Mindcor offers a lot of recruitment solutions being a top executive search recruitment agency in the city. They offer solutions including executive and senior management recruitment, interim placement for executive and senior management, customized co-sourcing solutions, and executive and senior management talent mapping and research.

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4) Legal Careers Recruitment

Legal Careers Recruitment has been in existence for over 26 years and specializes in the legal discipline. They have clients ranging from boutique law firms to large international law firms. They also have clients in other corporate organizations. 

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Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 09:00 am – 05:00 pm

Phone: 011 447 5411

5) Ultra Personnel CC

The Ultra Personnel CC is one of the oldest recruitment agencies in South Africa. Some companies that work with Ultra Personnel include FMCG and Pharmaceutical, Property, Investments and Insurance, Engineering and Manufacturing, Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial, Distribution, Freight, Imports and Exports, and Sales and Service. Their specialty focuses on sectors like technical, financial, office support, and pharmaceutical.

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6) Michael Page South Africa

Michael Page is a reputable staffing agency with offices in different places in South Africa. The company helps people secure employment and also assists in young talents’ career advancement. Moreso, they focus on the welfare and health of people and provide opportunities in the following disciplines:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Banking & Financial Services, Insurance
  • Consultancy, Strategy & Change
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Executive Search
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Life Sciences
  • Logistics, Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Marketing & Agency
  • Oil & Gas
  • Property, Construction, Facilities Management
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Secretarial & Business Support

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Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday, 08:30 am – 05:30 pm; Friday, 08:30 am – 03:30 pm

Phone: 011 447 5411

7) Kontak Recruitment Agency

Established in 2009, Kontak Recruitment Agency is a generalist employment and staffing agency. The company has a strong reputation in the employment market. And provides dependable recruitment services to clients. They assist in getting the best employees to fill available job vacancies. Its members of staff act as intermediaries between employers and job seekers. Kontak offers executive search recruitment and specializes in the following areas:

  • IT and Telecoms
  • Accounting
  • Admin
  • HR
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical

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Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday, 09:00 am – 04:00 pm; Friday, 09:00 am – 12:00 pm

Phone: 011 431 3542

8) Executive Placements 

Arguably, this agency is the leading job portal in South Africa. Being an online platform allows it to link high-level candidates with the positions they desire. Job seekers submit thousands of CVs through the Executive Placements portal. And over 130 million job alerts are put out every month with thousands able to secure employment. Its easy access and usage make people love Executive Placements. 

9) Ultra Personnel Cc

Ultra is a reputable recruitment firm in Johannesburg that focuses on placing talents in the hospitality, retail, and tourism sectors. They have a team of qualified recruiters devoted to matching the best talent pool for their clients. Their services entail permanent and temporary placements and payroll management services. Ultra Personnel Cc offers outstanding service to clients and candidates alike.

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Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 07:00 am – 05:30 pm

Phone: 011 455 4240

10) nexTLeaders

nexTLeaders is a trustworthy staffing company in Johannesburg that deals in placing talent pools in leadership and executive positions. They possess a team of qualified executive recruiters who comprehend the special needs of these positions. Their services include executive search, talent management, and leadership advancement programs.

nexTLeaders focuses on assisting clients locate the ideal leaders for their companies.

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Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 08:00 am – 05:00 pm

Phone: 011 644 8000

Ways To Identify A Legit Recruitment Agency In Johannesburg

1. Check their credentials: 

All legit recruitment agencies must register with the Department of Labour. It’s the right of an individual or business to request the agency’s registration certificate or even contact the Department of Labour to check with them directly. Many of these agencies are also members of the Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations (APSO) so one can check if the company is registered with APSO. 

2. Recruitment Agencies Do Not Guarantee Job: 

A recruitment firm only serves as a middleman between job seekers and companies. They don’t guarantee you the job.

3. Training: 

The hiring companies are the ones that offer training. However, some shady recruitment agencies will ask job seekers to pay for training before they get the job or even before being able to attend a formal interview. It is important to know that training is free of charge by the employer and takes place after an individual gets the job. 

4. Unsolicited offers: 

Scammers often send bulk emails or SMSes in the process of pretending to be recruitment agencies. Kindly disregard emails or texts from an unregistered recruitment agency.

