How to Write Europass CV (Guide, Template, Sample)

How to write a Europass CV

The European Union consists of different member states in Europe. Europe has a good environment for work and study purposes making it one of the ideal destinations for foreign nationals.

To give skilled and qualified expats a fair chance at getting a job or work in any of the European countries, the Europass was formed. The Europass has an objective to

  • Help European citizens communicate their skills and qualifications in an effective and standardized manner
  • Assist employers in the recognition of the skills and qualifications of their workforce
  • Support education and training authorities in defining and communicating their curricula

Other Documents in the Europass

Europass consists of 5 documents, which are:

  • CV
  • Language Passport
  • Certificate Supplement
  • Diploma Supplement
  • Mobility

Europass CV and Language Passport are freely obtained while the remaining three are issued by the Education and Training Authorities. This article focuses on the Europass CV and the necessary information regarding it.

What is Europass CV?

Europass CV is a standard CV template created by the European Commission and used widely in Europe. Whether intending to study or work in Europe, the Europass CV helps applicants for a European visa to communicate their academic and work background compellingly and concisely.

Benefits of Europass CV

The following are the benefits that Europass CV offers to its users.

  • General standard and wide acceptance
  • Clear and concise communication of skills and qualfications’
  • Clear communication of the personality, social and organisational skills

How to Write Europass CV

The Europass CV portal is accessible to anyone. You can initiate the process of writing your Europass CV by creating an account here. The button is found on the top right corner of the Europass portal. While it is not compulsory to create an account, it is better that you do as it helps to save every change you have made to your CV. Without an account, your changes are lost after 48 hours.

Europass Home Page

Once you are done creating your account, proceed to either the CV template or the Cover Letter template to input your details.

When you click on ‘create CV’, the next page you will see is the picture below.

CV portal

When you click on ‘create the cover letter’, the next page you will see is the picture below

Cover Letter Portal

For each section that you want to work with, follow the prompt message and fill in the required details.

Sections of the Europass CV

  1. Personal Information
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Email
    • Personal website
    • Sex
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Picture (if required)
    • Job applied for
    • Position
    • Studies applied for
    • Personal statement
  2. Work experience
  3. Education and Training
  4. Personal skills
    • Mother tongue
    • Other languages
    • Communication skills
    • Organisational/managerial skills
    • Job-related skills
    • Computer skills
    • Driving licence
  5. Additional Information
    • Publication
    • Presentations
    • Seminars
    • Projects
    • Conferences
    • Honours and awards
    • Memberships
    • Reference
  6. Annexes:  these are documents that are required for the application. Only include documents relevant to the position you are applying for.

Note: you can delete headings and change titles that you are not using. Customize your CV for the job you are applying for.

Tips for Writing a Europass CV

A Europass CV is written on an already-made template, however, there are rules that one has to follow to make the most of the Europass CV. Written below are tips that will guide you in the writing of your Europass CV:

  1. Fill out all the required spaces carefully
  2. Concentrate on the essentials
  3. Be clear and concise
  4. Pay attention to the presentation of your cv.
  5. Invest your time in the crafting of your words. Remember that your cv is your first meeting with your potential employer.
  6. Write your cover letter
  7. Write professionally
  8. Include only documents relevant to the job you are applying for
  9. Customize your CV to the job position you are applying for
  10. Proofread your CV for grammatical errors, punctuation errors, etc. Possibly, give it to someone to read it and determine how clear and concise it is.
  11. Make your competencies and qualifications very detailed.

Sample of Europass CV

Source: Acesta-
Source: Acesta-

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Europass CV

Just like every other thing in life, the Europass CV has its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. It is free
  2. It can be accessed from anywhere: it is designed for use in Europe, however, you can access it from anywhere in the world.
  3. It’s written in 29 languages
  4. It is generally accepted in every country in Europe


  1. Bad visual design: the arrangement of information on the CV is not attractive and that is one of the ways to capture the attention of your potential employer. Bear in mind that we are in 2022 and there are more creative and attractive CVs.
  2. Outdated information: some outdated information are still featured on the Europass CV. This can lead to the potential employer dropping your CV as soon as he or she picks it.
  3. Overused: The Europass CV has been overused. Millions of applicants have made use of the CV, hence making the user blend in instead of standing out.
  4. A lot of wasted space: due to the poor arrangement of the Europass CV, a lot of space is consumed. A good CV should make use of the available spaces but Europass doesn’t.
  5. Lots of pages: A good CV is a one-page document or 2-3 when applying for a senior role. However, with Europass CV, you end up with many pages when you add all the details that are required of you.

A general point to note is that recruiters spend approximately 7-10secs on each CV. This means that you have to capture attention at a first glance. Having this in mind, you will agree with me that a Europass CV is not a good idea for any applicant to use.

Europass CV Alternative

Having gone through the disadvantages of Europass CV, the following are alternatives that you can use to make yourself stand out and not blend in:

  1. Fasthire
  2. Visual CV
  3. Kickresume
  4. Zety
  5. Carrot CV
  6. Jump
  7. CV Saver

Sample of Alternative Europass CV

Alternative to Europass CV  Sample 1
Alternative to Europass CV Sample 1
Europass CV Alternative sample 2
Europass CV Alternative Sample 2
Europass CV Alternative Sample 3
Europass CV Alternative Sample 3

To download a sample of an alternative to Europass CV, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Europass CV was an initiative by the European Union to create a unified system of employment throughout Europe. It aims to give applicants a unified standard accepted in every country in Europe and make their skills and qualifications stand out. While the Europass CV has a good motive behind its formation, it falls short of that goal.

If you need help with writing your CV, contact us here and a professional will give you a CV that puts you one step forward to your dream job.

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