How to Write an Application Letter for a Teaching Job

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In contrast to a CV, which just quickly summarises all of your qualifications, an application letter allows you to go into more detail. As a result, you must learn how to write an application letter for a teaching job because it will allow you to connect with the interviewer on a deeper level and elaborate on things your CV couldn’t.

When looking for a job as a teacher, your application letter is your first chance. You must, however, understand what an application letter is, why you need one, and how to write one. In this context, we also give application letter samples.

What is an application letter?

An application letter is a document sent to a potential employer along with your CV that describes who you are as a professional and as a person, as well as conveys your interests and beliefs.

Why You Need an Application Letter as a Teacher

You need an application letter for a teaching job because of it:

  • Allows you to adequately introduce yourself before your first interview.
  • Persuades the employer that your qualifications meet their requirements.
  • Gives a good first impression.
  • Demonstrates your diligence and your seriousness about your possible career.
  • Describes your teaching interests and objectives.
  • They provide information that is more pertinent than a CV/Resume.

How to Write an Application Letter for a Teaching Job

Address it to the Right Person

You should make sure your application letter is addressed to the appropriate individual when applying for a teaching position. This should be the school director or the person whose name appeared on the job posting. If there was no name listed on the job posting and you don’t know the name of the school director, you should send the letter to “To whom it may concern” or the hiring manager of the school.

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Start with a Captivating Introduction.

Your cover letter must be properly written because every word counts. However, you must capture your employer’s attention right away; you do not want them to turn away as they continue to read.

Understand the Job Description and Tailor your Letter Accordingly.

Understanding the assignment allows you to know how to complete it. Without adequate comprehension, your application letter may deviate from what you are supposed to write to captivate your potential employer.

Outline your Education and Previous Work Experience

Of course, your education is already listed on your CV or resume. Therefore, in your application letter, you should go into detail about your education, credentials, and lessons learned from prior employment and how they can favorably impact the job.

Describe your Goals, Values, and Teaching Method.

We all know that pupils learn a lot from their professors, and it isn’t necessarily the curriculum. Some teachers, deliberately or not, serve as role models for their students. As a result, you must analyze your aims, values, and teaching methods and inform the employer of what the students will learn from you and how they will learn it.

State your Interests

Of course, you want to work as a teacher so you can make money. However, you should also be motivated to work so that you can contribute to the academic and personal development of the pupils. You should therefore describe your interests and how they might help the school and its students.

Highlight your valuable skills

Your CV or resume should have a substantial skills section, so you should go into more detail in your cover letter.

Take the chance to explain why you’re the best candidate for the job

Convince your employers that you will be a fantastic asset when employed and not employing you will be a significant loss to them.

Include a polite and optimistic closing paragraph

Don’t forget to sound optimistic when asking the employer for feedback. So, in your conclusion paragraph, kindly inform them while remaining professional.

Tips to Note When Writing Your Application for a Teaching Job

  • Ensure to research the school you are applying for
  • Make use of professional fonts and format
  • Be precise but well-detailed
  • Personalize the application letter to the school you are applying for
  • Show your motivation to join the company
  • Use a professional email address
  • Ensure to proofread
  • Follow the school application letter requirement
  • Omit unnecessary details
  • Make use of the right tone and context.

Sample Application Letter for a Teaching Job

Teacher Cover Letter


As stated in the introduction paragraph, your application letter is your first opportunity to land a job, and you risk ruining it if you don’t know how to write one. To assist you in writing your application letter, read this page and look at the samples.

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