How to Get a Job with the United Nations

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Getting a job in the United Nations can be challenging, as the competition is intense because many people are looking for the same position as you. 

However, even as difficult as it may seem, it is still achievable if you make yourself fully aware of your options and understand the challenges you might face. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with the step-by-step processes on how you can get a job with the United Nations.

Before then, let’s look at some common questions frequently asked by people:

How Difficult is it to Get a Job in the United Nations?

The truth is that it is often hard to get a job at the UN for many reasons, and these could range from language skills to job-specific requirements based on experience or certain skill sets, high competition, and the demanding selection process. 

Picture this: as much as you desire to excel in your professional endeavor, gearing towards working in a powerful international organization where you not only add to the mission of the organization but also develop yourself on the job to meet the demands of the job market, you should know that many people share the same dream or vision like you.

Do I have a Chance to Get a Job in the United Nations?

Certainly, you do, as one of the ways to make progress through what appears difficult is to certainly prepare how to navigate your way around it. We know your next question, which is

How Do I Navigate Getting a Job in the United Nations?

The first step is to research. Here, you have to browse through some companies or the UN career official websites to find out if they have job openings. This will also help you learn about the company’s ideology and requirements.

What Types of Jobs are Available in the United Nations?

There are several job opportunities in the UN for graduates, college graduates, experienced and inexperienced in various sectors. More so, there are different categories of workers: field workers, general service workers, professionals, and the like.

How Much Can I Earn at the UN?

Your earning capacity depends on your job specification as well as your passion for work. However, salaries are highly competitive in the UN. Factors such as your job category, qualification, and type of contract also determine how much you will earn. 

Overall, you will likely earn about $37,000 to $123,000 or higher if you choose a professional position and from $31,000 to $90,000 for field services.

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What Form of Degree or Certification Do I Need to Get a Job in the United Nations?

This depends on your field of interest, as there are different education as well as work experience requirements for various roles. 

More so, there are opportunities for those looking to start their career even while at school, as the UN offers several volunteer internship programs for young people. With this, you certainly know that there is a job for every degree or qualification.

Which Language is Acceptable for Getting a Job in the United Nations?

While English is the most widely spoken language in the United Nations, You should also understand that English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian are the official UN languages. This is to let you know that there are language requirements for certain roles. 

More so, you have a greater opportunity of landing a job quickly if you have a good command of many languages; it could be two, at least. With this language skill, you have the chance to become a UN translator, interpreter, language instructor, or teacher.

Now for what you have been waiting for:

Step-by-Step Process on How to Get a Job in the United Nations?

  1. Get Started: Begin by exploring the official United Nations career website to gain a comprehensive understanding of the available opportunities. This step is particularly beneficial for those who may still be unclear about their preferences. 

On the website, you’ll find a comprehensive list of job openings, categories, and required qualifications. Information is key, so ensure you’re well prepared.

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Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
  1. Select Your Category: As mentioned earlier, there are various staff categories to choose from. Consider your skills, interests, and work experience when making your selection. Work experience is especially crucial for certain positions.

3. Check Your Qualifications: Make sure you possess the necessary experience and qualifications for your chosen position. Each role comes with specific requirements that must be met for your application to be considered. Don’t rely on luck; carefully review and fulfill the requirements.

4. Create an Account: After choosing a job, proceed to the next step: registration. To register, provide personal information such as your date of birth, name, email, etc. Additionally, supply details about your qualifications. Finally, create a username and password.

5. Apply Wisely: Before applying, ensure that you meet all the requirements to avoid wasting your time. You can apply for multiple positions. Instead of using a CV, utilize forms like the UN P11 form (personal history form). 

The application process is straightforward; just follow the provided instructions. More so, for a stellar CV and cover letter, you can contact Fasthire

  1. Await Interview Invitation: After applying for one or more positions, be patient and wait. Check the status of your application in your account. Only those selected for an interview will receive notification of the results, so stay attentive.

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Landing a job with the United Nations may be challenging due to the high level of competition and specific requirements. However, thorough research, preparation, and strategic application can enhance your chances. 

Explore opportunities, align your skills, and follow the step-by-step process outlined to increase your likelihood of success. Remember, patience is key to awaiting interview invitations.

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