Highest Paying Jobs in Germany without a Degree 2023

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Are you looking for the highest paying jobs in Germany without a Degree? Well, you just stumbled on the best ground. Now, Whether you are an international student in search of a part time job or a foreigner in search of a better ground, there are job opportunities in Germany where you can strive for excellence even without a Degree. 

Although you may land a good paying job in Germany without a Degree, the majority of the jobs available for this level require a vocational degree (usually in the form of a tutorship or apprenticeship). Hence, it’s required that you must have  finished vocational training in Germany or any other country before you’ll be granted access to work.

Hence let’s take a dive into the top 8  Highest Paying Jobs in Germany without a Degree. In this article, we will explore the top 12 highest-paying jobs in Germany without a degree in 2023.

The Highest Paying Jobs in Germany without a College Degree Are ;

We have listed the top paying jobs in Germany that you can get good pay for without a college degree.

However, the annual average salaries listed below were sourced from Glassdoor.com, Salary.com, and Selary Expert and ERI Economic Research Institute.  You can check these websites for full salary description of these professions

  • IT technicians
  • Construction worker 
  • Commercial Driver 
  • Personal Care Aid
  • Sales Representative
  • Electrician 
  • Plumber 
  • Chief
  • Hair Stylist
  • Security Personals
  • Real Estate Agent

1. IT Technician

  • Average Annual salary:  $41,638  (Glassdoor.com)
  • Education needed: Vocational degree

IT specialists do not necessarily require a degree to work in their field, but they can still earn higher than average salaries. In Germany, IT professionals are in high demand, and those without a university degree can still find jobs if they have completed vocational training or have relevant experience. 

IT specialists work in various areas, such as application development, system integration, digital networking, and data analysis. Entry-level salaries start at around 2,500 EUR per month, with an average salary range of 3,000-3,500 EUR per month. With experience, one can earn an average salary of 3,700 EUR per month or 44,400 EUR annually before taxes. 

However, Regardless of specialization, IT specialists can expect reasonable income levels, with a focus on systems administration and software or database development.

2. Construction Worker

  • Average salary: €43.332 (salaryExpert.com)
  • Education needed: Basic knowledge

Construction workers are responsible for erecting buildings and other  structures in organizations.  Although this profession doesn’t necessarily require a college degree, you will be required to have basic knowledge on safety measures when working on site and a  basic knowledge of construction techniques and materials, experience in using tools and machines, and physical fitness.

Hence, construction workers in Germany earn an average 43.332 € or an equivalent hourly rate of 21 €. This may vary based on company size, location and of course, your level of experience.

3. Commercial Driver 

Average annual salary:€46,033 to  €33,328 (SalaryExpert)

Education needed: vocational training (drivers license)

Commercial drivers are responsible for transporting goods and passengers across Germany. They can earn a sizable income without holding a college degree. However, to land a role as a commercial Driver, you’ll need to present your driver’s license or evidence that displays that you are skillful in the field. 

In Germany, the commercial Driver job comes with several benefits like paid leave and occasional overnight stay compensation. The average annual salary of commercial drivers in Germany varies between the range of  €46,033 to  €33,328 with other benefits inclusive. 

4. Personal Care Aid

Average annual salary:  € 27.039  (SalaryExpert)

Education needed: None

Personal care aides provide assistance to seniors and individuals with disabilities in their daily activities. They assist with grooming, dressing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and transportation. No degree is needed for this role. 

The only training required is the basic knowledge of caregiving and common home practice. The need for caregivers is high in Germany making this profession one of the highest paid jobs in Germany without a Degree.

5. Sales Representative

Average annual salary: €52,609 (Glassdoor.com)

Education needed: Basic Experience

Sales representatives are responsible for selling products or services to customers. It does not require a degree. 

However, to strive in this role, you need some vocational or digital training on the basis of marketing. This knowledge will enable you to scale the demands of the company and present the best relationship between you and customers. 

Sales representatives in Germany earn an average annual salary of €52,608. However, this may vary depending on the company size,  location and one’s level of expertise. If you find marketing a good hobby and you think you can Excel in it, this could 

6. Electrician

Average annual salary:  € 55.082  (Salary Expert)

Education needed: Vocational training

Electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in homes, commercial buildings, and other facilities.

Although this profession may not require a college or university degree, you’ll need to have gone through a  vocational training or an apprenticeship in order to be accepted to work in this role. 

