10 Popular Countries For Immigrants All Over the World

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If you are seeking to relocate but not sure which country to choose, find out the top popular countries for immigrants all over the world.

According to the Interactive World Immigration Report for 2020, there are over 281 Million immigrants in the world. This translates to 3.6 percent of the global population which is set to increase as time progresses.

Additionally, the United States has been recorded to be the top destination country for immigrants since 1970. This accounts for 50 Million migrants in 2020, according to the Word Migration Report 2022. 

Also, in second place is Germany with over 16 million immigrants. Next is Saudi Arabia with over, 13.5 million international migrants, according to data from the UN survey for 2020 based on revived international migration stocks.

Furthermore, immigration is common for citizens from countries with poor economies. Typically, these citizens relocate intending to secure employment opportunities to escape a violent conflict and environmental factors affecting the company.

Hence, ex-pats across the world are always on the lookout for immigration-friendly countries with a conducive environment that offers job prospects and quality education,

In this article, we discuss the top popular countries for immigration in the world according to the UN survey for 2020 according to the International Migrant Stock, UN DESA.

Top 10 Countries that Attract the Most Immigrants

Based on data published by Statisca.com according to International Migrant Stock records, Here are the top countries that attract the most immigrants in the world: 

S/NCountry Percentage (%) of Immigrants
1. United States50.4M
2. Germany 15.7M
3.Saudi Arabia13.4M
5.United Kingdom9.4M
6.United Arab Emirates 8.7M
7.France 8.5M
8.Canada 8M
9.Australia 7.7M
10Spain 6.8M
Top Countries That Attract the Highest Immigrants

1. The United States of America: The Land of Dreams

The United States is ranked as the fourth-largest country in the world and stands as the country attracting the most immigrants with over  50,632,836 individuals as of 2021.

More so, the United States is known as the world’s most influential state with significant impacts on international cultures, economy, finance, and politics. In terms of career growth and opportunities, the United States has a robust economy and offers a wide range of employment opportunities for people of all skill levels. 

Furthermore, Immigrants are drawn to the country in hopes of finding better jobs and higher wages than they could find in their home countries. More so, even if you can’t afford to live in the top cities in the United States, you can find affordable apartments in some other cities with the lowest cost of living and highest quality of life in the United States. 

Some other factors that make the United States a choice destination for immigrants are:

  • Top-notch Educational Structure: According to the world population review on Educational Rankin 2023, the United States is ranked one of the top highest countries for education in the world. Hence Immigrants have direct access to high-quality education for themselves and their children.
  • Healthcare: Affordable and accessible healthcare.
  • Safety: The perception of the US as a safe and secure place to live.
  • Freedom: The ability to live freely and express themselves

Top American leading countries for immigrants according to bloomberg.com

S/NCity Immigration percentage 
1. Miami38.5%
2. San Jose36.8%
3. Los Angeles33.8%
4. San Francisco29.8%
5. New York28.5%
6. San Diego23.4%
7. Houston22.3%
8. Washington D.C.21.9%
9. Las Vegas21.9%
Top American countries for immigrants

2. Germany: 

Germany has the largest economy in Europe, the “5th biggest economy in the world” according to Europe Language Jobs. more so, it is the most populous nation in Europe. 

Moreso, Germany ranks second as the most attractive country for immigrants in the world. According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, as of 2022, immigrants and their descendants make up approximately 26% of the total population

Additionally, there are many reasons why people love this country, including its affordable and high-quality education system, which makes it a great choice for international students.

However, some other factors include Good jobs and salaries. Germany’s job market offers favorable opportunities for skilled immigrants who occupy who are given access to in-demand job vacancies that attract opportunities for career growth and development.

Also, People migrate to Germany for many reasons, but probably the most important ones are the strong economic and welfare systems.


Top Cities in Germany With the Highest Number of Immigrants 

Although the cost of living in Germany is pretty high, immigrants choose the cheapest cities in Germany to enjoy an average lifestyle. Below are the top cities in Germany for foreigners with the percentage of immigrants according to the report and analysis by the website, Mayors of Europe:

S/NCities Immigrant Percentage 
1. Frankfurt29%
2. Munich 26%
4. Nuremberg23%
Top American countries in Germany


3. Saudi Arabia

According to the World Bank, the percentage of immigrants in Saudi Arabia was 34.9% in 2020. This indicates that a significant portion of the country’s population comprises individuals born outside of Saudi Arabia. 

More so, the majority of immigrants in Saudi Arabia originate from neighboring Arab countries, with Egyptians, Yemenis, and Syrians forming the largest groups. 

Also, the country attracts many immigrants from all over the world. Additionally, the economy of most of the large percentage leverages oil reserves creating employment opportunities for skilled professionals from all over the world. 

The Top Cities in Saudi Arabia for Immigrants are 

  • Riyadh
  • Jeddah
  • Dammam

4. Russia

According to Wikipedia, “As of May 2022, 5.99 million foreigners were residing in the Russian Federation (up from 5.66 million in 2021 but down from 10.13 million in 2019), representing around 4.1% of the total population.” 

Also, on Wikipedia facts “The vast majority (91%) of these foreigners are citizens of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. The largest groups being from Uzbekistan (1.2 million), Tajikistan (0.9 million), and Ukraine (0.4 million).”

