5 Best Academic CV Writing Services in Nigeria

Best Academic CV Writing Services in Nigeria
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According to Statista, Nigeria had 12,860 international students in the United States in 2021, and according to Wikipedia, Nigerian students make up 1.2% of the total amount of foreign students globally in 2019. For those living in the West-African country, it won’t be a surprise to find out that those numbers have increased drastically since 2019.

The education system in the country is relatively poor, and institutions with quality systems are usually too expensive for the average Nigerian. This has led to Nigerian students leaving the country for better education as well as job opportunities when they graduate.

So, as a Nigerian looking for educational greener pastures, what are the things you would need?

Documents and Requirements to apply to Schools Abroad

  1. Academic Transcripts
  2. Proof of language proficiency
  3. Statement of Purpose
  4. Reference Letters
  5. Portfolio
  6. CV/Resume

Depending on the institution you are applying to, the CV that might be required won’t be the Standard CV or resume. In situations like this, the institution might request your Academic CV. This particular type of CV is where you can showcase your academic achievements in detail. You would be expected to be as elaborate as possible here.

How to Create an Academic CV

There are many competent CV writing services around Nigeria and the world. However, if you want to create one yourself, here are some useful tips on how to do so.

Details of An Academic CV

The following are things you should include in your Academic CV:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Research Objective
  3. Education
  4. Professional Appointment
  5. Publications
  6. Awards and Honors
  7. Grants and Fellowships
  8. Conferences
  9. Teaching Experience
  10. Professional Affiliations and Additional activities
  11. Languages and skills
  12. References

For scholars and researchers with little or no teaching experience, you can skip that section. The same goes for those without proper Professional appointments. Your contact information should include your Full name, Professional title, Institutional address, email, home address, and any relevant means of contact.

The research objective section should contain your research plans. You have to make sure this is very close to the beginning of the CV as it would attract the reader. The professional appointment section can be similar to the work experience section on a standard CV or resume.

For grants and fellowships, it is important to have them as it is proof of your research being incisive enough to attract funding.

Fonts and Format

Just like standard CVs and resumes, an Academic CV has to look professional. Selection committees for academic institutions have to go through a lot of CVs, applications, and so forth. For that reason, your CV has to be able to stand out (for good reasons) to outdo the competition.

Here are ways to achieve this:

  1. Fonts: Use consistent font sizes. 11 or 12 for regular texts, 14 or 16 for relevant headers, and your name at the top of your CV. Don’t forget to make it bold.
  2. White Space: When used correctly, white space can turn a basic document of any kind into a professional top-tier one. A double-blank line before headers will do the trick. One-inch margins on all four sides of the CV also help, especially when printed on paper.
  3. Bigger is better: Try to make your Academic CV as long as possible. There isn’t a page count limit, so be as elaborate as possible as you try to showcase your illustrious academic career.

Other things to note:

  1. Avoid bullet points
  2. Be concise with your educational experience
  3. Let your research objective be brief.
  4. In your list of achievements, let your most prestigious and competitive ones come first.
  5. Make your CV legible and clear
  6. Save your CV in a PDF as it prevents it from distorting when opened on another device.

You would need an Academic CV when you are applying for admission for post-graduate studies and as well as when you are applying to work as an academic in an educational institution. Below are the best academic CV writing services in Nigeria.

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Best Academic CV Writing Services in Nigeria

1. Fasthire

Price: 12,500

Fasthire is a career brand that provides career and educational services since 2019. It’s a fast-growing company that while based in Nigeria, provides services to individuals and professionals in other countries like the UK, US, Canada, and many more. It is worth noting that a lot of their customers and clients are young professionals. This emphasizes their knowledge of modern processes as well as their ability to adapt to the professional environment.

How to contact Fasthire:

Email: info@fasthire.com.ng

Tel: +2348138235629

2. Jarus Hub

Price: ₦5000 – ₦10,000

With a little over 7 years of experience in CV writing, Jarus hub is arguable Nigeria’s number one company for all forms of career resources. A lot of the individuals that contribute to their success are professionals that have excelled in various industries using their experience and skills to provide guidance. Their only drawback is their website which some have complained about its relatively poor functionality. Asides from this though, they are a great option for CVs

How to contact Jarus Hub: 

Email: jarushub@gmail.com

Tel: +234-703-644-2913 (for text messages) and +234-808-540-4500 (for calls)

3. Jobberman

Price: ₦12,900 – ₦33,900

Nigeria’s number one online job platform. They started as a recruitment and job search platform in 2009, but since then have grown into a career platform offering various services including professional CV and resume services. Yearly they help about 2 million Nigerians build CVs, as well as offer training and certifications to help individuals excel in their careers.

How to contact Jobberman: 

Email: info@jobberman.com

Tel:  +234-813-985-9999

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4. My Job Mag

Price: ₦14,400 – ₦30,000

They aim to solve the fundamental challenge of employment in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. With a variety of services from CV and resume preparation to employer-employee coaching, counseling, and personalized job searches. They believe they can achieve this by leveraging the technology available in today’s world to solve human resource problems across Africa.

How to contact My Job Mag: 

Email: services@myjobmag.com

5. Procivi

Price: ₦10,000 – ₦20,000

According to Google SERP, Procivi is the best CV writing company in Nigeria with thousands of success stories over the years. They work in tandem with a lot of top companies in the country including Chevron, Enyo, Guinness to mention a few. Their close relationships with these companies give them useful insight on how to craft CVs that would attract the attention of these top companies.

How to contact Procivi: 

Email: info@Procivi.Ng

Tel: +234-805-890-4835

Conclusions: Best Academic CV Writing Services in Nigeria

These companies can help you create the ultimate Academic CV as you endeavor to push for educational success outside the country. All these companies provide you with a professional CV writer that helps curate your CV, although, for the different companies, their turnover time also differs.

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