Best Websites for Free LinkedIn Profile Review in 2021

Best Websites for Free LinkedIn Profile Review in 2021

Your LinkedIn account makes it easier for you to connect with people and opportunities as compared to other job boards or social networking platforms. But to get the best results, you need to have a high-quality, professional LinkedIn profile.

“All-Star” LinkedIn profiles usually attract recruiters and invite more professional connections.

What is Linkedin Profile Optimization?

LinkedIn is a social networking service that operates via websites and mobile apps. The platform is mainly used for professional networking. It allows job seekers to post their Curriculum Vitae (CV), and also enables employers post job vacancies.

LinkedIn optimization is way of aligning your profile to suit your personal branding. This gives you a unique image and value; thereby, positioning you for career opportunities.

So, how can you build a good LinkedIn profile?

Note that, before using the ‘best websites for free LinkedIn profile review’, you should have your LinkedIn profile already set-up.

Here are some important tips, that will help you build a good LinkedIn profile.

Tips on How to Build a strong Linkedin Profile

  • Use a professional profile picture; (usually in the form of a passport photograph).
  • Create a headline, that is attractive and appealing, to a prospective viewer.
  • A good LinkedIn profile, should include an interesting summary of what a viewer would easily relate with, and understand.
  • Make your work experience stand out.
  • Use of visual media is highly recommended i.e. a good LinkedIn profile should have pictures/images of your expertise, to boost your profile.
  • Recommendation: After creating a profile, there’s a feature that enables you to ask for recommendations. You can send this recommendation requests, to people with whom you have worked with in the past, and hope you get feedback (positive feedback). This feedback encourages employers, and helps them to know that your work has once been approved and appreciated.
  • Be Active: A LinkedIn profile is as good as the activity that you create on it. You can join groups on LinkedIn that share your interest. More so, engage with what other people are posting and contribute meaningful comments on them.
  • Check Profile Strength: After creating your LinkedIn profile, click on the right-hand side that shows you your profile strength; just like Facebook and other social platforms; this will show you the set-up grade/level for your profile. Keep using the site tips until it rates you “ALL–star”.

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Best Websites for Free LinkedIn Profile Review

LinkedIn Optimization Service
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How Does LinkedIn Review Website Work?

Several websites carry out LinkedIn review. These websites include Pc,, resume, zip job. Com etc. These websites review LinkedIn accounts based on;

1. How Comprehensive And Engaging Your Profile Is:

Your LinkedIn profile is more like an online resume. Hence, you should have a good profile picture (headshot). Furthermore, your profile picture should be professional and made public.

2. Summary Section:

The summary section is the section where you write things about yourself (I.e. the about page). The review websites will review your profile based on your highlight, and what makes you unique and indispensable to your industry. More so, it will benefit you, to include key professional certifications, bilingual skills, and key accomplishments.

3. Experience:

Review websites lookout for how your experience section is arranged. Ensure to include employment status ( current and past), education, industry and work history.

4. Skills and Endorsement:

This is another major section, the review websites keeps an eye out for. This section shows your core competence. Therefore, it is important to include the skills you possess, in your profile. Include skills that highlight your strengths, and are most relevant to your career goals.

5. Contact information;

A LinkedIn profile without good and adequate contact information, is just like a formal letter with no address. Review websites lookout for this very important part. It appears in your summary, at the top; and it is very important, to make sure that it’s up to date with your current email, website, blog link, and even your Twitter handle.

Good LinkedIn profiles attract potential employers to you. There is a lot more to having an effective LinkedIn profile. If you want your profile to attract more and more employers, grabbing their attention; then it’s not just a matter of listing work experience and other things, like others do. Sometimes you need to go beyond that, and make use of profile review websites.

LinkedIn Optimization Service
If you need assistance optimizing your Linkedin, contact us

Pros and Cons of Using a Free LinkedIn Profile Review Website

When putting out your LinkedIn profile; bear in mind that, there are pros and cons to it as well.


Profile review websites such as Pcmag. com gives;

  • One of the best online professional networks, which in turn helps you to connect faster, to your employer.
  • Great profile tools, which include the ability to add multimedia pieces.
  • Excellent job board, with great job listing.

Other Advantages include;

  • Cost effective networking path.
  • Helps you keep up with a given industry.
  • Professional environment.


  • Information overload.
  • No proper clarity on what’s sent.
  • Tons of spam messages.
  • Connection or networking won’t or may not happen in real time.
  • Premium account prices may get high when you finally decided to pay monthly.

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