5. Don’t click that link: 

Unsuspecting job seekers may be asked to fill out an online form that may be in the form of a link sent through SMS or email, requiring applicants to fill in sensitive information including ID number, physical address, and bank details. Again, an individual needs to ignore such a message if the name of the agency isn’t recognized. 

6. No Banking Details: 

Sometimes, scammers will ask for an individual’s banking or financial information to carry out credit checks and get references. It’s important to note that it is illegal for any recruitment agency to ask for such information. 

7. Check the spelling: 

If one receives a job ad, email, SMS, or any other written content from a supposed recruiter and such content is written badly, one has to be mindful of such agency. 

8. Verify claims: 

If a recruitment agency claims that they represent a specific company, one should confirm such a claim by calling the company and checking if their words are true before committing to anything. 

9. Read up: 

Also before consenting to anything, one should check if a recruitment has an online presence and check for any reviews on the agency. 

10. Meet in person: 

In most cases, scam recruiters won’t offer to meet applicants in person. They will otherwise send an SMS message or interview text which can never be done by a recruiting agency. 

Advantages Of Working With Legit Recruitment Agency

The advantages of working with a recruitment agency for employers and individuals will be discussed in this section. The advantages have been around for many years but some job seekers are still yet to fully understand the positive impacts these agencies have on their careers. Also, some employers choose to handle recruitment processes on their own simply because they don’t have a full awareness of the advantages of working with a recruitment agency. 

1. Recruitment Agencies Can Be Helpful When In Search Of Jobs: 

Job seekers contact recruitment agencies when seeking employment or an alternative job. Searching for jobs can be a frustrating process that can even come in with rejections, thus the reason for contacting recruitment agencies. If one needs a job relatively quickly, one might find it hard to get the one that suits his particular skill set and experience. This leaves one with no choice but to apply for roles that only suit partially. And this is where recruitment agencies come in to help. 

2. Only A CV or Profile Is Required To Get Registered: 

The whole process starts by registering one’s CV or profile at any recruitment agency of one’s choice. Some agencies require one to only send a CV and create a profile on their website while some others only need one to just reach out to them. They then reach out back, helping one create a profile on their database. This profile usually includes an individual’s education, skills, experience, and aspects that are important to get one employed. 

3. Graduates Can Easily Get Hired: 

College graduates often have to go through difficulties before getting hired because some industries need particular experiences or workplace-readiness skills rather than just educational knowledge. Additionally, internships do not usually offer a noteworthy salary. Registering with an agency during one’s final year in college could help get an internship job by the time one decides to enter the workforce. Early employment gives one a great opportunity to get experience, employability, and future salary growth. 

4. Job Hunting And Interviews Are Handled By Recruitment Agencies: 

Once registered with recruitment agencies, they take over the process of matching an applicant with the appropriate vacancies on their system or others that come in after. If an individual’s profile matches the requirements of the vacancy, the individual gets added to the shortlist of candidates that will be sent to the employer, and this is done seeking such applicant’s permission. All one needs to do is just consider the job and if one gets interested, he prepares himself for the interview scheduled by the agency. In summary, individuals do not have to go through the stress of searching for jobs that interest them online and it also saves time of calling or sending emails to follow up applications. 

5. Access To Specialized Job Opportunities: 

Some vacancies are only made known to recruitment agencies, especially if an employer wants the space to get filled quickly and with the right candidate. Working with a recruitment agency gives one an advantage over other job seekers, especially if the job is specialized. Additionally, some agencies specialize in specific industries, meaning that one has a higher chance of getting a job in his area of specialization. 

6. Involvement Of Agency Till One Gets Employed: 

There’s usually a probation period for both employees and employers. If either an employer or employee chooses to discontinue the contract and one goes back to the agency’s talent pool, the agency assists in handling contractual and human resources aspects. 

Other benefits include:

  • Vacancies presented to individuals would match their specific skills and needs with no problem whatsoever.
  • Also when they get called for an interview, they should know that they are potentially a good match for the job.
  • Probation periods allow one to jump on other opportunities without a record of resignation. 


Applicants in search of jobs should endeavor to contact recruiting agencies as working with them saves much time and effort. It also gives one the advantage of getting registered even without actively searching and gaining access to specialized vacancies. It is also important for job seekers to know that some recruitment agencies conduct background and criminal checks and extensive referencing as part of their recruitment process.

Lastly, working with recruitment agencies is free. Individuals do not have to pay for any services but employers have to. 


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