Electricians in Germany can earn a good income of about  €55,082 annually. This however may vary depending on the level of task performed by the electrician. 

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7. Plumber

Average annual salary: €53.314  (SalaryExpert.com)

Education needed: Vocational training

Here are other highly paying jobs in Germany without a degree. A Plumber performs the basic duties of  installing and repairing pipes, sewer systems, and water supply lines in commercial and residential properties.

With the increase in international companies in Germany, which invariably has increased the population of major cities in The country, there is a high demand for skilled plumbers in this firm. Good thing, you do  not require a college degree to work in this field. All that is required is vocational training or an apprenticeship. With the right skill intact, you’re sure you’ll be placed In the average salary payroll of German workers.

8. Chef

Average annual salary:€1,15,000 (Glassdoor.co.in)

Education needed: vocational training or apprenticeship or formal culinary school training.

This is also one of the highest paying jobs in Germany without a degree. Chefs are responsible for cooking and preparing food in restaurants and other food establishments. Although it usually requires vocational training or apprenticeship or formal culinary school training,  it does not require a college degree. 

Experienced chefs can earn an excellent salary in Germany. With an increase in professional years of experience, you can work in high reputable companies in Germany. This opens the benefits of Connecting with higher professionals in the area you get to work in.

9. Hair Stylist

Average annual salary: €29,607 (ERI Economic Research institute)

Education needed: Experience or a basic training school.

Hairdressing is an important skill that can earn you good comfortable pay in Germany. As a hairstylist, you have the privilege of working in your own established firm or as a stylist in one of the top in-demand stores.

Hairstylists care for hair by coloring, cutting, and styling. It does not require a college degree or an apprenticeship, although diplomas and certifications are preferred (mostly not asked for). A hair stylist can make a decent income in Germany, with the potential for self-employment.

10. Security Personnel

Average annual salary:  €35,985 (ERI Economic Research institute)

Education needed: None

Security personnel are responsible for ensuring safety and maintaining law and order in commercial, residential, and public facilities. It usually does not require a college degree, a vocational training or apprenticeship.

The role of security Personals In firms and industries can not be overemphasized, this therefore means that the  demand for this job in General, like every other European country, is expected to increase in the future.

Security Personals in Germany earn an average annual salary of    which make  this a common but highly competitive. 

11. Real Estate Agent

Average annual salary:  €53.390 ( SalaryExpert.com)

Education needed: A registered authorized License

This is also among the highest paying jobs in Germany. Real estate agents help buyers and sellers of real estate properties. They do not need a college degree, but they typically require a license to operate legitimately. 

To become an approved agent in Germany, you’ll need not only a license,but also, you’ll have to be fluent in German language. So this means you’ll need to take some courses on learning the basic local German language for easy interaction among the locals.

 Real estate agents in Germany  earn good commission-based income, and this profession’s potential is high for networking and building strong relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Highest Paying Jobs bs in Germany without a Degree

1. What are the Easiest Jobs to Get in Germany?

The top easiest job to get in Germany are 

  • Nurses.
  • Business managers.
  • Account managers.
  • Production assistants.
  • Sales managers, representatives.
  • Product managers.
  • Architects.
  • Civil engineers

2. How to get a Job in Germany from Nigeria?

The steps to getting a job in Germany if you are based in Nigeria are quite simple. They are outlined below;

  • Check your chances. You can do this by checking the job qualifications on job listing websites like thefasthire.com
  • Get your qualifications recognised.
  • Look for a job.
  • Write an application. 
  • Apply for a work visa.
  • Obtain health insurance

3. Can I get a Job in Germany without a Degree?

Yes, you can get a job in Germany without a Degree. However, for some of these jobs you’ll need a vocational training or apprenticeship in order to be granted such roles.

4. Which Jobs can get Easily in Germany?

The following jobs can be gotten easily in Germany since they are on demand.

  • Computer science, IT and software development. 
  • Electronics engineering. 
  • Mechanical engineering. 
  • Account management and business analytics.
  • Nursing and healthcare. 
  • Civil engineering and architecture.

Summary: Highest Paying Jobs in Germany without a Degree

Germany offers numerous lucrative job opportunities for individuals who do not hold a college degree. If you are considering working in Germany, it is essential to conduct thorough research on job roles, requirements and functions, and salary expectations. 

These twelve job positions’ information can help you to make a solid starting point as you explore possibilities to pursue.

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