10 Best Academic CV Writers for Abroad Study

10 Best Academic CV Writers for Abroad Study

An Academic CV is part of the requirements that students who want to study abroad have to submit. Academic CV Writers help students write their academic CV in a way that makes them stand out.

Often students from different countries go to other countries to further their education. It could be because of a poor education system in their country or for the love of experiencing another culture. Job opportunities also influence the decision to study abroad, hence making some countries hotspots for foreign students.

Are you interested in studying abroad and are looking for an academic CV writer? This article gives you a list of the Best Academic CV Writers for Abroad Study and other relevant information that you need.

Countries with the Most Foreign Students

A survey carried out in 2019, showed that there are about a 5.3million foreign students in different countries around the world. However, it is estimated that there will be an increase in the number to 8 million. Around the world, some countries are more ideal for students than some.

As of 2019, these top ten countries had the most foreign students:

CountryNumber of Foreign Students
United States976,853
United Kingdom489,019
United Arab Emirates225,339

These numbers have increased over the last couple of years and haven’t decreased even with travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19. The United States unsurprisingly has the greatest number of international students. The high-quality education they are known for is buttressed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ranked as the best in the world.

Other countries in the list like the United Kingdom, France, Germany also boast top-notch institutes as they acknowledge the importance of students for research and innovation. For this reason, they have implemented policies to attract foreign students and make it easier for them to obtain work visas once they graduate.

China is another popular destination for international students, especially for Anglophone African students. For now, students from other Asian countries still make up most of the foreign students in China but the growth of the African continent is on a fast rise.

Where are most Foreign Students from?

The Chinese seem to have the greatest number of international students worldwide. This has been consistent over the past decade with Chinese students having the largest demography amongst foreign students.

Listed below are the top countries with the most number of foreign students:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. South Korea
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Canada
  6. Vietnam
  7. Taiwan
  8. Japan
  9. Brazil
  10. Mexico
  11. Nigeria
  12. Nepal
  13. Iran
  14. United Kingdom
  15. Turkey

 What You Need to Apply to Schools Abroad

  1. Academic Transcripts
  2. Proof of language proficiency
  3. Statement of Purpose
  4. Reference Letters
  5. Portfolio
  6. CV/Resume

The CV/Resume that is required of you sometimes might be an Academic one. So that you won’t be caught off guard, we will tell you how you can make one on your own and also the best places you can get one.

What is an Academic CV?

An academic CV is a comprehensive documentation of your educational and academic accomplishments. This is different from your regular CVs as it is used when applying for jobs in academic industries and to universities for post-graduate studies or even a scholarship.

An academic CV helps you showcase your educational background, professional appointments (if any), research and teaching experience, publications, grants, and other key academic achievements. With it, you will be emphasizing how much you would add to the institution you are looking to join. It is important to not confuse this with a standard CV or resume for professional reasons.

How to Create an Academic CV?

In a situation where you cannot get professional help with your academic CV, here are tips you can use to make one yourself. 

Information Required

 Your Academic CV should include:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Research Objective
  3. Education
  4. Professional Appointment
  5. Publications
  6. Awards and Honors
  7. Grants and Fellowships
  8. Conferences
  9. Teaching Experience
  10. Professional Affiliations and Additional activities
  11. Languages and skills
  12. References

For scholars and researchers with little or no teaching experience, you can skip that section. The same goes for those without proper Professional appointments. Your contact information should include your Full name, Professional title, Institutional address, email, home address, and any relevant means of contact.

The research objective section should contain your research plans. You have to make sure this is very close to the beginning of the CV as it would attract the reader. The professional appointment section can be similar to the work experience section on a standard CV or resume.

Fonts and Format

Just like standard CVs and resumes, an Academic CV has to look professional. Selection committees for academic institutions have to go through a lot of CVs, applications, and so forth. For that reason, your CV has to be able to stand out (for good reasons) to outdo the competition.

Here are ways to achieve this;

  1. Fonts: Use consistent font sizes. 11 or 12 for regular texts, 14 or 16 for relevant headers, and your name at the top of your CV. Don’t forget to make it bold.
  2. White Space: When used correctly, white space can turn a basic document of any kind into a professional top-tier one. A double-blank line before headers will do the trick. One-inch margins on all four sides of the CV also help, especially when printed on paper.
  3. Bigger is better: Try to make your Academic CV as long as possible. There isn’t a page count limit, so be as elaborate as possible as you try to showcase your illustrious academic career.

10 Best Academic CV Writers for Abroad Study

1. Fasthire

They develop high-end job and academic documents that increase your chances by 50%. They capture your accomplishments well enough that will emphasize the value you would be adding to the cooperate or educational institution.

How to contact Fasthire: 

Email: info@fasthire.com.ng

Tel: +234-813-823-5619

2. Zety

Powered by a team of 10 career experts that have been featured on Forbes, Glassdoor amongst others. Their resumes and guides have been recognized by over 200 universities and organizations worldwide.

How to contact Zety: Tel: 800-985-7561

3. Indeed

Indeed are committed to helping you professionals and scholars achieve their goals. They are already one of the biggest job platforms around and they want to take it a step further by aiding clients in the process of getting to their desired institutions.

How to Contact Indeed: Visit their website Indeed

4. Spartan CV

A leading company in the world when it comes to Academic CV writing. Their goal is to make sure they provide their clients with winning resumes and CVs for various purposes.

How to contact Spartan CV: Email: info@spartancv.co.uk

Tel: 07493449671

5. iCareer Solutions

They work with some of the best CV writers in the US, Europe, and Asia. They are a very convenient option when seeking Academic CV advice and help.

How to contact iCareer Solutions: Email: contact@icareersolutions.com

Tel: 1-914-297-8807

6.  Purple CV

Years of experience in helping professionals prepare documents that aid the progression of their careers either professionally or academically.

How to contact Purple CV: Email: info@purplecv.co.uk

Tel: 0203 504 3111

7. Find My Profession

A 5-star rating by Google in some of the countries they operate in like Canada speaks for itself. They are a top-shelf CV (academic or professional) writing service and one of the very best you can employ to help with your CV.

How to contact Find my Profession: Email: help@findmyprofession.com

Tel: 831-888-096

8. Careers by Design

Offering expert CVs as well as various forms of career advice, Career by design is always a good option when it comes to creating the right Academic CV to boost your academic journey.

How to contact Careers by Design: Email: support@careersbydesign.ca

Tel: 1-888-977-6284

9. Resume Go

Another very experienced and trusted CV and resume writing service. Their data-driven approach to curating CVs as well as their efficient use of the Application Tracking System makes them a favorite for many professionals and academics.

10.  Top Resume

With various Resume and CV packages to choose from, Top Resume offers not just quality but variety as well. They also have a crew of over 1,500 writers, which reduces the turnover time as well as makes sure you are always attended to.

How to contact Top Resume: Email: support@topresume.com

Tel: 1-800-604-1929


With these tips, you should be able to get a standard academic CV that would facilitate your admission into a university of your choice abroad. Whether it’s Germany, the United States, or even the UAE, you can be assured of quality good enough to get you to where you want to be.

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