Hence, there is no doubt why Russia is listed as one of the top countries that attract immigrants from all over the world. According to popular research, Russia’s economy is one of the largest in the world, with a GDP of over 1.7 trillion USD (nominal) in 2021. 

More so, the country is rich in natural resources, particularly oil and gas, which contribute to its economic output. Russia is also a major producer of metals, minerals, and timber.

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Top Cities in Russia with Highest Number of Immigrants

The top cities in Russia with the highest number of immigrants are:

  1. Moscow:  Moscow is the capital city of Russia and is home to the largest concentration of immigrants, with over 1.5 million foreign residents of its population.
  2. Saint Petersburg: Russia’s second-largest city with over 700,000 Immigrants 
  3. Novosibirsk: Located in Siberia, Novosibirsk is a major industrial and educational center, attracting immigrants with its economic opportunities.
  4. Nizhny Novgorod: Located along the Volga River, Nizhny Novgorod is a manufacturing and cultural center with a diverse immigrant population.

6. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a highly developed country with a major impact on the political, economic, scientific, and cultural sectors internationally.

Additionally, the United Kingdom is home to some of the top universities in the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College London. It is a favorite destination for people who wish to pursue higher education and work internationally.

However, there is a great need for experienced professionals who will fill the gap across multiple industries like medical, engineering, business, and trade. The need for experienced professionals is what makes it the best country to migrate with family.

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Top Cities in The United Kingdom with the Highest Number of Immigrants 

According to the data from the Immigrant Observatory website, the top cities in the United Kingdom with the highest number of international immigrants include:

S/NCity Percentage of immigrants 
1.London 13%
   4.Oxford 5%

Cities in The United Kingdom with the Highest Number of Immigrants

7.  United Arab Emirates

The UAE comes under the top 10 popular countries to migrate to in 2024 because of its thriving business economy. 

According to Trading Economic Statistics, 2022, UAE is considered among the world’s wealthiest countries, with a GDP per capita exceeding $45,000. Dubai. 

Additionally, according to the Numbeo website, the average monthly cost of living in Dubai (ranked the 17th most expensive country) for one person is $1,975. 

However, despite how expensive it is to live in the UAE, millions of people immigrate to the country due to the privileges and opportunities in the top cities like Dubai. More so, Immigrants enjoy tax-free salaries, cheap public transportation, and affordable food and utilities.

Additionally, the UAE is also rich in culture and tradition. Famous not only for its breathtaking architecture, the tallest building, and the biggest mall in the world, the UAE is also known as the Land of Date.

The top cities in the United Arab Emirates attracting the most foreign immigrants are Dubai and the capital, Abu Dhabi.

8. Canada:

According to research, Canada is considered the second-largest country in the world. Also, It is one of the most PR-friendly countries in the world, and a lot of people from across the world go to the country to seek job opportunities and get high-quality higher education.

More so,  Canada takes immense pride in creating an environment that prompts all of its citizens to respect multiculturalism. However, she stands out as a high-tech, industrialized nation with a high standard of living.

Furthermore, as an immigrant, you can enjoy the same benefits as its citizens, and live in the best cities in Canada for job seekers and enjoy which include free education, healthcare benefits, and social security benefits.

Top Cities in Canada Attracting the Highest Immigrants According to CIC News, Canada

S/NCities Number of immigrants
1. Toronto 37.5M
2.Vancouver 2.6M
5.Edmonton 1.4M
Top Cities in Canada Attracting the Highest Immigrants

9. Australia

Australia is an incredible country with great work opportunities, scholarships for study programs, healthcare benefits, and a breathtaking natural environment to live in with family.

More so, Australia is a stable, democratic, and culturally diverse nation with a highly skilled workforce and one of the strongest-performing economies in the world.

The Top Cities in Australia Attracting the Highest Number of Immigrants

According to the article published by IMMConsult includes:

  1. Sydney 
  4. PERTH

10. Spain 

And the 10th most visited country for immigrants all over the world is Spain. Spain is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants worldwide, with over 5.1 million foreign residents as of the 2020 survey. 

However, compared to other European countries, Spain offers a relatively affordable cost of living, particularly in smaller cities. Additionally, the availability of employment opportunities coupled with access to free resources for jobs and general growth.

Top Cities With Highest Percentage of Immigrants

  1. Melilla: The autonomous city of Melilla, located in North Africa, has the highest percentage of immigrants, with over 70% of its population being foreign-born.
  2. Ceuta: Ceuta, another autonomous city in North Africa, has a significant immigrant population, with around 50% of its residents being immigrants.
  3. Almería: The southern province of Almería has a large concentration of immigrants, primarily from North Africa, due to its proximity to Morocco and Algeria.
  4. Balearic Islands: The Balearic Islands, particularly Mallorca and Ibiza, are popular tourist destinations, attracting immigrants from various countries to work in the hospitality sector.
  5. Madrid: The capital city, Madrid, has a diverse immigrant population, reflecting its status as a major economic and cultural hub.


These countries listed above offer several opportunities for both job creation and career development. So, if you are feeling like it, to relocate, here are the top 10 most visited countries for immigrants. Don’t forget to research before making your decision.

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